Your Fitbit Is Bad! Fat Shaming Study Sinks To New Lows

It’s tough trying to stay in shape. I know that as well as anyone else. This is especially true this time of year. As the holiday season enters full swing, say goodbye to your diet. There will be ample opportunities to indulge in sweets, drinks, and meals with the calorie counts of some nations’ GDP.

That fact is unavoidable. So, if you’re one of the many people concerned with your weight, I feel for you. If you are taking steps to manage your weight, especially during Christmas, I applaud you. It won’t be easy, but even minor steps can make an impact.

For many, a simple piece of tech can make all the difference. Millions of people have purchased Fitbits. These small watch-like devices monitor a person’s daily activity. They count your steps, even give reminders to stand up and move around. The idea, of course, is that a Fitbit can make a difference in your daily routine. Enough that, over time, you become more health conscious.

Perhaps you’ll start walking more, to appease your Fitbit. Then you start consuming fewer calories. Next, you’ll exercise properly once a week. Soon these good habits will snowball into a healthier, lighter you.

So of course, there are people out there who want to ruin that for you!

A new study has come out that claims Fitbits and other devices reinforce “weight stigma.” That’s right folks, the body positivity people are coming for your Fitbit!

Show of hands, who has a Fitbit? Generally you wear them to keep yourself honest. For some people it’s part of their fitness routine. Or you may just like bragging about how many steps you hit on a given day. Either way, it’s all about personal responsibility. Wanting to stay fit.  Charting your progress. And apparently, reinforcing weight stigma, fatphobia, and bullying.

Fatties and other tubbos are the leftist victim class du jour... And now they have a study to back up their fat feelings. (Louder with Crowder)

The study is wonderfully titled “Embodied display: A critical examination of the biopedagogical experience of wearing health.” It only gets worse from there. Apparently, this “peer-reviewed” paper criticizes the simple act of wearing Fitbit-type devices. From the study:

Through this process of normalization, so-called responsible citizens are called upon to engage in self-monitoring and work upon the body to achieve a prescribed level of health. In doing so, they are expected to come to “know” their bodies. The growing use of wearable technologies as noted by Sancers (2017), will “augment biopower by enhancing its knowledge, gathering, health optimizing, and conduct regulating capacities.”

Believe it or not, the context is that they think this is a bad thing. “Oh noes! People will start to monitor their own health!? Maybe they’ll actually become healthy!”

The study hides its simple idea—that Fitbits are mean—through a wall of intellectual jargon. To wit:

Inextricable linkages between the construct of “obesity” or fatness and the neoliberal notion of “healthy lifestyle practice” are shown (LeBesco 2011).

Do you know what that means? Basically, they are saying that the idea of obesity is made up. And that businesses are exploiting it to make money. As the New Real Peer Review explains:

The study also says, “In this context individuals are held solely responsible for their fatness, which is conflated to ill health.”

I’d like to pause here for a moment. There are so many gems in this bogus study, but this is the sticking point. These liberal “scholars” are criticizing the idea that people should be responsible for their own health. Yes, being fat is a health issue. We’ve gone over that. The idea that a person is trying to improve their health is a good thing. So why is this study attacking it?

Perhaps it’s because, for many on the far left, “personal responsibility” is a dirty word. The Obama and Bernie Sanders crowds liked the idea of free healthcare and college tuition. Why? Because somebody else is paying for it! God forbid someone works to provide for themselves.

The concepts of social justice are tied directly to this notion. If you struggle, it’s not your fault, its society’s. Social justice lets you blame white people, rich people, culture, businesses, families, and much much more. Anything and everything are to blame for your problems. Except you of course.

This actually folds into socialism pretty well. Socialism is built around a government that regulates every part of our society. In order to make everyone “equal.” It never does that, by the way. But to get to socialism, you have to convince most of the population that doing things for yourself is bad.

Just let the government do it for you! That’s why we have idiotic notions like universal health care and salaries. Personal responsibility? Who needs that?

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Perhaps this peer study wasn’t aching for socialism. Maybe the motivation to bash Fitbits was a little simpler. Let’s look at who actually conducted it.

OH! Middle-aged, white women don’t like the idea of dieting and losing weight? Well, kiss my grits! This was all about making these women feel better about their extra pounds.

Whenever you peel back the veneer of the body positivity movement, you’ll find these folks. People—mostly women—who struggle with their body image. Perhaps they are older and less energetic. They may have had a few kids and lost their figure. However, instead of following the example of many healthy ladies, they invent this nonsense.

Or do you wonder why people who attack weight loss are all out of shape?

This Fitbit study is nothing new. It only highlights the great lengths insecure people will go in order to feel better about their big asses. This time around, they threw complicated, pseudo-intellectual jargon at us. They wanted to hide behind big words - just so that they don’t have to exercise.

I mean, damn girl, just put down the Twinkies.

I’ll leave you with this new hate word: healthist. Yes, being healthy is now a hate crime.

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