Tech News

Twitter Issues One-Week Ban To InfoWars' Alex Jones

The final domino in the Alex Jones saga fell on Tuesday, as Twitter officially laid down a one-week ban for what they called “inciting violence” in a tweet.

DefCon Hackers Demonstrate Vulnerabilities Of US Voting Machines

The relative ease with which the equipment was manipulated is ramping up fears that the country's voting systems may be compromised.

Unpacking the 'Surge' In Bitcoin Funds Sent To Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer

While any amount of money donated to a Neo-Nazi is too much, this 'surge' has been overblown. 

Apple Hands Over Chinese iCloud User Data To State-Owned Mobile Company

Apple's Chinese data center partner has transferred iCloud data belonging to 130 million China-based users to a cloud storage service managed by a state-owned mobile telecom provider.

China's Face Recognition Tech in Africa Could Be Despots Best Friend

China's tech combined with Zimbabwe's human rights abuses has many people rightfully concerned. 

EU Lawsuit: Google Fined $5 Billion Over Android Antitrust Violations

Economic penalties will force Google to either continue paying fines, as revenue continues to be pissed away, or enact significant changes to address their monopoly status.

New NSA Anti-Russia Cyber Unit Will Further Undermine Trump's Position On Putin

The “Russia Small Group” is tasked with identifying and combating a wide variety of threats, including attempts to breach government sites and hack critical infrastructure.

Democrats Admit To Buying U.S. Senators ‘For Sale’ Websites

An AP Investigation has uncovered who is at least partially responsible for website address purchases combining the names of dozens of U.S. politicians and the internet suffix ‘forsale.’

Walmart Develops Technology To Eavesdrop On Employees And Shoppers

The nation's largest retailer has developed technology that will enable its managers to listen in on workers' conversations among themselves and with shoppers.

Google Admits Third-Party App Developers Read Through Your Gmail

Google has used to allow third-party app developers, not just computers or artificial intelligence, to read the emails of millions of Gmail users.