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Twitter May Start Labeling Trump Tweets That Violate Its Rules on Threats and Bullying

The company may start "annotating" Trump's tweets that violate its rules but will not remove them.

HUD Charges Facebook With Housing Discrimination For Letting Landlords Choose Who Saw Ads

HUD says Facebook enabled housing discrimination by allowing advertisers to choose who could not see their ads based on race, gender, and religion.

Facebook & Mainstream Media Paid Wikipedia for Reputation 'Damage Control'

According to a report from the Huffington Post, Edward Sussman has been working as a sort of digital PR fixer on Wikipedia for institutions like Facebook and NBC. 

Police are Forcing Google to Hand Over User Data Through 'Reverse Location Search Warrants'

Now you don't need to be involved in a crime to have your data searched -- you just have to be crime-adjacent. 

Facebook Temporarily Blocked Trump’s Social Media Director Because It Thought He Was a Bot

Trump accused Facebook of "bias" after it blocked White House social media director Dan Scavino because its algorithm mistook him for a bot.

YouTube Wants to Add Their Own Fact-Checking Feature and It's a Terrible Idea

Beyond having a terrible track record with platform-based initiatives of this kind, it's clear that YouTube doesn't know the first thing about fact-checking its own content. 

Facebook Deletes Elizabeth Warren Ads Criticizing Company, Restores Them After Backlash

Elizabeth Warren says Facebook proved her point by deleting ads calling to break up the company.

Journalist Tim Pool Fails to Expose Twitter’s Accountability Crisis

We wanted a reckoning with Twitter's myriad transparency and enforcement problems. Instead, we got 3 hours of Pool complaining about anecdotal conservative censorship. 

YouTube Restricting Millions of Comments After Pedophile Scandal

YouTube's purge of would-be pedophiles on its video platform has been reminiscent of #Adpocalypse, while introducing a new list of problems. 

Florida Pediatrician Discovers Tips for Children to Commit Suicide Hidden in YouTube Kids Videos

Some videos of popular children's video games include hidden instructions on how to commit suicide, a pediatrician warns.


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