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Jerry Falwell Jr. Attacks Evangelical Leader Who Criticized Conditions of Child Detention Facilities

Trump sycophant Jerry Falwell Jr. attacks evangelical leader who dared suggest children should be treated with "dignity and compassion."

"Thinkspot" Says it's a Censorship-Free Alternative to Big Tech. Here's Why We Should Be Skeptical.

The supposedly censorship-free promise of platform might feel more authentic if its founders didn't have their own selective stances on free speech. 

The Politics of Creative Autonomy in the Video Game Industry

Creators must be given space to tell the tales they want to tell, not feel obliged to compromise their artistic visions for the sake of mollifying either left-wing or right-wing audiences.

YouTube Removes and Reinstates Black Pigeon Speaks Without Reason

Black Pigeon’s return may come after a wave of unethical censorship, where credible history channels and independent journalists faced the brunt of YouTube’s enforcement, but to pass equal enforcement when the target is by no means equal is telling.

The Diversity of the Intellectual Dark Web: A Response

Why should the IDW be criticized for not adhering to a standard to a satisfactory degree that is in turn not remotely maintained by their key opposition?

#VoxAdpocalypse: Why YouTube Suspended Steven Crowder’s Revenue

Though Maza and Crowder both frame themselves as victims, the real losers appear to be all the small YouTube creators being demonetized and left without clear policy guidelines.

Milkshake Revolution: Food as Political Protest

It turns out throwing dairy products is a proud "Western" tradition. Somehow I don't think that's going to make Farage feel better though. 

A Few Bad Partisans Still Poison the Diversity of the Intellectual Dark Web

As responses to the various critiques of the IDW have made clear, not everyone in the movement is created equal. But the IDW's continued association with people like Dave Rubin continue to hurt its credibility. 

Florida Man Calls Cops on Middle Eastern Comedian; Joke About Terrorism Made Him ‘Uncomfortable’

A Florida man called police on comedian Ahmed Ahmed after a joke alluding to terrorism made him "uncomfortable."

Ben Shapiro 'DESTROYED' During BBC Interview

Apparently, this is what happens when the FACTS and LOGIC are on the other foot.