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Biden's "No Malarky!" Slogan Is Malarky

Joe Biden's new slogan has some good things going for it, but mostly it is a mistake.

White House Releases Ukraine Military Aid Documents -- That Are Almost Completely Redacted

The Trump administration complied with a court-ordered document release -- but blacked out the documents.

Trump Threatens to Skip 2020 Debates Over Concerns About Who Will Moderate

The Democrats don't even have a nominee yet but Trump is already threatening to boycott the debate.

Joe Biden Struggles to Win Over Voters Earning Under $75,000: Poll Analysis

Voters earning under $75,000 prefer Sanders, but Biden has a big lead in national polls.

Harvey Weinstein Deal Allows Him to Avoid Paying Own Money to Accusers or Admitting Guilt

Two accusers plan to challenge the agreement, which would pay $25 million to settle all lawsuits against him.

Louie Gohmert Names Alleged Ukraine Whistleblower at Trump Impeachment Hearing

Gohmert also previously named the purported whistleblower at an unrelated hearing on Puerto Rico.

Trump to Sign Executive Order Declaring Judaism a Nationality to Crack Down on Campus Free Speech

Jewish groups say Trump's order targeting anti-Semitism is anti-Semitic.

Pete Buttigieg Releases List of Consulting Clients That Includes Insurer, Best Buy, US Agencies

Buttigieg worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Best Buy, and numerous US government agencies.

DOJ IG Report Refutes Trump’s FBI “Bias” Allegations But Finds Anti-Clinton Bias Among FBI Agents

FBI agents sent texts “which reflect their support for Trump in the 2016 elections," the report said.

Officials Repeatedly Lied For Two Decades About Afghanistan War Failures: Washington Post

Nearly two decades later, newly obtained documents show the American public was lied to all along.


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