Joe Biden Officially Announces Presidential Run, Leads Trump by 8% in New Poll

Joe Biden is officially running as a new poll shows him leading Trump by 8 points in a 2020 matchup.

CDC: Measles Cases in the United States Just Hit Highest Level in 20 Years

The disease has infected hundreds of unvaccinated people this year despite being eliminated in the United States since 2000.

Deutsche Bank Turns Over Trump’s Financial Records to New York Attorney General: Report

The bank, which was the only major financial institution willing to loan Trump money after a series of bankruptcies, loaned him over $2 billion.

Florida Senate Passes Bill to Arm Teachers in Schools After Parkland

After Parkland kids pleaded against arming teachers, Florida GOP votes to arm teachers in response to Parkland massacre.

Tariff Trump Bragged About Cost US Consumers $815K for Every New Job It Created

Trump's tariff on imported washing machine created 1,800 new jobs -- at a $1.5 billion price tag to American consumers.

DHS Secretary Working to Defend 2020 Elections From Russia Was Warned Not to Tell Trump About It

DHS Secretary was warned not to tell Trump because it would detract from his victory.

Social Security Running Out of Money; Won’t Be Able to Pay Full Benefits by 2035

Social Security benefits would have to be cut by 25% by 2035 unless Congress acts to keep the program solvent.

Sanders: Everyone Should Have Voting Rights, Including ‘Terrible’ Boston Marathon Bomber, Rapists

Bernie Sanders backs voting rights for prisoners convicted of terrorism, murder, and sexual assault. Other 2020 Dems are split.

Trump Tries to Stop Subpoena of His Financial Records by Suing Oversight Committee Chair

Trump is waging a war to stop his tax returns and financial records from seeing the light of day.

Ex-US Attorney Preet Bharara: Mueller Report Shows Trump Could Be Indicted After Leaving Office

Mueller said he cannot indict a sitting president but added that Trump "does not have immunity after he leaves office."