Tech News

Twitter Under Investigation for Tracking Users, Could Pay Millions for EU Violations

Twitter is suspected of “obtaining information when people click on links,” which “track people as they surf the web by leaving cookies in their browsers.”

Report: Google Covered Up Data Breach Scandal “Fearing Repercussions” From Congress

The company kept quiet about a harmful “API bug” more than six months after their internal predictions found it could place their entire Google+ user network at risk.

There's a Growing List of Countries Attempting to Hack US Elections

Russia is just one of the many global threats to the US election process.

Amazon Scraps AI Recruiting Tool for Discriminating Against Women

Amazon tried to build an AI tool for recruiting, but after it showed bias against women, it had to be scrapped.

Snapchat Is Dead but They Just Won't Admit It

Snapchat is launching Snap Originals. A cool new video feature that blah, blah, blah. More importantly, Snapchat is doomed to fail. 

Senators Demand Federal Investigation Into Kid’s Apps Violating Privacy Rights

Following countless data scandals emerging from Silicon Valley, Washington is demanding a federal investigation into the privacy violations committed by some of big tech’s highest institutions.

Trump’s Department of Justice Sues California to Stop Net Neutrality Law

The lawsuit claims that California’s state legislators are attempting to “subvert the Federal Government’s deregulatory approach” in restoring these protective rules.

Report: Facebook Grants Advertisers Access to 'Shadow Contact' Info of Users

Facebook has been quietly helping advertisers target ads to you, using hidden contact information you don't even display publicly on the platform. 

Airports Submitting Passengers to Facial-Recognition Scans

The effectiveness of facial recognition technology within U.S. airports has been called into question for its legal and technical problems.

Report: Amazon Employees Accept Bribes to Remove Bad Product Reviews

The Wall Street Journal reports that for $300 USD Amazon sellers from China have been able to remove bad customer feedback.