Ann Coulter Goes On Twitter Rant Against Trump Tax Cuts

For many weeks, Americans have eagerly anticipated President Trump’s announcement of his plans for tax reform and allowing the American people to rightfully keep a greater percentage of their hard-earned funds. For the most part, the President’s reform plans were well received. However, some people were not very impressed. One of the most outspoken critics of said tax reform was political commentator Ann Coulter, as reported by Business Insider.

Following President Trump’s report on upcoming tax reform, Ann Coulter unleashed the following, somewhat unhinged, tweets:


One of the most tragic aspects of Coulter’s disturbing rant is her ignorance and lack of awareness. First and foremost, President Trump’s tax reform will help millions of low-income Americans who are earning less than $25,000 annually. Were Coulter to actually research the President’s measures to enact tax reform BEFORE tweeting, she would know that part of his tax plan involves terminating deduction and loopholes for corporations and wealthy people. Therefore, the rich will not be “pocketing their tax cuts and sending jobs abroad to hire guest workers” as Coulter so eloquently articulated.

Clearly, Ann Coulter is not very familiar with the President’s current work in Washington D.C. It doesn’t make her a bad person, but she really should do some research before bashing the President on social media.

In her series of scathing tweets, Coulter highlighted the importance of building the Southern wall, terminating DACA, and deporting illegal immigrants. Firstly, funding for the wall is already in the works. Congress has to approve a bill for federal spending to begin the creation of the wall. President Trump cannot snap his fingers and make the wall appear. Secondly, today’s reports have already informed the public of President Trump’s decision to end DACA by Friday. Lastly, President Trump, illegal immigration has decreased by over 50%. Coulter needs to keep all of these things in mind before hitting the ‘tweet’ button.

Another troubling part of Coulter’s tweets is her take on tax cuts being reserved for a second term. That’s not how “Make America Great Again” works. Tax reform was always, and remains, an essential part of President Trump’s plan to heal this nation. In his book Crippled America, a blueprint on his plans to enact needed reform in the country, the President goes into lengthy detail about the importance of tax cuts.

Perhaps tax reform is trivial in the mind of Coulter, but countless Americans have a different take. The people of this nation who get up each day and work tirelessly for their money want to keep as much of it as possible. The government and IRS already take too much money from Americans. This applies to all taxpayers, regardless of status or socioeconomic background.

Another problematic segment of Coulter’s twitter rant is her comparison of Donald Trump to Jeb Bush. Comparing Donald Trump to Jeb Bush is like comparing Chanel to the dollar store.

Jeb Bush was, and still is, the epitome of the typical establishment Republican. Donald Trump is the President of the United States and an outsider who has repeatedly proven his commitment to the American people and his determination to follow through on campaign promises. Jeb is the candidate who says whatever sounds most politically correct and remains unable to do anything else, due to being beholden to donors and those funding his PACs. President Trump ran a campaign on honesty and addressing hard truths, even when they made people uncomfortable. Equating these two men is beyond inane.

In the future, Ann Coulter should seek out the facts before tweeting. Spreading misinformation and partial truths is always dangerous. President Trump’s tax reform strategies will benefit millions of Americans, and unlike past Presidents, the cuts will greatly benefit the middle class. President Trump is working tirelessly to follow through on his promises and make America great again. It will not all happen in a few months. Americans must exercise forbearance and understand that reform requires a degree of time and patience.

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