‘Economic Patriotism’: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Praises Elizabeth Warren’s Economic Plan

Far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson endorsed Massachusetts’ Senator Elizabeth Warren’s economic plan on his show Wednesday.

"Yesterday, Warren released what she called her plan for economic patriotism. Amazingly, that's pretty much what it is. Economic patriotism," Carlson said during his opening monologue, adding that many of her policy proposals make “obvious sense.”

"She says the US government should buy American products when it can. And of course it should," Carlson said. "She says we need more workplace apprenticeship programs because four-year college degrees aren't right for everyone. Well, that's true. She says that taxpayers ought to benefit from the research and development that they pay for."

"She sounds like Donald Trump at his best," he said, before calling Warren a "race hustling, gun grabbing, abortion extremist."

Warren called for protecting consumers over corporations:

During the segment, Carlson read several parts of Warren’s Medium post detailing key portions of her economic plan.

"We often see American companies take that research and use it to manufacture products overseas, like Apple did with the iPhone. The companies get rich, and American taxpayers have subsidized the creation of low-wage foreign jobs,” Carlson said, quoting the post.

Carlson read Warren’s words before mentioning who wrote them.

"Let's say you regularly vote Republican. Ask yourself -- what part of the statement you just heard did you disagree with? Was there a single word that seemed wrong to you? Probably not,” Carlson said. "Here's the depressing part -- nobody you voted for said that. Or would ever say it.”

"Republicans in Congress can't promise to protect American industries. They wouldn't dare to do that. ... They might make the Koch brothers mad. It might alienate the libertarian ideologues who to this day fund most Republican campaigns," he said. "So no, a Republican did not say that. Sadly. Instead, the words you just heard are from -- and brace yourself here -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. It's true."

Warren still boycotting Fox News:

Warren is one of several 2020 Democratic candidates who have refused to appear at town halls held by Fox News.

"I won't ask millions of Democratic primary voters to tune into an outlet that profits from racism and hate in order to see our candidates — especially when Fox will make even more money adding our valuable audience to their ratings numbers," she said last month.


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