Building the Wall: Looking at the Facts

Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order that significantly increases the strength of the Department of Homeland Security's ability to fight illegal immigration. Included in that order is the start of plans to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexican border, as well as a move to offer aid and support to Americans who have lost loved ones as the result of illegal aliens.

We all knew the wall was coming. The left has tried to downplay the wall; they've criticized Trump's strong stance for it. They've made him out to be a racist for trying to protect Americans. They've even criticized how the U.S. will pay for the wall.

You can claim building the wall and enforcing our immigration laws is somehow uncompassionate. That by allowing millions of Mexicans to sneak across our border to live as second-class people, work for pennies, and at times be treated like slaves, is good for our country and them. You can say that wanting Mexicans and other immigrants to come here legally is somehow racist or xenophobic, un-American and hateful.

But let's look at what is really going on in Mexico. What is compelling so many people to flee across the border? What kind of dangers does a weak border pose to our nation?

Breitbart Texas and the Cartel Chronicles effort has reported ad nauseum on Mexican cartels that have operational control over entire Mexican border states — including the governors’ offices and newsrooms. Our reporting has shown that U.S. law enforcement encounters with known or suspected terrorists has occurred frequently in remote areas along the U.S.-Mexico border. We’ve shown that there are humanitarian consequences associated with an unsecured border — not just for U.S. citizens, but for foreigners as well. (via Breitbart)

While liberal critics have tried to paint Trump's stance on immigration as hostile to innocent people, the fact remains it is a vital issue in the fight to secure our nation.

Our porous Southern border is frequently exploited by terrorists, with data showing there were 7,700 terrorist encounters in one year, generally around the border. 

Los Zetas, one of the Mexican cartels, is stockpiling Russian-made rocket-propelled grenades at the Texas border. This is taking place in Nuevo Laredo, a city right on the border, which has no fences or walls and there aren't enough police to prevent the gangs from committing crimes.

If your neighbor had vicious, rabid dogs in his yard, wouldn't you want a barrier between them and your children? What if your neighbor was one of the most violent drug cartels in Mexico, who is stockpiling RPG's? You'd want one hell of a barrier.

The drug cartel's control of large portions of Mexico isn't some kind of fiction, cooked up by a Netflix series. Tamaulipas, another Mexican state, is controlled by two paramilitary groups. News outlets in the area are intimidated into obeying their mandates. Journalists and editors who dare report on these groups' crimes are murdered, their bodies burned. Citizens have taken up the cause to report on these groups anonymously, facing the same kind of dangers.

The kind of crime taking place, just miles from our border, defies belief. There is nothing short of a reign of terror going on in portions of Mexico, as the vilest criminals kill countless innocent civilians.

The Mexican Los Zetas cartel used a network of oven facilities to cover-up the systematic mass extermination of innocent people during the 2011-2013 period when the cartel had complete governmental control over most of the Mexican state of Coahuila. From the then-governor of Coahuila, down to the city jails, Los Zetas had complete control of every aspect of governmental process and of the lives of Mexican citizens–including news media. Their atrocities in Coahuila have remained largely unreported and undocumented by any governmental agencies; local, state, federal, or international. (via Breitbart)

The local media doesn't cover it because they are either controlled by the cartels or are too afraid to speak up. But we have to ask: why doesn’t the Mexican government fight harder to bring these groups to justice?

It's clear they have thrived thanks to corruption within the system and a failed immigration policy that's allowed these cartels to profit from sales within the United States. By erecting a wall- and enforcing our immigration laws- America can cut off a large source of funding for these cartels. Without cash flowing out of the U.S., these cartels will grow weaker, perhaps empowering the Mexican government to crack down.

But is a wall the best solution? Is spending the money and manpower to erect a massive wall across the border really the only way to crack down on this problem?

I'd say yes, because Obama has allowed the situation to get this bad.

In the early years of Obama's administration, deportations of illegals actually increased (according to NPR) compared to the Bush administration. This could have been Obama taking a strong stance in his first term, or perhaps the residual effects of Bush's policies.  But after the 2012 Election, deportations dropped significantly. By 2016 they dropped to a 10-year low.

President Obama consistently opposed immigration laws already on the books, such as Immigration and Nationality Act, the Secure Fence Act of 2006, and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.  He willingly defied our laws and the legislative process to evoke his power, despite the will of Congress or the American people.

In 2015, Sen. Jeff Sessions released a shockingly long timeline of all the ways President Obama violated U.S. law in order to push his immigration agenda.

Some of those acts include:

  • Delaying an E-Verify requirement for federal contractors 3 times.
  • Ignoring the dangers of sanctuary city policies, denying states the power to punish them.
  • Revelations of a backdoor amnesty plan for illegals that would bypass Congress.
  • An increase of deportation cases being dismissed by 700%.
  • Mass release of criminal aliens back into our society.

The document goes on for seventeen pages, detailing the ways Obama and his administration systematically defied U.S. laws, deprived states of their authority, and protected or enabled groups that refused to follow federal immigration policy.

Had Obama enforced our laws, empowered border police to do their jobs, and deported aliens as he should have, our situation wouldn't be so dire. Mexican cartels wouldn't be arming themselves like armies preparing for war. Our workers wouldn't be suffering from the sharp rise of illegal aliens taking jobs away and lowering wages.

The situation has deteriorated so much that it compelled a real estate mogul and TV reality star to run for the highest office in the land. It motivated a successful businessman to put his enterprise aside, running for president with this issue as his cornerstone message. And it was this situation that allowed Donald Trump to upset every poll and pundit to become the 45th President of the United States.

Don't think it was just Hillary's stumblings and Wikileaks that did the Democrats in. It was Obama's weak and deliberate treatment of immigration that inspired millions of Americans to vote for a political novice.  But a novice who would actually listen to them.

Soon we will have a wall. Soon ICE and DHS will be kicking violent criminals and aliens out of this country. You may think it is not compassionate or violates our relationship with Mexico, but it's the very thing that has to be done.

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