Tech News

YouTube Bans Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes

YouTube cited "copyright infringement" as the reason for shutting down his account.

THE CLOUD ACT: How Unconstitutional Data Collection Crosses US-UK Borders

A potential, legal loophole is forming between the United States and Britain via The CLOUD Act, which would allow for the exchange of a US resident's digital information that some are already calling unlawful and in violation of Fourth Amendment privacy protections. 

The Dangerous Junk Science Behind 'Vocal Risk Assessment' Technology

If a technology that determines a person's risk to a country or organization simply by analyzing vocal data sounds too good to be true, that's probably because it is. 

'Smart Toys' for Kids Pose the Next Great Challenge to Online Privacy Rights

A new wave of 'smart toys' targeted to children are worrying experts who say that they pose a host of privacy risks. 

Big Tech Remove Sexual Assault Rule Restricting #MeToo Workers Lawsuits

With the removal of forced arbitration by major tech companies, the #MeToo movement has earned a victory in protecting against sexual harassment and assault in an industry that has been insulated and self-regulated for too long.  

Facebook Admits Hiring Conservative PR Firm to Attack George Soros

Facebook confirmed they paid a conservative firm to attack George Soros.

Facebook Didn't Take Down Post for Days as Child Bride was Auctioned Off in South Sudan

Facebook failed to take down a post for days after they were alerted that a child bridge was being auctioned off with help from their network.

Google’s “Smart City of Surveillance” Faces Privacy Rights Resistance in Toronto

Given the tech giant's track record on data privacy, it's not hard to see why this fusion of corporate development and public infrastructure is meeting resistance. 

Amazon Echo Murder Case Confirms Fears, But Upside Hard to Deny

As laudable as a solved murder is, the way in which an Amazon Echo has made its way into the story brings up the oft-occurring question: is Alexa always listening, or isn’t (she)

Facebook Suspend Identity Checks for Political Ads Following Hoax Scandals

The faux transparency behind paid political ads always had inherent problems built into it.