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New Sex App Creates Legally Binding Contracts To Give Consent

Did #MeToo turn 50 Shades of Grey into a legal textbook?

Insane: H&M Hoodie Scandal Causes Violence In South Africa

While the outrage over H&M's "racially insensitive" hoodie ad was confined to social media in most places, in South Africa things got violent. 

Stop Using MLK's Name As A Convenient Political Tool

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s name shouldn't be something we turn to win petty political arguments. 

Delusional: Meryl Streep Imagines Administration Full Of Celebrities

Upping the ante on the "President Oprah" meme, Meryl Streep joked about who else she'd include in her all-Hollywood presidential cabinet. 

Scottish Comedian STILL On Trial For Teaching Girlfriend’s Pug The Nazi Salute

Though the joke was certainly offensive, Meechan's trial over a Nazi joke has lasted longer than the Nuremberg trials after World War II. 

Irony Alert: Racist Daily Stormer Co-Editor Of Jewish Descent

The Daily Stormer, the American “news site” for neo-Nazis and white supremacists, now has their own “Jewish problem.”

Ivanka Gets Flack For Liking Oprah's Sexual Assault Speech

The criticisms of Ivanka Trump show how much sexual assault has been politicized in America. 

Don't Punch Nazis, Don't Slap Sex Offenders

The notion that they “deserve” what is coming to them is the worst kind of false equivalency.

James Damore Files A Class Action Lawsuit Against Google

The story that initially sparked a heated controversy about Google's internal culture has once again reignited - and this time the stakes are even higher. 

Prof Wants Counseling For Student Victims Of 'Microaggressions'

Apparently, this researcher can’t imagine a situation where a “perceived insult” was a situation that was merely misinterpreted.