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What You Need to Know: The Origin of the NSA

The agency that has become notorious for domestic surveillance was once purely military. Until President Truman signed, sealed, and delivered it into the grasp of the CIA.

Google To Hire 10,000 To “Police Extremist Content” On YouTube

As we've seen with other social media platforms, what is and isn't considered extremist content can be wildly open to interpretation. 

Facebook Eyes Final Data Frontier, Unrolls App for Kids

First they requested our nudes, and now they are asking parents for permission to data-mine their children. If they have the nudes and the kids, what is even left for Facebook to mine?

Disturbing Report Details Deals Offered To Amazon For HQ2

The offers range from straight up pocketing workers' tax money to special "Amazon Task Forces," that blur the line between public and private officials. 

Twitter De-Verify 'Problematic Figures' And Monitor Users

Gone are the days of 2009 Twitter, the ambitious tech venture which former VP Tony Wang labeled the "free speech wing of the free speech party."


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