Amazon’s Survey Misses the Reason Behind Infamous Pee-Bottle Scandals

The sooner this is addressed, the sooner Amazon can be known for its golden arrow rather than its unsavory golden streams.

How Trump, The GOP and Big Tech Profits Sparked The Capitol Hill Riot

Those involved in the riots fell prey to a con-job orchestrated by the president, his party, and the social media giants who enabled them. We should not celebrate Silicon Valley for finally acknowledging that problem.

TikTok's Future Remains Uncertain as Trump Administration Appeals Yet Another Ruling

It appears as though the fate of the app will fall into the hands of the upcoming Biden administartion.

The Facebook Antitrust Case Once Again Zeroes in on Zuckerberg's Emails

The CEO's damning emails could give the government all the evidence it needs to prove that Facebook engaged in anti-competitive business tactics.

PornHub’s Video Purge May Be A Preview Into A Post-Section 230 Internet

The nuclear option approach to content moderation may become increasingly popular as internet platforms are held increasingly responsible for the actions of their users.

“Smoking Gun" Emails Emerge From Facebook’s Antitrust Lawsuit

The emails show both that Facebook knew that they could rake in users with the promise of better privacy settings and that they could roll back those settings as they succeeded in driving competition out of the market.

Unpacking the DOJ Lawsuit Against Google's Anti-Competitive Tactics

The US Department of Justice is finally taking the tech giant to task for its monopolistic market practices.

Big Tech Censorship is a Problem, but Government Intervention is Not the Solution

The fact that Twitter has already changed its hacked content policy is proof enough that consumer backlash is still the most effective weapon against Big Tech.

Justice Department Files Landmark Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

Eleven states joined the DOJ lawsuit and others are considering similar moves.

Judge Blocks Trump’s Order Banning TikTok Hours Before It Was Set to Go Into Effect

The ban was set to go into effect Sunday at midnight.

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