Apple Will Allow Parler Back On The App Store After Post-Capitol Riot Ban

Apple will allow the rightwing social media app Parler to return to the iOS app store after it was banned in the wake of the January 6 Capitol riot, CNN reports.

Apple and Google both banned Parler from their platforms for failing to moderate content but Apple told Congress on Monday that it will allow the app to return after it made improved efforts to detect and moderate hate speech.

Apple told Republican lawmakers who questioned the ban that Parler has “proposed updates to its app and the app's content moderation practices” since the ban.

"Apple anticipates that the updated Parler app will become available immediately upon Parler releasing it," the letter said.

Parler was used to coordinate Capitol attack:

Parler drew global headlines after the Capitol riot when numerous users posted videos and photos of themselves invading the building. Metadata showed that dozens of Parler users penetrated deep inside the Capitol.

The app lost its app store listings and was booted by its web host before coming back online several weeks later.

Parler has since terminated its CEO amid a contentious battle with its board of directors.

The company is also suing Amazon, accusing it of coordinating with big tech companies to restrict Parler’s access to the market.

Apple said on Monday that it "did not coordinate or otherwise consult with Google or Amazon with respect to that decision."

What about Google?

Google has made no changes in regards to their decision on Parler and has not commented on Apple’s decision.

Apple did not say what changes Parler had made but earlier news reports said that until this month the app was still not in compliance with guidelines banning swastikas and white nationalist images in profile photos and hate speech in usernames and posts.


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