Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey to Take Down Shipping Container Border Wall After Biden Lawsuit

Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs vowed to put a stop to the "stunt."

Sean Hannity and Other Fox Workers Admit They Didn’t Believe False Election Claims They Aired

“I did not believe it for a second," Hannity said under oath.

USPS Switching to Electric Trucks by 2026 After Major Reversal

The USPS previously only planned to make 10% of its fleet electric before Biden administration intervention.

New California Bill Would Decriminalize “Magic Mushrooms”

The bill excludes MDMA and LSD, which were included in a previous version of the legislation.

Biden Administration Rolls Out New Plan to Combat Homelessness: Prevention

The administration aims to decrease homelessness by 25% by 2025.

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Released on $250M Bail to Parents’ Custody

SBF will have to live with his parents as litigation plays out.

Senate Approves $1.7 Trillion Deal to Avert Government Shutdown

The bill includes a defense increase, Ukraine aid, and more.

Two Top Former Executives at Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX Plead Guilty to Fraud Charges

SBF's girlfriend Caroline Ellison and fellow co-founder Gary Wang are cooperating with prosecutors.

Kari Lake’s Lawyers Drop Subpoena For Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs After Vowing to Force Her Testimony

Lake had bragged that Hobbs can’t “duck out” of testifying and “will have to take the stand.”

Biden in New Video Says Iran Nuclear Deal is “Dead, But We’re Not Gonna Announce It”

The White House later acknowledged that talks have stalled.

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