Facebook Joins Amazon in Calling for FTC Chair Lina Khan to Recuse From Antitrust Case

The company accused Khan of bias over past criticism of Big Tech.

Hackers Demand $70 Million in Biggest Ransomware Attack Yet

A cyberattack on a software company has affected thousands of companies around the world.

Trump Adviser Jason Miller Launches “Cancel-Free” Social Media Platform GETTR -- Without Trump

The app lifts follower counts from Twitter to inflate its own users' followings.

Judge Dismisses Antitrust Cases Against Facebook From FTC and More Than 40 States

The judge said regulators waited too long after Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp to bring the suit and said the complaint lacks evidence of a monopoly.

Conservative Group Warns Republicans Over Big Tech Cash

Conservative activists are leery of Republicans who even meet with groups backed by Big Tech.

Facebook Plans to End Policy Exempting Politicians From Hate Speech Rules

The company will no longer presume that all posts by politicians are newsworthy.

Leaked Documents Show How Apple Surrendered To Chinese Data Control

The report details significant concessions Apple has made with respect to the Chinese Communist Party at the expense of its Chinese customers.

Biden Revokes Trump’s Section 230 Executive Order -- But Is It A Distraction?

The fact that Biden rescinded the order is good. but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the damage lies much deeper.

Amazon’s Survey Misses the Reason Behind Infamous Pee-Bottle Scandals

The sooner this is addressed, the sooner Amazon can be known for its golden arrow rather than its unsavory golden streams.

How Trump, The GOP and Big Tech Profits Sparked The Capitol Hill Riot

Those involved in the riots fell prey to a con-job orchestrated by the president, his party, and the social media giants who enabled them. We should not celebrate Silicon Valley for finally acknowledging that problem.

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