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Tech News

Unpacking the DOJ Lawsuit Against Google's Anti-Competitive Tactics

The US Department of Justice is finally taking the tech giant to task for its monopolistic market practices.  

Big Tech Censorship is a Problem, but Government Intervention is Not the Solution

The fact that Twitter has already changed its hacked content policy is proof enough that consumer backlash is still the most effective weapon against Big Tech. 

Justice Department Files Landmark Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

Eleven states joined the DOJ lawsuit and others are considering similar moves.

Judge Blocks Trump’s Order Banning TikTok Hours Before It Was Set to Go Into Effect

The ban was set to go into effect Sunday at midnight.

Trump Administration Banning TikTok App Store Downloads Starting Sunday

The Commerce Department also made it illegal to host web traffic linked to the Chinese messaging app WeChat.

Tik Tok to Partner With Oracle, But Exact Deal Remains Unclear

After news that an outright sale is unlikely, it remains unclear what exactly Oracle is buying, as well as whether US authorities will approve anything less. 

Facebook Will Block New Political Ads Week Before Election to Crackdown on Misinformation

The social network said it would also try to prevent premature declarations of victory.

Trump Signs Executive Orders That Will Effectively Ban TikTok, WeChat in the US

The administration cited unspecified "national security" reasons.

Facebook Sues EU Anti-Trust Team Over Excessive Data Requests

The company has said that regulators are demanding thousands of pages of irrelevant documents that include employee health forms, performance evaluations, and job applications. 

Twitter Shuts Down 7,000 QAnon-Linked Accounts, Limits 150,000 Others

The accounts were suspended for harassment.