Brett Kavanaugh Leaves DC Restaurant Through Back Door to Dodge Protesters

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh left a popular DC restaurant through a backdoor after protesters got word that he was eating there, Politico reports.

People protesting the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade “got a tip” that Kavanaugh was eating at a Morton’s steakhouse in downtown and called the manager to demand he kick out Kavanaugh.

The group ShutDown DC later tweeted that Kavanaugh “snuck out the back with his security detail.”

“Morton’s should be ashamed for welcoming a man who so clearly hates women,” the group said on Twitter.

Kavanaugh “didn’t see” protesters:

Politico later confirmed that Kavanaugh left through the backdoor.

A source familiar with the situation told Politico that Kavanaugh “did not hear or see the protesters and ate a full meal but left before dessert.”

Morton’s condemns:

Morton’s issued a statement condemning the protest.

“Honorable Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and all of our other patrons at the restaurant were unduly harassed by unruly protestors while eating dinner at our Morton’s restaurant,” a spokesperson said. “Politics, regardless of your side or views, should not trample the freedom at play of the right to congregate and eat dinner. There is a time and place for everything. Disturbing the dinner of all of our customers was an act of selfishness and void of decency.”


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