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8chan Users Worried New Setup Will Download Child Porn Onto Their Computers

8chan users who want to use Zeronet are concerned they will accidentally wind up distributing child pornography.

#VoxAdpocalypse: YouTube Would Rather Die Than Fix its Harassment Problem

YouTube doesn’t tread lightly when it comes to quick enforcement and reinstatements, and it’s doubtful that's going to change when the platform thrives on monetized conflict, whether obscure or mainstream.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Libra Meets Multi-Million Dollar Outlaw Threat From Congress

The would-be currency has generated a host of alarming questions, among them anti-trust and privacy considerations. 

Facebook Used its Anti-Fake News Tools to Police a Joke About Zuckerberg Being an Alien

Former employees claim Facebook's "Stormchaser" and "Night's Watch" tools were used to crackdown on viral posts that portrayed the platform and its top executives in a negative light. 

DNC Warns 2020 Candidates Not to Use FaceApp Because It Was Created by Russian Company

Democrats are up in arms over the Russian-created FaceApp but tech experts say it is no worse than countless Silicon Valley apps.

Facebook Civil Rights Audit Targets Nazi Dog Whistles Over Anti-Trust

The 30-page report conveniently focuses on flawed business on the platform rather than the platform’s own inherent business flaws.

The Making of a YouTube Radical: Why Reactionaries Hate Critique

Ultimately, the platform is stuck between being an ineffectual monopoly or being a legitimate platform willing to filter out the echo chambers of its users and enforce comprehensive rules as a community.

New Twitter Policy to Label ‘Abusive’ Tweets From Political Leaders May Impact Trump’s Reach

Twitter will label "abusive" tweets but won't delete them.

"Thinkspot" Says it's a Censorship-Free Alternative to Big Tech. Here's Why We Should Be Skeptical.

The supposedly censorship-free promise of platform might feel more authentic if its founders didn't have their own selective stances on free speech. 

What Does it Mean to be a "Free Thinker" When Algorithms Control Your Beliefs?

Hijacking our cognitive liberty isn't just effective, it's hugely profitable. 


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