Twitter Permanently Bans #Resistance Trolls Krassenstein Brothers Over Fake Accounts

Twitter Permanently Bans #Resistance Trolls Krassenstein Brothers Over Fake Accounts

Twitter permanently banned Brian and Ed Krassenstein, two brothers that became stars of the Twitter #Resistance against President Donald Trump.

The Krassensteins amassed more than a million combined followers after turning at least one account from a Justin Bieber fan account into a vehemently anti-Trump one. The two were notorious for replying to every Trump tweet and sharing posts glorifying anti-Trump figures as heroes, even hawking a weird children’s book that included a photo of a muscular, shirtless Bob Mueller.

This week, they were permanently banned by Twitter for allegedly operating fake accounts and buying interactions on their posts.

“The Twitter Rules apply to everyone,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement to the Daily Beast. “Operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service.”

The brothers denied violating Twitter rules in a statement to the outlet.

“Twitter claims that we manipulated our interactions through the purchase of fake accounts and fake interactions,” the Krassenstein brothers said. “We have never once acquired anything for the purpose of increasing our Twitter presence.”

The two admitted to using secondary accounts to monitor “death threats” but said “none of those accounts were ever used for manipulative purposes as Twitter claims.”

Krassensteins have a history of alleged grift:

While the Krassensteins grew into anti-Trump heroes on Twitter since his campaign, they have been involved in some shady online businesses in the past.

In 2016, federal agents raided their Florida homes and seized nearly half a million dollars that investigators say derived from wire fraud, The Daily Beast reported last year.

The two also allegedly ran websites that pushed online financial scams, investigators said.

Prosecutors said that the brothers promoted services that duped thousands of people “into funding Ponzi scheme-type scams,” according to the report.

The brothers denied doing anything illegal. They were not charged with any crime, though a federal asset forfeiture complaint fro the Department of Homeland Security states that there is “reasonable cause to believe” that “Brian and Edward Krassenstein have conspired to commit wire fraud.”

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