Tech News

Airports Submitting Passengers to Facial-Recognition Scans

The effectiveness of facial recognition technology within U.S. airports has been called into question for its legal and technical problems.

Report: Amazon Employees Accept Bribes to Remove Bad Product Reviews

The Wall Street Journal reports that for $300 USD Amazon sellers from China have been able to remove bad customer feedback. 

Google’s Prototype Chinese Search Engine Links Search Results To Phone Numbers

Google's codenamed app "Dragonfly" was designed to meet the Chinese government's strict requirements -- including linking searches to personal phone numbers. 

Report: US Government Wants Million Dollar 'Hunter Killer Drone' for Border

Why am I getting the distinct impression the bombing will repeat itself, and we’ll ask questions about this militarization later?

Facebook’s Conservative Fact-Checkers Caught Censoring Factual Left-Wing Articles

The war of the Facebook fact-checkers has officially begun.

War On Memes: EU Approves Controversial Online Copyright Laws

The controversial legislation has divided Europeans across political aisles, leaving the future of internet content in the hands of bureaucrats. 

'Deepfakes' Are Coming. Few Are Convinced Big Tech Is On Top Of It.

Experts are rightfully concerned about the implications of deepfakes on political discourse and the voting public's ability to assess what is real. 

Virginia Saddles Residents With $172 Million Worth Of Amazon's Electric Bills

The last thing Amazon needs is another giant government subsidy. 

DOJ Lawsuit Reveals “Glitch” Protected Officials From Public Information Releases

A report from The Daily Beast revealed unreported court filings showing the Justice Department was kept from reviewing all the email accounts it was supposed to for almost a year, due to a “technical glitch.”  

Twitter Issues One-Week Ban To InfoWars' Alex Jones

The final domino in the Alex Jones saga fell on Tuesday, as Twitter officially laid down a one-week ban for what they called “inciting violence” in a tweet.