Tech News

Judge: Alt-Right Author Can Sue Twitter For False Advertising Of “Free Speech”

While Twitter might not have violated the U.S. Constitution, it may be held to account for it's "false advertising" of supporting free speech. 

Microsoft's 'Patch Tuesday' Fixes Identify At Least 11 Critical Security Flaws

Almost all flaws were contained on commonly used programs, yet again emphasizing the need for users to stay up to date with Microsoft security patches. 

NYT: Facebook Secretly Gave Device Makers Access to User/Friend Data

The New York Times revealed the controversial social media monopoly reached data-sharing partnerships with at least 60 device makers over the last decade. 

Facebook Limit Their Breaking News Section To Establishment Media

The feature is currently limited to 80 undisclosed news publications that are pre-approved by Facebook, claiming these publications are based across North America, South America, Europe, India, and Australia.

DHS Warns About North Korean 'Operation Hidden Cobra' Hacking

According to a joint Technical Alert from the DHS and NCCIC, Hidden Cobra hackers are using two pieces of malware to access private networks and exfiltrate data.

Leaked Emails Show Google’s Cover-Up Of Millions For Pentagon Drone Contract

Project Maven, the Pentagon’s classified drone program for artificial intelligence software, has reportedly caused a war of its own within Google.

The U.K. Is Looking To A.I. To Improve Healthcare Outcomes

The University College London Hospitals (UCLH) is partnering with the Alan Turing Institute to study whether artificial intelligence can carry out key medical tasks normally conducted by doctors.

Is It Fair To Blame The Gig Economy For NY's Rise In Taxi Driver Suicides?

With 5 New York taxi drivers taking their own lives in the span of 5 months, is it fair to point the finger at the gig economy? 

GDPR: The EU Data Privacy Law Serving Tech Giants Over $8.8 Billion In Lawsuits

The EU’s rules on General Data Protection Regulations, otherwise known as GDPR, are officially in place — fundamentally changing the relationship between tech firms and their users.

Alleged Sonic Injury In China Reminiscent Of Cuba Incident

The U.S. State Department recently issued a health alert for its citizens in China after a U.S. government employee in Guangzhou experienced “subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure.”