Justice Department Adds Two Top Corruption Prosecutors to Matt Gaetz Child Sex Trafficking Case

The prosecutors have experience in sex trafficking cases.

Biden Says He’s Open to Scrapping Filibuster For Voting Rights and “Maybe More”

Biden says he's ready to push to reform the filibuster after Congress votes on his economic package.

5 Kyrsten Sinema Advisers Quit After Accusing Her of “Answering to Big Donors”

“You have become one of the principal obstacles to progress, answering to big donors rather than your own people," the group said in a letter.

Trump Announces New Media Company and Social Network That Immediately Gets Hacked

Hackers found a test website and posted a photo of a defecating pig while posing as Trump.

FBI Agents Raid Homes of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska

The Kremlin-linked oil tycoon was hit with sanctions in 2018.

Biden Set to Cut Free Community College From Budget Bill, Slashes Price Tag

Joe Biden's proposal is starting to look a lot more like Joe Manchin's.

Trump Sues to Block January 6 Committee From Getting White House Documents

The committee vowed to "fight the former President's attempt to obstruct our investigation."

Joe Manchin Rejects Carbon Tax After Shooting Down Biden’s Key Climate Proposal

Meanwhile, progressives say they won't support a bill that doesn't include climate provisions.

Democrats To Cut Key Climate Change Provision From Biden Agenda Over Objections From Joe Manchin

The White House is rewriting its climate change proposal without key clean electricity program.

Supreme Court Grants Qualified Immunity Protections to Police Officers Accused of Excessive Force

The Supreme Court overturned two lower court decisions allowing lawsuits against cops to proceed.

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