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NYC, Seattle, Portland Sue Over Trump’s Attempt to Defund “Anarchist Jurisdictions”

Mayors say the administration's move is "unlawful and an abuse of federal power."

Debate Moderator Kristen Welker’s “Masterclass” Makes Chris Wallace “Jealous”

MSNBC hosts say Trump owes Welker an apology after attacking her before the debate.

Trump Campaign Records Voters Dropping Off Ballots in Philadelphia. AG Says It May Be “Illegal”

"The act of photographing or recording a voter casting a ballot could be voter intimidation — which is illegal," said AG Josh Shapiro.

Joe Biden Vows to Form Commission on Reforming the Supreme Court

Biden said the commission would look at reforms "beyond" court-packing.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Threatened With $500 Fine For Not Wearing a Mask in His Building

Fox News blasted Cuomo for his hypocrisy on masks after he received a warning from his landlord.

Trump Campaign Denies It Hired Armed Guards at Florida Polling Place

The men said they were hired by the Trump campaign.

Senate Judiciary GOP Advances Amy Coney Barrett Nomination as Democrats Boycott Vote

Barrett is expected to be confirmed as soon as Monday.

Trump “Abruptly” Storms Out of “60 Minutes” Interview, Ditching Mike Pence

Trump threatened to release the interview footage before it airs.

Mitch McConnell Warns White House Against Making Stimulus Deal Before Election

As negotiations progress, McConnell seeks to sink potential deal before election.

Attorneys General Say USPS Still Not Delivering Election Mail Fast Enough

USPS performance has not improved enough despite multiple court orders.