Biden Calls Out Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson For Targeting Social Security

President Joe Biden on Monday called out Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson for targeting Social Security, Bloomberg reports.

“These MAGA Republicans in Congress are coming for your Social Security,” Biden said during a Labor Day rally in Milwaukee.

Biden repeatedly singled out Johnson, who is facing Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes in his re-election battle.

Biden also called out Johnson for opposing a bill to lower prescription drug costs for seniors.

Biden said Johnson “opposed lowering drug costs because it would result in punishing the pharmaceutical industries.”

Johnson pushes back:

Johnson denied that he attacked Social Security.

“Democrats cannot defend their record so they’ve resorted to baseless smears and personal attacks,” Johnson claimed on Twitter on Sunday.

“Their latest? I want to end social security. I want to save social security and protect the long-term success of this vital program,” he wrote.

Johnson attacked Social Security:

Despite Johnson’s claim, he has repeatedly called for changes to the Social Security program.

Johnson earlier this year argued that Social Security and Medicare should be subject to annual budget talks.

Last month, he argued that Social Security was “set up improperly” and would be better off if the funds were invested in the stock market.


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