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Facebook Expands Anti-Terror Effort Amid Hate Propaganda Scandals

In the wake of investigations on Capitol Hill, Facebook is publicizing their efforts to combat terrorists, violent extremist groups and hate organizations on the platform. 

Google Hit With $170 Million Fine for Collecting Personal Information of Children on YouTube

Regulators said YouTube illegally harvested children's browsing data and used it to target them with ads.

"" and the Complex Issues Behind Deepfake Legislation

Deepfakes seem to have us rapidly approaching conflict between malicious deception and artistic liberty, with clear potential to spiral out of control. 

Facebook’s Study on Anti-Conservative Bias Doesn’t Find Evidence of Anti-Conservative Bias

A study by a former Republican senator found numerous worries about anti-conservative bias but no evidence.

Why YouTube's Demonetization Video Appeals System is Still Missing the Point

Allowing creators to send direct appeals against demonetization is definitely an improvement, but it isn't the fundamental change in transparency the platform needs. 

New White House Executive Order Feeds the Big Tech 'Political Bias' Conspiracy

When your concern is with the inconsistency of practice rather than the practice itself, you’re not a good-faith actor in the fight against Big Tech power, but an opportunist seeking to use said power for yourself.

8chan Users Worried New Setup Will Download Child Porn Onto Their Computers

8chan users who want to use Zeronet are concerned they will accidentally wind up distributing child pornography.

#VoxAdpocalypse: YouTube Would Rather Die Than Fix its Harassment Problem

YouTube doesn’t tread lightly when it comes to quick enforcement and reinstatements, and it’s doubtful that's going to change when the platform thrives on monetized conflict, whether obscure or mainstream.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Libra Meets Multi-Million Dollar Outlaw Threat From Congress

The would-be currency has generated a host of alarming questions, among them anti-trust and privacy considerations. 

Facebook Used its Anti-Fake News Tools to Police a Joke About Zuckerberg Being an Alien

Former employees claim Facebook's "Stormchaser" and "Night's Watch" tools were used to crackdown on viral posts that portrayed the platform and its top executives in a negative light. 


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