Biden Backs Bill to Reveal Super PAC Donors: “Dark Money Erodes Trust”

President Joe Biden on Tuesday endorsed a bill to disclose super PAC donors, The Hill reports.

“Dark money erodes public trust. We need to protect public trust and I’m determined to do that,” Biden said. “Dark money has become so common in our politics. I believe sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Biden cited a recent $1.6 billion donation by a conservative activist to a right-wing group, the largest in U.S. history.

“There’s much too much money that flows in the shadows to influence our elections. It’s called dark money. It’s hidden. Right now, advocacy groups can run ads on issues attacking or supporting a candidate right until Election Day without disclosing who’s paying for that ad,” he said.


The Disclose Act introduced by Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse would require super PACs and other dark money groups to report donors that contribute $10,000 or more during an election cycle.

“Twelve years after Citizens United, Americans know something is deeply amiss in our democracy,” Whitehouse said in April. “Huge majorities see America headed in the wrong direction.  Fifty-eight percent of voters say our government needs major reforms or a complete overhaul.  Only 25 percent of Americans say they have confidence in the Supreme Court.  They see government actually erasing rights on which generations of Americans relied.”

“Is all of this some weird collective phase we’re going through, or are the people actually right that something is wrong?” he asked. “I submit to you that the distress in our Republic has much to do with corrupting political influence acquired via unlimited anonymous dark money.  That dark-money influence has created a disconnect between what Americans want their government to do and what it actually does.”

Schumer backs:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for a quick vote on the bill.

“I’ve long promised to bring this bill to the floor, and I want to thank all my colleagues, in particular Senator Whitehouse. He has done an amazing job documenting and pressing forward on trying to eliminate the evil scourge of dark money,” Schumer said. “He has been an amazing leader in championing this legislation.”

“When was the last time any of us heard voters say it’s better for billionaires and special interests to buy elections in secret, rather than be held accountable to the public?,” Schumer added. “Of course, they don’t think that! Unless they themselves are the ones cutting the multi-million dollar checks.”


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