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Trump Pardons Corrupt Former Governor, Corrupt Former Police Chief, and Corrupt Supporters

Trump's pardons and commutations include the man who tried to sell Obama's Senate seat and a man whose family donated $200K to his campaign.

Barr Reportedly Said He’s Considering Resigning Over Trump’s Tweets and No One Believes It

Sources told The Washington Post that Barr is considering quitting if Trump doesn't knock off the tweets.

NBC News Poll Excludes Elizabeth Warren But Includes Candidates That Trail Her

Warren is polling in a virtual tie for second place, but isn't being polled in head-to-head matchups against Trump.

Federal Prosecutors Are Looking at Rudy Giuliani’s Consulting Firm and Company That Paid Him $500K

Federal investigation into Lev Parnas moves closer to Rudy Giuliani.

Mike Bloomberg Qualifies for Next Debate As He Surges In Polls Despite Vile Past Comments

Bloomberg is surging in the polls despite his vile past comments about women and people of color resurfacing.

Stacey Abrams Would “Absolutely” Accept VP Role: “Of Course I Want It”

Abrams has been linked to Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg.

Democrats Unite -- To Rip Mike Bloomberg For Trying to “Buy This Election” After $417M Ad Binge

The moderates and the progressives found one thing in common -- trashing Mike Bloomberg.

“Yikes”: Ted Cruz Freaks Out Over Alabama Mandatory Vasectomy Bill in Response to Abortion Ban

Anti-choice zealot Ted Cruz suddenly worried about government intrusions into reproductive rights.

White House Memo To Congress Undercuts Trump’s Claim That Soleimani Posed “Imminent Threat”

The official explanation says the strike was in response to previous attacks and to deter future ones.

Why Sanders Will Not Go Rogue if He Fails to Win the Nomination

Despite what many fear or hope, Bernie Sanders has good reasons not to pursue a third party or independent run for the presidency.