Biden DOJ Still Seizing Land to Build Trump’s Border Wall Amid Ongoing Review

The DOJ still has about 140 active eminent domain cases linked to the border wall.

Turns Out US Intelligence Only Has “Low to Moderate Confidence” Russia Put Bounties on US Troops

The new administration's review has “not uncovered anything new and significant enough to bring greater clarity” on the issue.

Biden Delays Lifting Refugee Cap Over “Political Optics” Months After Calling to Quadruple Limit: Report

Biden is stalling over unrelated criticism about his handling of the southern border, sources told CNN.

Republican Infrastructure Plan Cuts Funding by Nearly 75%, Taxes People Instead of Corporations

The GOP plan would invest $600 to $800 billion in infrastructure funded by "user fees."

Democrats Unveil Bill to Expand Supreme Court From 9 Seats to 13

The legislation is not expected to pass in the current Congress with many Democrats on the fence.

Biden Announces September 11 Afghanistan Withdrawal: “Time to End the Forever War”

Biden vowed that he would "not pass this responsibility" to a fifth president.

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Bought Over $10M in Microsoft, Roblox Stock

The Microsoft stock rose more than 10% in value within two weeks.

GOP Senators Want to Repeal MLB’s Antitrust Exemption as Punishment for Georgia Protest

“They shouldn’t expect to see special goodies from Washington when they are dishonestly acting to favor one party against the other,” said Ted Cruz.

FBI Seizes Matt Gaetz’s Phone as Associate Cooperates With Investigators: Reports

Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg has cooperated with the feds since last year. The FBI seized Gaetz's phone around the same time.

Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Biden For Failing to Raise Refugee Cap After Trump’s Cuts

“I want to understand why this hasn’t already happened,” Warren said.

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