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Tech News

Twitter Bans Controversial Account Behind "BlueLeaks" That Released Hundreds of Gigabytes of Police Data

The decision has engendered debate about the platform's inconsistent treatment of similar organizations such as WikiLeaks, as well as the journalistic ethics of DDoSecrets itself. 

Will Facebook's Largest Advertiser Boycott Finally Force Them to Move Beyond Rhetoric?

The latest boycott effort against Facebook has seen much larger players than normal, but in many ways, we've been here before.  

Twitter Removes 20,000 Accounts in Chinese Disinformation Campaign

The latest mass removal comes almost a year after 200,000 Chinese accounts were found engaging in similar activities aimed at pro-democracy movements in Hong Kong.

Facebook and Twitter CEOs Feud Over Whether to Fact-Check Trump’s False Tweets

Facebook vowed not to fact-check the president while Twitter doubled down after fact-checking Trump's false claim about mail voting.

YouTube Claims It Deleted Comments Criticizing Chinese Communist Party for 6 Months by Mistake

YouTube said it was the result of an error but it appears to have gone on for months.

Facebook Pays $52M Settlement Over Horrific Working Conditions of its Content Moderators

The severe PTSD symptoms experienced by many of Facebook's content moderators were just the start of the problems. 

Facebook “Scales Back” Their Controversial Cryptocurrency Plan

What was once heralded by the company as a "revolutionary" new payment system now amounts to little more than a copy of PayPal.

When it Comes to the Internet, Chinese Practices are Neither Desirable Nor Inevitable

A response to Jack Goldsmith and Andrew Keane Woods. 

Uncritically Inflating Government Surveillance Amid COVID-19 Crackdown is a Mistake

The fear generated by this global pandemic presents ample opportunity to carelessly inflate the size of the surveillance state. We can't let that happen. 

YouTube Joins Netflix in Mass Video Downgrade for Pandemic Overloads

YouTube is joining other big tech platforms in a global effort to reduce strains on the internet as engagements increase during the coronavirus outbreak.