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Culture News

Still Bond: Why Lashana Lynch Isn't Bad For The Franchise

While it is OK to be upset with the change, casting Lashana Lynch as the new 007 breathes new life into the franchise.

Conflicting Visions: Grappling With the Ta-Nehisi Coates Enigma

Coates has taught me how to genuinely appreciate and respect my ideological opponents, and for that I am grateful.

R. Kelly Arrested on Federal Child Pornography Charges

The singer, who is already facing over a dozen state charges, is also expected to face an additional indictment in New York.

“Mini AOC” Doxxed, Harassed and Shutdown for Tasteless Border Satire

It should go without saying that propagandized children shouldn’t be punished for the tasteless politics of their parents. 

Man Who Says Kevin Spacey Groped Him Drops Civil Lawsuit as Criminal Case Moves Forward

The lawsuit against the actor was filed just days earlier.

The Paradox of Public Apologies

Better leaders attempt them, but more successful politicians avoid them. 

The Making of a YouTube Radical: Why Reactionaries Hate Critique

Ultimately, the platform is stuck between being an ineffectual monopoly or being a legitimate platform willing to filter out the echo chambers of its users and enforce comprehensive rules as a community.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Attacks Evangelical Leader Who Criticized Conditions of Child Detention Facilities

Trump sycophant Jerry Falwell Jr. attacks evangelical leader who dared suggest children should be treated with "dignity and compassion."

"Thinkspot" Says it's a Censorship-Free Alternative to Big Tech. Here's Why We Should Be Skeptical.

The supposedly censorship-free promise of platform might feel more authentic if its founders didn't have their own selective stances on free speech. 

The Politics of Creative Autonomy in the Video Game Industry

Creators must be given space to tell the tales they want to tell, not feel obliged to compromise their artistic visions for the sake of mollifying either left-wing or right-wing audiences.