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Warren Is Bad At Political Attacks

Warren has a major flaw that threatens her candidacy: she is not very good at executing political attacks.

Dispelling the Myth of the Moderate Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg's ego-driven paternalism is both indistinguishable from President Trump’s authoritarian style and antithetical to the very notion of political moderation.

Trump Sycophant Sean Hannity Alleges CNN and MSNBC Are ‘State-Run TV’

Hannity, who regularly parrots administration talking points, says the other networks are the real "state-run TV."

Lev Parnas Claims Trump Tried to Fire Marie Yovanovitch Multiple Times

Parnas said Yovanovitch faced a smear campaign because Trump aides refused to fire her.

Warren Told Sanders “You Called Me a Liar” After Debate, Audio Reveals

Warren said Sanders "called me a liar" in audio released by CNN.

Trump Signs Phase 1 of Trade Deal After China Agrees to Buy $200 Billion Worth of Goods

China agrees to buy more goods but US will still maintain most of its tariffs.

Lev Parnas Implicates Trump, Mike Pence, and Devin Nunes in First TV Interview

Trump knew everything, and Mike Pence was in on it too, Parnas tells MSNBC.

CNN Moderator Abby Phillip Criticized For Question About Sanders-Warren Spat

CNN slammed for "outrageous and wrong" handling of Sanders question.

House Releases New Rudy Giuliani Letter That Blows Up Trump’s Impeachment Defense

Giuliani wrote a letter to Zelensky one day after bragging that he planned to go to Ukraine to find dirt to help Trump's campaign.

Iran War Powers Resolution Expected to Pass in Senate After 4 Republicans Join Democrats

Trump is expected to veto the bill, but Democrats have two other measures to limit his ability to attack Iran.