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Netflix Allegedly Paid Zero U.S. Income Taxes Despite $845M in Profits Last Year

The streaming giant was granted more than $32 million in combined tax rebates, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

Gab Meltdown: Founder Blames "Deep State" for Various Company Scandals

Gab founder Andrew Torba has apparently found a scapegoat even more responsible for the platform's failures than left-wing activists. 

YouTube Considers Censoring “Dislike Mobs” Following Rewind 2018 Backlash

YouTube is considering adding multiple steps in order to dislike videos, with some administrators reportedly toying with removing the dislike button altogether. 

Investigation Finds Google Subsidiary Set to Sell Harvested Data of Millions

A new Intercept report alleges "Replica," an urban planning tool from Google subsidiary SideWalk Labs, has the potential to sell the location data of millions of unsuspecting cellphone users. 

Facebook Paid Minors to Use VPN Spyware Violating App Store’s Policies

The VPN allowed Facebook to access all of a user's phone and web activity, a shocking invasion of privacy that violated numerous developer policies. 

YouTube Stars Promoted Dangerous Gambling Scam to Minors

Mystery Brand, a controversial loot box website offering users literally unbelievable gifts, was exposed last weekend for its slew of shady business practices and its targeting to underage users. 

SAFE SPACE: The Strange Rise of Right-Wing Dating Apps

Apps like Conservatives Only, Donald Daters, Gun Lovers Passions, and Dating Republicans are offering their users an escape from the discrimination they claim they face on other dating apps. 

Netflix Removes Comedy Special After Threats From Saudi Arabia

Netflix, which claims to support artistic freedom, capitulated to the Saudi regime after they say they received a "valid legal request." 

Year Review 2018: Big Tech’s Worst Scandals

A review of big tech's biggest scandals in 2018.

Leaked Patreon Conversation Reveals How "Subjective" Hate-Speech is Actually Censored

Patreon's banning of major content creators puts Patreon's self-enforced content curation process into the spotlight. A recorded conversation points to a highly subjective cencorship process, as well as other external factors that do not prioritize its content creators.  


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