Democrats File Criminal Referral Accusing Trump Cabinet Secretary of Bribery Scheme

Democrats say a developer donated nearly $250,000 before Trump administration reversed permit decision.

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Bill to Impose Ethics Code on Supreme Court Justices

The bill would include recusal guidelines for Supreme Court justices.

US Surpassed Record 100,000 Drug Overdose Deaths in 2021: CDC Data

Overdose deaths are up 50% since before the pandemic.

Biden Announces Plan to Provide Low-Income Households With Free or Low-Cost Internet

The White House estimates 40% of US households will be eligible for the program.

Rand Paul Single-Handedly Blocks $40 Billion in Ukraine Aid

Both Senate leaders slammed Paul over the delay.

Merrick Garland Orders More Security for Supreme Court Justices as GOP Calls for Arrests of Protesters

Republican governors called on the DOJ to enforce a law banning protests outside judges' homes.

So Much For States’ Rights: Mitch McConnell Floats “Possible” National Abortion Ban

Other Republicans were quick to downplay the possibility.

Democratic National Committee Suing Arizona Over New Voter Registration Law

The DNC says the new state law violates a 1993 federal law passed by Congress.

Ohio Republican Pushing Abortion Ban Says Pregnancies From Rape Are An “Opportunity” for Victims

State Rep. Jean Schmidt is pushing a near-total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape victims.

Trump Officials Overruled CDC on Church Covid Rules, Emails Show

The CDC ultimately deleted the church guidance despite concerns it would lead to more outbreaks.

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