Asleep at the Wheel. The Real Reason Obama and the Left Does Nothing Over Black Lives Matter

Once again we are seeing news about riots in American streets. It seems that no corner of the US is safe from angry, violent protests from radical hate groups like Black Lives Matter.

These racist organizations (just read some of their rhetoric for proof of their hate for white Americans) use isolated police incidents as excuses to run rampant. Every shooting of a black person by a police officer is a separate event. They need to be investigated and analyzed, on their own, by qualified people (i.e.: the police and internal affairs).

Whenever that is allowed to happen, we learn that for the vast majority of cases the cops were in the right to shoot the suspect. And when they were in the wrong, they face proper punishment.

But that's not what an irresponsible liberal media wants you to believe. They fuel the flames sparked by BLM and other groups, who wish to use these misunderstood incidents to incite violence. The ultimate irony is groups that claim to care about black lives become the greatest threat to black lives, as they rampage through black neighborhoods.

From Breitbart:

Videos from the riots Wednesday night in Charlotte show protesters looting a souvenir store, destroying a cash register, and stealing shoes out of a car.

The first video shows protesters loot a souvenir store in Charlotte.

“Why? What does this prove? It just makes you look like a bunch of rowdy-ass field n*****s!” a woman screams in the background as the scene devolves into absolute chaos.

But where is the response from our leaders? Why hasn't the President done more to address these issues?

GOP candidate for president Donald Trump has come out against the riots, reasserting his goal as the law and order candidate. He promised that as president he would make our cities safer and bring an end to this kind of outrageous behavior.

Yet on the left there zero solutions offered. In fact, Hillary Clinton has blamed white people in America for the current climate.

You may be wondering why liberals and most notably Barack Obama does very little to end this tide of terror. Surely the first black President could use his massive influence on the black communities of America, calling for an end to the violence, destruction, and death.

All he'd have to do is go on TV, condemn the violence of Black Lives Matter protesters, and call for all Americans, black and white, to support their local police. He'd reassert that each shooting should and would be investigated and justice would be done.

Yet he does nothing. From all accounts, he's in support of BLM. You may wonder why.

Here's the real answer. It's not because he believes in BLM. No, as a wealthy American and son of a white family, he has little in common with these radical activists.

It's because he's using the discord to further the nationalization of police.

Here's a story from last year via WND:

Call it Common Core for police. But the White House, in cahoots with the Department of Justice, has set in motion a plan that will expand federal control of community police forces, via standards handed from above called the “Task Force on 21st Century Policing.”

The plan was released Monday, Infowars reported. And its gist? Like Common Core, the education plan criticized by opponents as little more than a federal mandate that’s tied to funding, the just-released police plan would force local law enforcement agencies to follow federally set standards in return for receiving federal tax dollars.

“The U.S. Department of Justice, through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services [COPS] and Office of Justice Programs, should provide technical assistance and incentive funding to jurisdictions with small police agencies that take steps towards shared services, regional training and consolidation,” one of the plan’s points stated.

Federally controlled police. Just like Nazi's Gestapo. Just like the Soviet Union's secret police. Obama and his would-be replacement Clinton, want to extend federal control over every police agency in America. Why? Because it's one step closer to becoming like their socialist buddies in Europe.

The left have more in common with Stalin and Lenin, and contemporary socialist leaders like Merkel, than they do with American leaders. That's a common refrain from us conservatives, I know. But it's true. Hillary Clinton's efforts to erode our gun rights is another step at depriving American citizens from our basic rights and liberties and creating a society completely dictated by the federal government.

Why do you think Obama refuses to defend local police? He wants the situation to get so out of control, that the public would applaud a national police force.

Just think, our local cops won't act out the best interests of the citizens, but act by a rule book set by liberal bureaucrats in D.C. Bureaucrats that don't know anything about your neighborhood, yours issues, your families. Bureaucrats who want to dictate how you live, when you're allowed to leave your house, and how you treat your families.

A scary thought, but it's the left's ultimate plan.

With every police encounter that is blown out of proportion, with every protest that becomes a riot, the left stay more and more silent. Their lack of talk on the issue speaks volumes of their intentions. They want the public to believe that local, hard-working cops cannot be trusted. That only the federal government can keep them safe.

So Obama and Hillary let BLM run amuck. They let cities eat themselves, jeopardizing thousands of lives.

Just so they can get more power, in the end.


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