Campaign Against Judge Persky Bigger Than One Decision

The campaign against Persky is about more than just Brock Turner, whose lenient sentencing didn't occur in a vacuum. 

Bitcoin Falling Out Of Fashion With Dark Web Criminals

Bitcoin's meteoric rise, coupled with slow transaction times and high fees is causing it to fall out of fashion with criminal elements on the dark web. 

Neo-Nazi Group Linked To At Least Five Murders In The U.S.

A paramilitary Charlie Manson-obsessed Neo-Nazi organization has been linked to five murders and an attempted bombing plot within the United States.

'Harvest Box' Proves Welfare Queen Myth Is Alive And Well

In an unsurprising move, Trump and Republicans are using old myths to peddle a food stamp alternative that is neither cheaper or healthier. 

The Fight Over The Defense Budget Lingers On

Recent reports on $800 million in unaccounted for funds at the Pentagon will likely not help the Defense Department’s bid for more money.

The Misleading Way Trump Talks About 'Chain Migration'

The image that the president conjures of one person bringing in a wave of distant relatives to America’s shores is a falsehood.

Rob Porter: Yet Another Example Of Trump Taking The Wrong Side

The White House has reliable reports from the FBI about Rob Porter’s history of domestic assault as early as May of last year. Everyone knew, including Trump.

Let's Give Trump's Harvest Box A Chance

The Trump Harvest Box has been promised as a healthier, more convenient option for SNAP recipients and a boon for taxpayers. There's merit in that, but still, financial and logistical questions remain.

Funny Or Die: How Facebook Is Hurting Online Creators

Unlike other platforms, Facebook does not share ad revenue with content creators. Instead, creators are expected to pay for the privilege of having their content seen. 

YouTube’s Child Protection Program Has Censorship Problems

Instead of the mob rule of the YouTube Heroes program, the Trusted Flaggers program empowers a digital aristocracy protected by confidentiality. 


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