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Tech News

YouTube Joins Netflix in Mass Video Downgrade for Pandemic Overloads

YouTube is joining other big tech platforms in a global effort to reduce strains on the internet as engagements increase during the coronavirus outbreak.

YouTube Warns of Increased Video Removals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Social isolation policies all over the world mean that YouTube is having to rely even more on its notoriously imperfect AI to moderate content on the platform during the pandemic. 

Facebook Temporarily Abandons Cryptocurrency Plans Amid Congressional Pressure to Regulate

Though earlier reports of completely abandoning the project seem to be false, it's clear that Facebook plans to seriously alter their original cryptocurrency ambitions.

Australian Lawsuit Targets Facebook for $500B Over Cambridge Analytica

Australia’s communications commission is suing Facebook over for its role in allowing a deceptive phone app to secretly invade the privacy of 87 million users. 

New Section 230 Changes Threaten Online Civil Rights Under the Guise of Fighting Child Porn

Though the EARN IT Act has a clearly admirable goal, it's implications for free speech and privacy online are disastrous. 

Mike Bloomberg is Paying Influencers to Post Memes About Him

Bloomberg's campaign thinks memes are the foil to Trump's social media reach.

Elizabeth Warren's Criminal Penalties for Online Misinformation are a Disaster Waiting to Happen

The vague wording and broad scope of Warren's proposed plan lead one to wonder whether her solution might be worse than the problem. 

Can Facebook Enforce Their Ban On Deepfakes Ahead of the 2020 Race?

Even if the answer is yes, the policy itself has some serious flaws. 

.ORG: Non-Profits Fight Billion Dollar Legal Case Over Domain Sale

It should be self-explanatory why a private company owning the domain rights over all non-profits across the globe would be quite a contradiction.

Joe Biden: Mark Zuckerberg is a “Real Problem” and Should Face “Civil Liability”

Biden calls to revoke Section 230 and hold Zuckerberg liable for false content on the platform.