Mitch McConnell Predicts That GOP Would Block Biden Supreme Court Pick in 2024, or Even 2023

Asked if a Biden nominee would get a fair shot in 2023, McConnell said, "we'll have to wait and see what happens."

Reality Winner, NSA Contractor Imprisoned for Leak, Released From Prison to Halfway House

Winner pleaded guilty to leaking a classified NSA memo to The Intercept.

Kevin McCarthy Vows to Oust Ilhan Omar From Committee if GOP Wins Back House

McCarthy called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to "strip" Omar of her Foreign Affairs Committee post.

DOJ Seized Don McGahn’s Phone Records While He Was Trump’s White House Counsel

The records were seized during the Mueller investigation, though it's unclear if the subpoena was related.

Top DOJ National Security Official Resigns After Backlash Over Subpoenas of Democrats, Media

Democrats have called for former Attorneys General Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions to testify about the subpoenas.

Nevada Group Wants Teachers to Wear Body Camera to Ensure They Don’t Teach Critical Race Theory

The Nevada Family Alliance wants to make sure teachers are not “indoctrinating” students by teaching them that institutional racism exists.

As Much As 50% of All Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Were Stolen: Report

The Labor Department estimated that the number high but much lower than the new estimates.

Newsmax Turned Down Matt Gaetz For A Job Amid Sex Trafficking Investigation

Gaetz reached out to the network about a job earlier this year.

Federal Prosecutors Subpoenaed Communications Related to Andrew Cuomo’s Pandemic Book: Report

Prosecutors investigating the state's undercount of nursing home deaths are interested in early drafts of Cuomo's book.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Vows To Build His Own Border Wall

After Biden halted border wall construction, Texas plans to go it alone.

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