Jordan Peterson's Book Should Not Be "Canceled", Nor Should the Staffers Who Object to Its Publication

If you believe in the publishing industry as a conduit for the free exchange of ideas, you should applaud Penguin Random House Canada, not just for its decision to move forward with the publication of Jordan Peterson’s book, but also for respecting its staff members’ right to criticize that decision.

In Critique of Maria Taylor, Jason Whitlock Misses the Forest for the Trees

The sports media industry has for years been handing out cushy gigs to legacy hires and former professional athletes who had much less experience in broadcasting than Taylor did when she took over Countdown .

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Faces New Backlash for Filming in Xinjiang

The film's credits thanked the region's propaganda departments as well as the security bureau of Turpan.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Actress Questions Why Her Latina Character is White in Quebec Remake

Quebec, a province that is nearly 90% white, has a very different racial makeup than Brooklyn.

The NYT Picks A Fight With the Word 'Simp'

Unpacking the mainstream media's latest foray into an internet culture they fundamentally don't understand.

Sen. Hawley's Motives May Be Political, But He's Not Wrong About the NBA and China

As objectionable as the GOP’s perceived insincerity may be, they’re not wrong about the disturbing implications of the NBA’s intimate relationship with China.

In Defense of the Harper's Letter on Freedom of Expression

The letter has received attacks ranging from guilt by association to protection of privilege, but many critics are missing the point.

On Statues, Human Imperfection, and the Veneration of American Heroes

When we elevate historical figures to an almost godlike status, we make it that much harder to acknowledge, discuss, and learn from their failures and mistakes.

Health Care Experts Don't Get to Decide What Constitutes a Legitimate Protest

COVID-19 should not be wielded as a political club on Americans' rights to peaceably assemble.

Antifa's Tactics are Hurting the Goals of Progressive Social Movements

Antifa's commitment to violence is largely out of step with movements like BLM and the George Floyd protests and it's doing real harm to the cause.

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