Walker Vows to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions While Fighting to Kill Protections

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and a number of other vulnerable conservatives are trying to run on a platform of protecting people with pre-existing conditions while fighting to kill the law that ensures them.

NYT investigation Reveals Jared Kushner Avoided Paying Income Taxes For Years

Jared Kushner, Trump's millionaire son-in-law, has been using a broken tax system to save lucrative amounts of money creating massive payouts.

Warren "Proves" Her Native Lineage Before Possible Run at the 2020 Presidency

President Trump called Sen. Elizabeth Warren, "Pocahontas" for claiming Native ancestry. Warren has proof of her lineage, which may help her run for Presidency in 2020.  

There's a Growing List of Countries Attempting to Hack US Elections

Russia is just one of the many global threats to the US election process.

'Major Development': Bob Mueller Zeroes in on Trump Collusion Questions in What Could be Final Phase

As Mueller's investigation into President Trump's possible collusion with the Russian government nears its final phase, tensions rise within Trump's camp.

Justice Roberts Orders New Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh Misconduct Claims

Roberts had been sitting on the 15 complaints for weeks until Kavanaugh was confirmed. 

Florida GOP Candidate for Governor Excused Slavery in His Anti-Obama Book

Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis excused slavery in a little-read 2011 book highlighted by the Miami New Times.

Hurricane Michael: A Look at What's to Come

Hurricane Michael is quickly approaching, here's what you need to know.

Melania Trump Wants Evidence From #MeToo Accusers

First Lady Melania Trump supports women in the #MeToo movement, but says accusers need, "need to show the evidence." This comes just days after the highly controversial sexual allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Why We Don't Need a 'Category 6' Hurricane Classification

Upping the category would be more about selling fear and getting attention than it is about fixing the Saffir-Simpson scale.