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Don’t Pretend Alex Jones Defamation Lawsuit Is Against Free Speech

Alex Jones claimed Brennan Gilmore, a witness to the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville last summer, was a CIA asset on the payroll of George Soros, among other things. 

Guardian Op-Ed Claims Video Games 'Fueling The Far Right'

Opinion writer for the Guardian, Alfie Bown, claims that video games are fueling the rise of the far right. His proof? He doesn't really have any. But he's got some WILD theories. 

Oakland Coffee Shop Refuses To Serve Police Officers

Hasta Muerte, an Oakland-based Coffee shop has made the news for refusing to serve cops for fear that it compromises customers' physical and emotional safety. 

Oscars Have Become The Political Pandering Olympics

The only thing worse than the incessant diversity-baiting of the Oscars itself are the legions of opportunistic social critics monetizing their complaints about the ceremony's insufficient 'wokeness'.  

Washington Demands Oversight Of “Predatory Loot Boxes” In Video Games

Video game companies like Electronic Arts claim that their in-game "loot boxes" aren't the same as gambling, but the similarities far outweigh the differences. 

Pop-Up Restaurant Charging White People More As "Social Experiment"

Saartj, a pop-up restaurant in New Orleans, is charging white patrons more than double the official price for food and giving black patrons the option of taking the extra money. 

Yale University Now Has A Course Exclusively To “Combat Whiteness”

Yale University will officially be rolling out “the problem with whiteness” as a course for their 2018 teaching of African Cultural Studies, according to a syllabus obtained by The College Fix and the course listed on their website.

Funny Or Die: How Facebook Is Hurting Online Creators

Unlike other platforms, Facebook does not share ad revenue with content creators. Instead, creators are expected to pay for the privilege of having their content seen. 

Hollywood's Long And Sick Defense Of Roman Polanski

Tarantino is in the hot seat this week for old comments on the Howard Stern show regarding Polanski, but he's far from the only celebrity who has defended him. 

Free Speech Hysteria: What Really Happened At Kenyon College

A viral Weekly Standard story about left-wing censorship, 'Whiteness Groups,' and the death of free speech on campus this week was spurious and out of context.