Bill Barr Has New Special “Process” For Giuliani to Feed DOJ Biden Dirt, Lindsey Graham Says

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham revealed that Attorney General Bill Barr created a new “process” to allow Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani to submit evidence against former Vice President Joe Biden to the Justice Department.

Giuliani’s forays into Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden and his son led to the president’s impeachment and resulted in a federal investigation into Giuliani’s activities. Despite being under a DOJ investigation, Barr told Graham that the president’s lawyer can submit his evidence to his department, according to the senator.

"The Department of Justice is receiving information coming out of the Ukraine from Rudy," Graham told CBS News. “[Barr] told me that they have created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it's verified.”

Even Graham’s not sure he’s buying Giuliani’s claims:

“Here's what I want to tell the president: I'm not going to be the Republican Christopher Steele. So, Rudy Giuliani last night said he's got the goods on Hunter Biden,” Graham said. “I called the attorney general this morning, and Richard Burr, the chairman of the Intel Committee, and they told me take very cautiously anything coming out of the Ukraine against anybody.”

"If Rudy Giuliani has any information coming out of the Ukraine, he needs to turn it over to the Department of Justice because it could be Russian propaganda," Graham said. "But when it comes to documents coming out of the Ukraine, the Republicans and Democrats, be very cautious. Turn anything you’ve got over to the Intel Committee."

Graham reups same plan that led to Trump’s impeachment:

"When you're talking about being asked to do these things in a channel being open between Rudy Giuliani and the Justice Department, this sounds a lot like this is in some ways a taxpayer-funded oppo-research operation against Joe Biden. Isn't this exactly what was at the heart of the impeachment probe to begin with?" asked host Margaret Brennan.

"No, not at all," Graham replied. "There are plenty of people being contacted by folks from the Ukraine… Democrats are being played and I'm not going to be played.”

But former Bill Clinton aide Joe Lockhart told CNN that Graham gave Trump everything he wanted from Ukraine but couldn’t get.

"Remember from the testimony, Trump doesn't want an investigation. He wants an announcement that someone is investigating," Lockhart said. "And Lindsey Graham, on national television yesterday said Ukraine failed, our Justice Department is now looking into this. And Trump will take that and take it one step further and say the Department of Justice is looking into this, it's so serious. That's what that was about."


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