Adam Schiff Wants to Create 9/11 Style Commission to Investigate Trump’s Coronavirus Response

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff is calling on Congress to create a commission that would investigate the Trump administration’s coronavirus response.

“After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we looked at what went wrong to learn from our mistakes,” Schiff said on Twitter. “Once we've recovered, we need a nonpartisan commission to review our response and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic.”

NBC News reported that discussions are “very preliminary.”

“The review would focus on lessons learned about the government's preparedness and what the administration could have handled better, they said, adding that the goal would be to come up with a better plan to handle a pandemic in the future,” the outlet reported.

Commission would start after election:

The commission would not be formed until after the election, lawmakers told NBC.

Congress also included a number of provisions requiring oversight of the government’s response in the $2.2 trillion bailout bill they passed last month.

The House Oversight Committee has also sent out letters questioning the administration’s delayed testing rollout.

Oversight Committee may do own probe:

"The committee's top priority is the health and safety of the American people, so we have been working to push the administration to identify and fix problems and to share more accurate information with the public," House Oversight Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney said in a statement. "There is no doubt that the administration has mishandled this entire crisis, and our committee will certainly be engaged in robust oversight to review what happened and how to avoid these mistakes in the future."


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