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YT Flagging "State-Sponsored" Videos Is Faux Transparency

State-sponsored video flagging pays lip service to the demand for news transparency, but there's more to the whole story of who finances news outlets. 

China Ups Surveillance State Ante with Latest Tech

China's police officers will now have face-scanning glasses and body cameras, but there's good reason why nobody can be surprised by this logical progression in what has become a nation-wide police state.

Twitter: 1.4M Users Interacted With Russian Trolls Last Election

The updated figure, which was more than double Twitter's initial estimate, is in part due to the shifting definition of what constitutes an "interaction." 

Google Fires James Damore, Then Repeats His Talking Points

Google's executive team had no love lost for James Damore's infamous memo, but it didn't stop them from essentially repeating his talking points. 

Trump To Appoint New Chief Information Officer In Cyber Push

While the position has remained vacant for over a year, the appointment of Suzette Kent is just one part of a broader cybersecurity push we've seen since Trump took office. 

NSA: Sorry We Deleted Evidence That Might Incriminate Us

The potentially incriminating evidence being deleted is in violation of a court order, but would it help you to know it was an "accident?"

Fancy Bear Hackers Target Information Of US Senators

Fake websites mimicking the active directories of US Senate connected sites have been appearing on the net. The goal of these sites? To lure Senators and their personnel to attempt to login to their portals and accounts.

Facebook Will Decide What News to Trust. You’re Welcome.

Facebook is turning to the 'community' to decide which news is trustworthy, with logic behind this decision that is faulty at best.

Amazon Go: Automation Isn't The Problem, Corporate Greed Is

The problem with the Amazon Go model isn't that there will be fewer jobs, but that there will be more bad jobs. 

Democrats Help GOP In Vote To Give NSA More Spying Powers

The so-called "Resistance" isn't pushing back too hard on the NSA reading your private communications without a warrant.  


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