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Tech News

Joe Biden: Mark Zuckerberg is a “Real Problem” and Should Face “Civil Liability”

Biden calls to revoke Section 230 and hold Zuckerberg liable for false content on the platform.

Twitter's New Limited Reply Feature Addresses Harassment, But Amplifies Echo-Chambers

The tradeoffs seem to run explicitly counter to Twitter’s other stated goals, namely the desire to address echo chambers and the spread of disinformation. 

Facebook Will Continue to Allow Political Ads to Make False Claims

The company will instead allow users to opt out of seeing political messages.

Why Dave Rubin’s Gated Community Sites are No ‘Big Tech Solution’

Rubin's "Locals" neither solves Big Tech's problems or even appears to seriously engage with them. 

California’s Consumer Privacy Act Seeks to Overhaul Online Data Rights

California's bill could be the most important milestone to date concerning personal data privacy in the U.S. 

TikTok Bans Teen Makeup Artist for Calling Out China’s Detention Camps

The company continues to insist their decision had nothing to do with the Chinese government. 

Congress Must Continue to Ignore Calls to Regulate Controversial Speech on Social Media

Thoughts on Sacha Baron Chone's recent speech to the Anti-Defamation League. 

Can Google’s Anti-Deepfake Trials Prevent the New Disinformation Age?

The short answer? Probably not. 

WSJ Investigation Exposes Google’s For-Profit Search Manipulations

A new investigative report has put Google's claims of not manually intervening in search results to the test. 

Twitter Bans All Political Ads After Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Was Slammed Over Its Policy

Twitter bans all political ads as Zuckerberg insists Facebook's policy is right.