Details of Podesta Group Collapse Reinforce its Shady Image

Employees being stiffed, clients being lied to, and questionable associations with foreign governments exemplify what the now-defunct Podesta Group was all about.

The Case for Splitting California (It Might Be on the Ballot)

If there’s one state in the Union that meets the qualifications of a group of people in need of formal dividing lines, it’s California.

Left-Wing Christmas: Alex Jones And Sean Hannity Called Out In The Same Week

Both the Alex Jones lawsuit and Sean Hannity's recent scandal involving Michael Cohen are a victory for responsible journalism. 

Irony: Comey's 'A Higher Loyalty' Feels Like Just Another Tell-All For Profit

If Comey wanted to play white knight he could have been political; he could have launched initiatives and been vocal from the start; he could have given that interview and not sold books right after.

Judge Rules Corruption Case Involving Trump’s Hotel Will Face Trial

A federal judge has proceeded with the lawsuit against President Trump alleging he violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause via his Washington, D.C. hotel.

Ivanka's Fashion Brand To Be Spared From Impending U.S.-China Trade War

The Trump administration's claim that tariffs on clothing would consumers is not without merit, but this is far from the only convenient conflict of interest Ivanka is embroiled in. 

From Universities to Banks and Oil Fields, Chinese Takeover of U.S. Assets is Real

The traditional means by which war has been waged – tanks, aircrafts, missiles, drones, etc. – is far from the only way to inflict damage on an adversary. China has perfected the art of the insidious takeover.

Trump’s War With Amazon: Valid Points Mixed With Blatant Hypocrisy

There are legitimate concerns in President Trump's rants about Amazon, but he overlooks the role his own corporate tax cuts have made in furthering the tech giant's dominance.   

Trump’s Syria Comments Mean No Exit Anytime Soon

It appears that we are in an age of pendulum diplomacy, and the pendulum has just now swung from near-exit from Syria to the brink of heightened conflict, not only with Syria but with its allies, Russia and Iran.

Census Citizenship Question: Arguments From Opponents And The Administration

The 2020 census citizenship question has become the subject of hot debate recently. Here's what both the administration and opponents of the question are saying.