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Yale University Now Has A Course Exclusively To “Combat Whiteness”

Yale University will officially be rolling out “the problem with whiteness” as a course for their 2018 teaching of African Cultural Studies, according to a syllabus obtained by The College Fix and the course listed on their website.

Funny Or Die: How Facebook Is Hurting Online Creators

Unlike other platforms, Facebook does not share ad revenue with content creators. Instead, creators are expected to pay for the privilege of having their content seen. 

Hollywood's Long And Sick Defense Of Roman Polanski

Tarantino is in the hot seat this week for old comments on the Howard Stern show regarding Polanski, but he's far from the only celebrity who has defended him. 

Free Speech Hysteria: What Really Happened At Kenyon College

A viral Weekly Standard story about left-wing censorship, 'Whiteness Groups,' and the death of free speech on campus this week was spurious and out of context.  

Manchester Gallery Takes Down Politically Incorrect Painting

The painting, John William Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs, was one of the most recognizable and celebrated pieces in the gallery. 

Dodge's MLK Super Bowl Ad Sparks Online Outrage

Dodge's ad was approved by Dr. King's estate and was meant to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of his speech - that didn't matter to the online outrage mob. 

Google Fires James Damore, Then Repeats His Talking Points

Google's executive team had no love lost for James Damore's infamous memo, but it didn't stop them from essentially repeating his talking points. 

Florida, Please Stop Arresting Your Children

A 7-year-old was arrested for assaulting his teacher at the end of last month. The statistics reveal that this type of arrest is hardly an isolated incident in Florida. 

People's SOTU: Tone-Deaf Celebs Show How Out Of Touch They Are

Celebrities out of touch with the experiences of 99% of the American public want us to believe they represent the "People." Okay then. 

2018 Grammys Get Political, Ratings Slip More Than 20%

In an awards ceremony already saturated with politics, the icing on the cake was a shameless cameo from none other than Hillary Clinton. 


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