Americans Support Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices by 3-1 Margin: Poll

Americans overwhelmingly support term limits for Supreme Court justices according to a new poll taken after last week’s Dobbs decision, Truthout reports.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted after the court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade found that 62% of Americans support term limits for justices.

Only 23% of Americans oppose the idea.

The poll also found that 69% support a code of ethics for the court and 53% support “balancing” the court with an equal number of Democratic, Republican, and independent judges.

Americans are more split on progressive proposals to expand the court, with 45% supporting the idea and 38% in opposition. But even that number has climbed dramatically after just 26% supported the proposal in April 2021.

Earlier poll, similar results:

Another poll conducted last year by Reuters found a similar trend.

About 63% of Americans supported term limits or age limits compared to just 22% who opposed any sort of limits.

And a poll conducted in March by C-SPAN and Pierrepont Analytics found that 69% support 18-year term limits for justices compared to just 17% who supported lifetime terms.

Progressives push Biden:

California Rep. Ro Khanna is calling for Biden to back term limits for justices, according to Axios.

"Today’s majority is not comprised of impartial justices," Khanna argues. "They are far-right activist justices."

"Nine unelected, elite lawyers with fancy degrees do not have the final word on interpreting the Constitution. ... The American people get to decide what the Constitution means. In a democracy, we the people get to decide what are fundamental rights and freedoms."


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