Arizona Republican Who Won’t Election Refuses to Do Job Unless There’s a “New Election Immediately”

An Arizona Republican is refusing to perform her duties unless the state holds a new election, 12News reports.

Liz Harris, who won her race to represent Arizona’s Legislative District 13, which includes much of Chandler, issued a statement saying "it has become obvious that we need to hold a new election immediately."

Despite winning her own race, she claimed there are “clear signs of foul play from machine malfunctions, chain of custody issues and just blatant mathematical impossibilities.”

“How can a Republican State Treasurer receive more votes than a Republican Gubernatorial or Senate candidate?” she questioned. “I call on all state legislators to join me in demanding a new election.  I will now be withholding my vote on any bills in this session without this new election in protest to what is clearly a potential fraudulent election.”

Not the first time:

This isn’t the first time that Harris has refused to accept election results. After losing her 2020 election challenge, she launched a “Grassroots Canvass Report” to investigate baseless allegations of voting errors to try to decertify the results of the presidential and state legislature elections.

The report falsely claimed to have found 173,000 “lost” votes and 96,000 “ghost votes,” declaring the 2020 election “uncertifiable.”

Maricopa county officials and independent experts said the report relied on “quasi-science” and her analysis as “inaccurate.”

AZ GOPers push conspiracy theories:

Arizona right-wingers have pushed a number of conspiracy theories over voting machine malfunctions in Maricopa County after Republican losses in the state.

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates, a Republican, was forced to move to an undisclosed location due to threats, Fox 10 Phoenix reported.


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