Arizona Republican Introduces Bill to Allow State Legislature to Overturn Election Results

A top Arizona Republican introduced a bill on Wednesday that would allow the state legislature to overturn the results of the state’s election, NBC News reports.

Rep. Shawnna Bolick, the chairwoman of the state House Ways and Means Committee, introduced a bill that would amend the state’s election law related to observers and ballot security, among other measures.

One section would allow the Republican-led legislature to revoke the secretary of state’s certification of election results "by majority vote at any time before the presidential inauguration."

"The legislature may take action pursuant to this subsection without regard to whether the legislature is in regular or special session or has held committee or other hearings on the matter,” the bill says.

AZ GOP moves far right:

The bill comes after Arizona Republicans mounted an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election and formally condemned party members who opposed Trump’s election.

Bolick herself promoted the bizarre “Sharpiegate” conspiracy theory alleging that ballots should be invalidated because poll workers used Sharpies instead of ballpoint pens.

Just last year, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that Bolick herself violated state law by failing to disclose her actual home address to election officials.

Dems vow to oppose:

Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego said that he would lead an effort to overturn the bill in a voter referendum if it is passed by the legislature.

“Referendums are expensive but I will raise the money to kill this Democracy killing bill,” he wrote. “Follow this bill if it passes we will have 90 days after it is signed into law to collect the necessary signatures to get it on the ballot and then defeat it.”


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