Elon Musk Begins Mass Layoffs After Twitter Takeover, Faces Advertiser Exodus

Musk reportedly fired up to half of Twitter's 7,500-employee workforce. Now he's facing a labor lawsuit.

Elon Musk Assures Nervous Advertisers Twitter Won’t Turn Into a “Free-For-All Hellscape”

Advertisers are threatening to pause ads if Musk reinstates Trump's account.

Elon Musk Reverses and Offers to Buy Twitter at Original $44 Billion Price Tag

Twitter has yet to agree to drop their lawsuit aiming to force the sale.

Google Play Store Rejects Trump’s Truth Social App Over Content Moderation

Google sent Truth Social a letter about their content moderation policies.

Elon Musk Cites Twitter Whistleblower in Attempt to Cancel Takeover Bid

Twitter called the latest attempt to scrap the deal "wrongful and invalid."

Former Twitter Security Chief Files Whistleblower Complaint Accusing Company of Cover-Up

Whistleblower complaint accuses the company of serious security lapses.

Supreme Court Blocks Controversial Texas GOP Social Media Law

The law is a "constitutional trainwreck," tech groups that sued to block HB 20 argued.

Appeals Court Rules Florida’s Social Media Law Targeting Twitter, Facebook is Unconstitutional

The law violates the First Amendment of the Constitution, Trump-appointed judge wrote.

Elon Musk Says Twitter Deal “Cannot Move Forward” Unless CEO Hands Over Data on Bots

Musk claimed Twitter is “20% fake/spam accounts” and suggested the company misled the SEC in its filing.

Elon Musk Says Deal to Buy Twitter is “On Hold” Amid Scrutiny of Bots

Musk insisted he remains "committed" to the purchase.

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