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Tech News

TikTok Bans Teen Makeup Artist for Calling Out China’s Detention Camps

The company continues to insist their decision had nothing to do with the Chinese government. 

Congress Must Continue to Ignore Calls to Regulate Controversial Speech on Social Media

Thoughts on Sacha Baron Chone's recent speech to the Anti-Defamation League. 

Can Google’s Anti-Deepfake Trials Prevent the New Disinformation Age?

The short answer? Probably not. 

WSJ Investigation Exposes Google’s For-Profit Search Manipulations

A new investigative report has put Google's claims of not manually intervening in search results to the test. 

Twitter Bans All Political Ads After Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Was Slammed Over Its Policy

Twitter bans all political ads as Zuckerberg insists Facebook's policy is right.

Bipartisan Congressional Coalition Demands Tech Companies End Support for Chinese Gov't

Two letters signed by members of both parties strongly condemned censorship from companies like Apple and Blizzard on behalf of the Chinese government. 

Why Should We Believe Politicians Aren't Above Twitter's Rules if They Refuse to Enforce Them?

It's not about one man's tweets -- it's about transparency and consistency on the platform. 

Apple Removes App Used by Hong Kong Protesters to Track Police After Pressure From China

Apple is latest American company to bow to Chinese pressure.

How Google's Win On “Right To Be Forgotten” Laws in EU Undermines GDPR

The ruling effectively sets a precedent whereby Google is only required to limit data access to those who aren’t all that savvy with data to begin with.

Warren Hits Back After Mark Zuckerberg Caught on Tape Calling Her an ‘Existential’ Threat to Facebook

Zuckerberg vowed to "go to the mat" and "fight" if Warren wins and tries to break up Facebook.