The CIA Was Unmasked in China, and Agents Died. It Was Preventable.

The entire story offers a an eye-opening window into the constantly-waged, life-or-death intelligence wars that rage behind the scenes of overt diplomacy.

Report: Fines For Corporate Crime Have Dropped Steeply Under Trump

President Trump likes to boast that he is tough on crime, but his administration's crackdown on illegal activity does not seem to apply to corporate wrongdoers.

What Could Go Wrong? Trump Wants To Sell More Weapons To Foreign Governments

President Trump's proposal to allow increased firearms exports is threatening to make the world even more violent.

CA Nuclear Site is “Fukushima Waiting to Happen”

Each Holtec container contains 50,000 pounds of nuclear waste, equal to the amount of radiation released during the Chernobyl disaster. Yet, these canisters have undergone no seismic safety tests, and can’t even be inspected safely once they are buried.

Elizabeth Warren Sponsors Bill Demanding 'New Deal' In American Capitalism

The Massachusetts Democrat, a leader of the progressive movement, is sponsoring a bill called the Accountable Capitalism Act.

Randy “Ironstache” Bryce, The Democrat Seeking To Flip Paul Ryan’s Seat

Randy “Ironstache” Bryce is the latest progressive Democratic candidate looking to overturn an establishment electoral district in 2018. 

Opioid Fentanyl Used For the First Time To Execute US Prisoner

Fentanyl, a substance synonymous with America's opioid crisis, was among drugs used by Nebraska prison personnel to execute an inmate on Tuesday.

POLL: Nearly Half Of Republicans Would Let Trump Shutdown Media Outlets

If you don't see the propaganda problem here, you're simply not paying attention. 

The FBI Fires Peter Strzok Following Anti-Trump Text Scandal

According to a new report from Vox, it was the FBI’s deputy director David Bowdich who specifically ordered Strzok’s firing for unspecified reasons.

Understanding Trump's 2019 NDAA Military Pay Increases

Regardless of how you feel about the military pay increase, you should know that it's more complicated than a presidential whim.