6 Arrested After Pro-Trump Protesters Clash With DC Police

At least six people were arrested on Tuesday ahead of a planned protest to dispute the election results after demonstrators clashed with police, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Pro-Trump protesters descended ahead of Wednesday’s congressional session to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

A group of demonstrators clashed with police on Tuesday night.

Two police officers and one civilian were injured and taken to hospitals in the evening.

Six people were arrested, according to DC police. Some were charged with illegally carrying firearms while others were charged with assault, including assault on a police officer.

Members of the Proud Boys, who have repeatedly clashed with counter-protesters, are also expected to have a large contingent on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, DC police arrested Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio for burning a church’s Black Lives Matter banner.

Trump to hold rally:

Trump is expected to speak to thousands of supporters at the National Mall on Wednesday to push his baseless election fraud claims that have been rejected by his own attorney general, dozens of courts and Trump-appointed judges, and election officials.

“Mainstream Trump supporters, private militia groups, white supremacists, the far-right Proud Boys and conspiracy theorists such as those backing QAnon have said they would attend the protests,” The Journal reported.

Trump, who refuses to concede, has urged followers to flock to DC. He and attorney Rudy Giuliani are scheduled to give speeches.

City braces for violence:

The city has been bracing for potential violence following clashes in similar post-election protests last month. Some businesses boarded up their windows ahead of the event.

Mayor Muriel Bowser asked residents to avoid the downtown area and deployed National Guard members to patrol the streets.

Black Lives Matter activists asked supporters to stay away from the protests and instead call on city officials to “stand up against white supremacy.”

The group Refuse Fascism urged residents to “bang pots and pans to drown out the fascist voices” from their windows.


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