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How The American Work Ethic Can Defeat The Coronavirus

If we work together, we can overcome this dark period in American history.

Fauci Calls For National Stay-At-Home Order: “I Just Don’t Understand Why That’s Not Happening”

"I just don't understand why we're not doing that. We really should be," he said.

US Economy Officially Loses 701K Jobs Amid March Coronavirus Panic But Real Number “Much Worse”

The new data did not include numbers from the last three weeks, during which more than 10 million people filed unemployment claims.

Senate Republicans Still Pushing Hunter Biden Probe Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Republicans have no plans to shelve probe despite growing pandemic.

Adam Schiff Wants to Create 9/11 Style Commission to Investigate Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Schiff wants to create independent commission as House Oversight Committee launches its own scrutiny.

Anthony Fauci Gets Increased Security After Threats From Far-Right Trump Supporters

Trump supporters have repeatedly attacked Fauci as a "deep state" stooge for contradicting the president.

US Gun Sales Surge to Highest Level Since The Sandy Hook Shooting

Gun sales doubled in nearly every state and even tripled in states like Michigan and Utah.

Embattled Sen. Kelly Loeffler Bought Stock in Company That Makes Coronavirus Equipment

Loeffler mitigated her potential losses in certain stocks while buying shares in a company that makes coronavirus protective equipment.

Biden Raises Doubts About Holding Democratic Convention As Trump Vows Not to Cancel GOP Convention

Biden says it's hard to envision the convention moving forward as planned though Trump has no such reservations.

Trump Tells US to Prepare for “Tough Two Weeks” as WH Projects Up to 240K Coronavirus Deaths

The White House projects up to 240,000 people would die with mitigation efforts, 2.2 million deaths without intervention.