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CNN Host Don Lemon: 'The Biggest Terror Threat in This Country is White Men'

CNN host under fire after labeling white men the biggest terror threat in the country.

Kanye Rejects 'Blexit,' Announces He's 'Distancing Himself From Politics' After Realizing 'I've Been Used'

Kanye West denies that he is part of the "Blexit" campaign, says he's done with politics.

Jeff Sessions Speech Interrupted by Pastor Reading Bible Verses About Immigration

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interrupted by two pastors who said his immigration policies didn't comply with the teachings of Christ.

Houston Ban “Sex Robot Brothels” Despite Their Potential Benefits

Texas, the supposed home to the values of individual liberty and smaller government, just saw one of their largest cities enforce a ban on the first ever sex robot brothel to be introduced in the United States.

Fox Condemns Host Lou Dobbs Segment for 'Soros-Occupied State Department' Conspiracy Theory

Fox Business Network condemned a conspiracy theory linked to anti-Semitism and banned a guest from its airwaves.

Kanye West Designs 'Blexit' Shirts to Urge Black People to Leave Democratic Party

Trump supporter Kanye West helped conservative activist Candace Owens design her "Blexit" campaign t-shirts.

The Strange Dead Celebrity Hologram Industry and its Even Stranger Ethical Questions

Dead musicians once again on tour, lawsuits galore, and blurred lines of posthumous consent. Where to start?

Nike Sells Out of Colin Kaepernick Shirt Within Hours of its Release

Nike can't keep new Colin Kaepernick shirts in stock despite boycott over their ad campaign.

Today Ireland May Finally Repeal its Ridiculous Blasphemy Law

Repealing the rarely enforced blasphemy law may seem minor, but it's a move that cuts off the last vestiges of Ireland’s past as a Catholic-controlled country.

Pipe Bombs, Donald Trump, and the American People: Who's to Blame?

If we as a nation ever wish to heal the ever-increasing divide between the red and blue parties, it has to start with the citizens.