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How US Tech is Helping to Power China's Surveillance State

Though the companies involved continue to claim that they didn't know what their tech was being used for, the denials are getting harder to believe. 

GOP Worries Over Trump Supporters’ Calls to Boycott Georgia Senate Runoffs

Trump supporters are attacking Republican senators over the president's baseless fraud allegations.

Donor Sues Pro-Trump Group For Failure to Show Evidence of Election Fraud

The group filed four lawsuits in swing states before dropping all of them last week.

Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated in Drive-By Attack: Report

Intelligence officials said Israel was behind the attack.

Ilhan Omar Underperformed Joe Biden More Than Any Other House Democrat

Omar faced a third-party challenger and an unusually well-funded Republican opponent.

Experts Raise Questions About Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Data After “Mistake”

Some are calling for a new trial after the company discovered a higher efficacy dose by accident.

Supreme Court Blocks New York COVID Religious Services Restrictions, Barrett Casts Deciding Vote

The ruling was a reversal from the RBG court's position in similar cases.

Key Democrat, Ex-Torture Investigator Urge Biden Not to Pick Mike Morell as CIA Chief

Morell was criticized in the Senate Intelligence Committee's torture report.

Trump Planning Last-Minute Pardons of Michael Flynn and Others: Report

Trump plans to pardon his former national security adviser and may pardon others like Roger Stone.

Trump to Attend “Hearing” With Giuliani and Pennsylvania GOP on “Fraud” in Gettysburg

The hearing is set to take place at a Wyndham Hotel.