Should We Tear Down All the Statues?

Being reminded of the sins of the past helps us to avoid them in the future. It casts our history in an honest light.

Newsweek Attacks Melania And Ivanka For Wearing High Heels

  • Gabrielle Seunagal
  • Aug 15, 2017 3:27PM

If one of Newsweek's liberal heroes were wearing high heels, we'd be treated to an article about female choice and empowerment. Where are the feminists now? 

Charlottesville: Don't Be So Quick To Dismiss Violence

Just because both of these sides are engaged in violence does not mean they are on the same ground morally. 

Don't Blame Political Violence On The President

Donald Trump does not need to apologize for  views and actions of groups just because they associate themselves with the right.

Blame The Media For Charlottesville

The media industrial complex is giving these extremists reach and power, fueling modern racial division in America. 

Ice Cream to Improve Cop-Community Relations?

Ice cream is great, and can’t do any harm. But in the grand-scheme of what cops offer a crime-riddled community, free ice cream is not going to do any real good either.

Social Justice Warriors Hate Movies Now

Social justice warriors want to be the police of our art, culture, and entertainment.

Half Of Detroit's Mayoral Candidates Convicted Felons

Hell, at this point, the good people of Detroit may as well elect one of the four felons. At least they will know to expect the corruption that seems to inevitably come with the Detroit’s office of mayor.

Ironic Moral Outrage Of Anti-Trump EPA Officials

Ex-Employees of the EPA would have you believe Trump's budget cuts will leave them crippled- here's where the money has really been going. 

The Flaws Of Trump's Transgender Military Ban

  • Gabrielle Seunagal
  • Aug 11, 2017 4:32PM

Out of the countless issues in America, banning transgender people from serving in the military should not be on the list.