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Tech News

Trump To Appoint New Chief Information Officer In Cyber Push

While the position has remained vacant for over a year, the appointment of Suzette Kent is just one part of a broader cybersecurity push we've seen since Trump took office. 

NSA: Sorry We Deleted Evidence That Might Incriminate Us

The potentially incriminating evidence being deleted is in violation of a court order, but would it help you to know it was an "accident?"

Fancy Bear Hackers Target Information Of US Senators

Fake websites mimicking the active directories of US Senate connected sites have been appearing on the net. The goal of these sites? To lure Senators and their personnel to attempt to login to their portals and accounts.

Facebook Will Decide What News to Trust. You’re Welcome.

Facebook is turning to the 'community' to decide which news is trustworthy, with logic behind this decision that is faulty at best.

Amazon Go: Automation Isn't The Problem, Corporate Greed Is

The problem with the Amazon Go model isn't that there will be fewer jobs, but that there will be more bad jobs. 

Democrats Help GOP In Vote To Give NSA More Spying Powers

The so-called "Resistance" isn't pushing back too hard on the NSA reading your private communications without a warrant.  

Bitcoin Plunge: Not New, But We Should Ask Ourselves A Few Things

Volatility is synonymous with the cryptocurrency market, but as Tuesday's market plunge pointed out, there are a lot of unanswered questions about the future of crypto.  

James Damore Files A Class Action Lawsuit Against Google

The story that initially sparked a heated controversy about Google's internal culture has once again reignited - and this time the stakes are even higher. 

Second WikiLeaks Developer’s Suicide is Tragic, Not Conspiracy

Though tech-legend and former Marine James Dolan's death may appear to be a conspiratorial pattern to some, there is ample reason to believe that it is merely as it is being reported: a tragic suicide .

Florida Medicaid Hack Brings Security Flaws Back To Forefront

The data breach of Florida medicaid recipients is reminiscent of the WannaCry attacks on the NHS, and a reminder that weak cybersecurity must be addressed in the US.