Are Conservatives Fascists? Not If You Pay Attention

TD;DR: No conservatives are not fascists, grow the hell up.

For those that want a more nuanced discussion of the topic, please read on.

Last night America- and the entire world- witnessed the radical destruction of free speech on an American campus. UC Berkeley was under siege as left-wing protesters, largely led by the group Antifa, destroyed property, set fires, and physically assaulted students.

The police- perhaps instructed by their liberal mayor- sat by as one of our national institutions was set aflame. Video coming from the night is shocking, as mobs of what can only be called un-American rioters endangered lives and worked to destroy the school.

What was the cause of the bloodshed and destruction? A gay man was going to speak to students.

That's right, a gay libertarian-leaning, free speech advocate by the name of Milo Yianopoulos was scheduled to speak to both liberal and conservative students about the importance of free speech and the danger such things as political correctness- constructs created by the regressive left- that are used as weapons to suppress free thought.

This was the response from the left:

It's tragic that the campus that started the Free Speech Movement of the 1960's is now center stage of a new attempt at suppressing free speech. This is not an isolated incident. The very places that should be encouraging freedom of thought and the free exchange of ideas- American universities- have become the breeding ground for the kind of oppression not seen in the world since the days of Stalin.

Milo's critics condone the acts of violence because they call his statements "hate speech." They think that the First Amendment, apparently, has limitations. They brand Milo- and by extension his listeners, the president, and conservative voters- fascists. They compare us to Nazis, thereby justifying their outlandish and unacceptable treatment of our views and ways of life.

To these uninformed, childish, and brutish liberals, you can do anything you want to a conservative because, in their minds, we're wrong. And because we're wrong, we don't deserve the same fundamental freedoms granted to them by the Constitution.

We don't even deserve to live.

I'll get to the irony of that, but first I wanted to understand their bogus claim. Are conservatives really fascists? What is a fascist for that matter?

Even Wikipedia, citing numerous debates and studies, cannot properly identify fascism. In their own words:

What constitutes a definition of fascism and fascist governments is a highly disputed subject that has proved complicated and contentious. Historians, political scientists, and other scholars have engaged in long and furious debates concerning the exact nature of fascism and its core tenets. (via Wiki)

So when you call someone a fascist, you're already on shaky ground, because even intelligent people disagree on the exact definition. That leads me to strongly believe modern liberals accusing anyone of fascism are exploiting the general public's ignorance, side-stepping facts to use a scary word to describe people they don't like.

Because they have zero facts to back their arguments.

But let's talk about real fascists. You know, the ones that ruined Europe. You see, during the early part of the 1900's, after the fallout of World War I, many countries were undergoing upheaval.

Finally wanting to break free of monarchies created in the Middle Ages, the people started to revolt, seeking new forms of government that promised prosperity and equality for all.

The problem was, unlike the United States who got that sorted out much earlier, establishing a Democratic Republic backed by a Constitution and Bill of Rights, many of these countries were exploited by new and attractive ideologies built on toxic, humanistic principles. The biggest being fascism and communism.

Both promised a better life for the millions suffering under unjust kings and rulers. Italy fell to the true fascist Benito Mussolini, Russia fell to the Bolshevik's Communist revolution. Spain was fighting between two parties that resembled these ideologies for years.

And of course, there was Hitler. Hitler has become the poster child for modern ideas about fascism. And it works, to a certain extent. Fascist leaders are authoritarians who impose their will on the populace. Critics claim they use nationalism, fear of outsiders, and general xenophobic claims to solidify their power over a country. These are the very accusations levied at the lawfully elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

But what separates Trump- and any American president- from becoming a communist or fascist dictator is a little thing called the Constitution.

Hitler rose to power thanks to the Night of the Long Knives, a horrible series of events where his supporters murdered any political opponent, paving the way to his victory. It was a series of calculated assassinations that eliminated popular figures who threatened his rise to power.

Has anything like that happened in the United States? Outside of accusations, no.

And of course, Hitler used his power as dictator to deprive Jewish people of their land, businesses, and ultimately lives. Over 8 million Jews and other groups were exterminated by the Nazis.

There are many, many safe guards to prevent such atrocities from happening in America, not least of all is the Bill of Rights. The radical idiots burning college campuses and disrupting airports would do well to read it.

