Dear Boomers and Millennials: Please Stop the Childish Bickering

We don’t have time for petty arguments over the precise amounts of blame that each generation should have to bear for the problems with which we’ve all been cursed.

Leaked Richard Spencer Audio Looks Terrible for His Apologists

In the past, mainstream media and online reactionaries have equivocated about calling Spencer a Nazi. That's exactly what he wants.

#SaveLuna: The Conservative Media Outrage Story Based on Lies

Jeffrey Younger's viral tale of his child's forced gender transition by their ideologically domineering mother is now looking like complete bullshit.

Scorsese and Coppola Are Wrong About the MCU

Scorsese and Coppola are masters of cinematic storytelling, but that doesn’t entitle them to act as gatekeepers of legitimate cinema.

Does the NBA Have a Moral Obligation to Stand up to China?

Yes. Yes it does. Here's why.

Joker: How The Criminal Clown Prince Was Turned Into A Political Controversy King

Though professional critics and social media concern-trolls slammed the film,  it’s the underbelly of cultural cold war that makes the film a modern masterpiece.

Former Des Moines Register Reporter Aaron Calvin Should Not Have Lost His Job

Former Des Moines Register reporter Aaron Calvin is not a victim. He is, however, a sacrificial lamb who shouldn’t have lost his job.

“Liberal” Pundit Dave Rubin Joins Conservative BlazeTV Network

Don't worry folks, he's totally still a liberal.

The Mainstream Media Gets Joe Rogan Wrong, Unsurprisingly

Devin Gordon's recent Atlantic article is only the latest example of the ever-widening chasm between the intellectual class and…well…normal people.

YouTube Hires Site Managers To Help Monitor Political Creators

Youtube is slowly moving in the right direction by hiring managers to monitor political creators, but there are problems with this approach.

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