6-Year-Old Among 3 Killed at California Garlic Festival by Gunman With Assault Rifle

Three people were killed and 12 others were wounded at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California Sunday.

The Gilroy Police Department said the event, which was held near San Jose, had tight security and metal detectors. The gunman, who was armed with an assault-style rifle, cut through a fence to get into the festival. The gunman opened fire, killing 6-year-old Steven Romero and two others. The gunman was shot dead by police.

The gunman was identified as Santino William Legan, NBC Bay Area reported. Police sources told the outlet that police were searching for a second suspect, though that person’s role in the shooting remains unclear.

Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said police engaged the suspect and shot him within a minute.

"We had many, many officers in the park at the time this occurred ... which accounts for a very, very quick response time," Smithee said.

"This is a tragic incident for our community," Gilroy Mayor Roland Velasco said. "On behalf of the city and the Gilroy City Council our thoughts and prayers go out the victims and families."

Police have not determined a motive.

Witnesses say shooting happened during performance:

Witnesses told CNN the shooting began at around 5:40 pm as the band TinMan played its last song.

"We ran off the stage (and) we crawled underneath it," TinMan singer Christian Swain told the outlet. "We could smell the gunpowder."

"I turned around for a quick moment and I hear the gunshot sounds," a witness said. "At first I thought it was fireworks but a man behind me screamed that 'those are real, those are real.'"

"We looked toward the area that it was coming from and everyone stood still for a second and realized it was gunshots," another witness told CNN. "Everyone started running out towards us up the hill to the street to be safe. Then I saw some people shot, some doing CPR on others."

Gunman was ‘an average guy’:

Witness Julie Contreras told CNN that the gunman "looked like the average guy.

"White, about in his 30s, under 6 feet. He was wearing tactical gear, had a baseball cap on, sunglasses, and he had a semi-automatic rifle. He was dressed for what he was there to do,” she said.

“He didn’t look angry,” she said, adding that his "expression wasn't really something I could read on his face but he seemed very well-versed in what he was doing... and he seemed confident in his use of the gun."


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