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Uber Self-Driving Car Death: Don't Be So Quick To Judge

The incident which caused the death of an Arizona woman is surely a tragedy, but we accept far too many vehicle fatalities currently because of human error.  

Cambridge Analytica Itself Is Not Unique, But Shady Tactics Could Be

Data mining for political purposes or otherwise is certainly nothing new, but the question of to what lengths Cambridge Analytica went to ensure client satisfaction is a fair one. 

Facebook’s 'Fact-Check' Vendetta Against News And Satire

Much like YouTube, Facebook has turned to trusted fact-checkers in their campaign against fake news. Much like YouTube, their hyper-partisan choices in trusted partners is telling.  

FEC Social Media Rules For Political Ads May Not Be Ready For Midterms

The FEC's new rules regulating political ads on social media have been the source of controversy since their announcement, and this delay is sure to further complicate things. 

#YouTubePurge: Simple Mistake Or Political Censorship?

This is hardly the first time YouTube has been accused of political bias in moderating content, but this latest "purge" may be the largest so far. 

Bitcoin Falling Out Of Fashion With Dark Web Criminals

Bitcoin's meteoric rise, coupled with slow transaction times and high fees is causing it to fall out of fashion with criminal elements on the dark web. 

Funny Or Die: How Facebook Is Hurting Online Creators

Unlike other platforms, Facebook does not share ad revenue with content creators. Instead, creators are expected to pay for the privilege of having their content seen. 

YouTube’s Child Protection Program Has Censorship Problems

Instead of the mob rule of the YouTube Heroes program, the Trusted Flaggers program empowers a digital aristocracy protected by confidentiality. 

YT Flagging "State-Sponsored" Videos Is Faux Transparency

State-sponsored video flagging pays lip service to the demand for news transparency, but there's more to the whole story of who finances news outlets. 

China Ups Surveillance State Ante with Latest Tech

China's police officers will now have face-scanning glasses and body cameras, but there's good reason why nobody can be surprised by this logical progression in what has become a nation-wide police state.


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