Illinois Lawmaker Apologizes For Mock Assassination of Trump in Mariachi Suit at Fundraiser

Photos from the fundraiser show a man in a Trump costume being assassinated with a fake machine gun.

Obama Repeatedly Urged Joe Biden Not to Run For President in 2020

Obama also dissuaded Biden from running in 2016.

Federal Election Commission Republicans Block Probe Into Russia-NRA Ties

Republicans blocked an investigation into whether Maria Butina and her handler illegally funneled money to Trump through the NRA.

What Will The Democratic Socialists of America Do If Bernie Sanders Loses?

If Bernie Sanders loses, the near future of the DSA could be on shaky ground.

What A Dead Eastern Mystic Can Offer Our Polarized Times

From Jiddu Krishnamurti we can learn to separate political ideas from the persons that espouse them and heal the divided country

Court Rules Against Trump Administration, Says Migrant Children Entitled to Toothbrushes and Soap

The Trump administration argued the law did not explicitly state migrant children weren't entitled to food, soap, and sleeping mats.

Greenland, Denmark Respond to Report That Trump Wants to Buy Greenland: Not for Sale

The Wall Street Journal reported it was “unclear” how the US would go about acquiring Greenland.

NRA Gets Negative Rating in Fox News Poll For The First Time Ever As 67% Call for Assault Weapons Ban

Voters express frustration over inaction following mass shootings.

After Failing to Gain Any Support, John Hickenlooper Dropping Out of Presidential Race for Senate Bid

The former Colorado governor and Denver mayor polled below Marianne Williamson and raised less money than Seth Moulton.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Guards Slept for Hours, Then Falsified Check-In Records: New York Times

The guards have been reassigned pending an investigation.


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