But what about the other side? Communism is in reality, not real. It is a goal that Socialist governments aim to achieve. Communists, a.k.a. Socialists, a.k.a. social justice warriors, try to appeal to the poor, working classes, or minorities. They try to convince them that they are victims of a cruel and unjust society and the only remedy is radical change to government. The replacement government- they claim- would right the wrongs and bring equality to society.

Of course, this means a government that controls all property, business, economics, even personal freedoms.

Because we can't have anyone speaking out against our new utopia, right?

When you break it down, fascism and communism are two sides of the same coin. Both systems aim to eradicate the personal liberties of citizens in favor of great power to a select few. All of the rabid supporters of both groups end up being slaves to the will of whoever is elected ruler.

Both systems cannot work in the United States, because of our unalterable rights granted by the Bill of Rights and Constitutionally-enforced term limits for elected officials. No one person can have complete power over our country- therefore we cannot have fascism. And we can never have true Socialism, because that would require the eradication of state's rights and autonomy, something most of America would never allow.

But if you've been paying attention, you've seen measures by leaders and others aimed at slowly eroding our freedoms. Gun restrictions are ultimately about depriving law-abiding citizens of protecting themselves from criminals or an unjust government. Measures to grant big companies the same freedoms as individual citizens erode the validity of our human rights.

And wild riots that try to censor free speech advocates like Milo, well, suppress our First Amendment rights.

So what is the end result of Antifa's rioting? What will ultimately happen if left-wing groups continue to protest in our airports, campuses, streets- causing massive property damage and bloodshed?

One of two things will happen. Both not the rioters' actual goal.

First: they might create the very fascist regime they claim to be fighting. Rioting is the tool of the tyrant. We saw this in the Arab Spring, where the Muslim Brotherhood tried to undermine the Egyptian government and install their own authority. Rioting causes fear and endangers lives. The chaos causes instability that the power-hungry can exploit. So the only natural response from the government is to enforce strict measures to keep the public "safe."

We already see it happen in Chicago. Its liberal leadership has allowed crime to get so bad, President Trump has contemplated sending in federal forces. The National Guard or perhaps the Army. This would create what is essentially martial law. Curfews would be enacted, there would be checkpoints throughout the city, and there would be an atmosphere of fear and worry.

Some of you might be too young to remember 9/11 or didn't live in the New York area at the time. I did. Every entrance point into the city was policed by armed soldiers. Every bridge, tunnel, and road had military checkpoints. All the subway entrances and major buildings had heavy, armed guards.

While the men and women were American soldiers, it didn't erase the apprehension and fear we all felt. Not only because it was a reminder that another terrorist attack could occur, but a natural fear that those guns might be turned on you. Any misunderstanding, or soldier overstepping his authority, could result in an arrest or worse. Regular Americans began to feel afraid to move around their own city.

That's not an atmosphere of freedom or peace, but one of war and a police state.

The same thing WILL happen if the protests don't cease. You see, if we had a liberal president, it would be a good thing for Antifa and Commies. The president would enact martial law and use the atmosphere to pass stricter restraints on free speech, to "protect" the people. But because we have a conservative president, the result will be martial law in order to stop riots. The same atmosphere felt after 9/11 would be felt around the country.

And it might never end.

The other outcome of the riots? The eradication of the left. You see, the more people witness the fruit of the regressive left's worst rhetoric- violence in our streets and the suppression of free speech- the more the public will turn away.

Anyone associated with these groups- which are representative of all anti-Trumpers- will not have much influence with the American public. Politics aside, would you vote for someone that encourages violence on college campuses or endorses groups that riot in the streets? Be honest, you wouldn't.

Every time President Trump makes a decision, the left riots. A conservative speaker is invited to talk at a school, the left riots. Not only is it getting old, but it infuriates the American public.

The more the left outrages in this way, the more regular, decent Americans- Republicans or Democrats- will reject them.

Unless these liberal, "anti-fascist" groups turn away from these radical displays of un-American behavior, they will create the very problems they claim to oppose.

It's up to us to take a stand. We must reject anyone that endorses such dangerous actions. We must embrace leadership that protects our freedoms, not tramples on the Bill of Rights for any reason.

We must send a message to every person distorting the facts to protect a vile agenda that we are no longer listening.

Our very nation is depending on it.

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