Tech News

Facebook Didn't Take Down Post for Days as Child Bride was Auctioned Off in South Sudan

Facebook failed to take down a post for days after they were alerted that a child bridge was being auctioned off with help from their network.

Google’s “Smart City of Surveillance” Faces Privacy Rights Resistance in Toronto

Given the tech giant's track record on data privacy, it's not hard to see why this fusion of corporate development and public infrastructure is meeting resistance. 

Amazon Echo Murder Case Confirms Fears, But Upside Hard to Deny

As laudable as a solved murder is, the way in which an Amazon Echo has made its way into the story brings up the oft-occurring question: is Alexa always listening, or isn’t (she)

Facebook Suspend Identity Checks for Political Ads Following Hoax Scandals

The faux transparency behind paid political ads always had inherent problems built into it. 

HQ2: Amazon’s $2.4 Billion Expansion Surrounded by Activist Backlash

Whether it’s gentrification through rising housing costs or corrupt government dealings, Amazon’s HQ2 has activists demanding answers.

Facebook Admits Failure to Stop Incitement of Violence on Their Platform in Myanmar

The recent news follows a series of reports criticizing the platform's handling of the crisis, from their removal of evidence of genocide to their inability to control messages inciting violence. 

VICE: Facebook Allowed Us to Buy Hoax Political Ads “Paid for by ISIS”

Looks like Facebook's new political advertising rules are off to a glorious start. 

Thousands Protest Google Executive Protection of Alleged Sexual Harassers

Yesterday morning, a group of more than 200 Google engineers successfully organized a global, company-wide “women’s walk” protest. 

Free Speech Site GAB Shutdown As FBI Investigate Pittsburgh Shooter’s Profile

Their page displays a message declaring the site is under threat by both “the mainstream media and the Silicon Valley Oligarchy” our site frequently reports on.

Houston Ban “Sex Robot Brothels” Despite Their Potential Benefits

Texas, the supposed home to the values of individual liberty and smaller government, just saw one of their largest cities enforce a ban on the first ever sex robot brothel to be introduced in the United States.