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Unite The Right DC: America’s Nazis Triggered By Overwhelming Counter-Protest

Unite The Right DC: America’s Nazis Triggered By Overwhelming Counter-Protest

If the alt-right were trying to show off their ‘populism’ by gathering in Washington, D.C. for the one year anniversary of the deadly Unite The Right rally, this weekend was a total embarrassment for the fascist movement.

On Sunday, as approximately two dozen white nationalists larped around the nation’s capital celebrating the deaths of counter-protester Heather Heyer and two U.S. soldiers last year, a resistance march against the alt-right managed to grow to a crowd of hundreds, all denouncing white supremacy, racism and the far-right’s hailing of murder as a victory.

Unite The Right Counter Protest

According to a new report from The BBC, over 400 fascists were expected to attend the sequel rally in D.C., however, it seems the alt-right activists decided to abandon their white brothers in arms, opting to hide behind their keyboards and 4Chan forums for the evening instead.

This weak turnout was to be expected, of course, despite the uproar made by mainstream media last week about a purported “surge” in bitcoin crypto-donations to outlets like notable neo-nazi rag “The Daily Stormer” ahead of the rally.

At last year’s Unite the Right rally, a hundred members of the alt-right movement gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to denounce the City Council’s removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, erected during the height of the civil rights movement to intimidate local minority citizens.

It was a shocking event garnering non-stop media coverage, spawning vicious anarcho-street battles between ANTIFA and white supremacist groups, resulting in a much-criticized bipartisan denouncement of violence from the president.

2018, by comparison, proved the alt-right are no political powerhouse. Instead, they’re just an embarrassing fringe who rarely leave their darkened bedrooms.

Case in point, let’s take a look at ol’ Daniel from Long Island:

As reported by Zack Beauchamp, senior editor of Vox, Daniel is one of the few white nationalists to actually attend Unite The Right D.C. rally. This scrawny newly 19-years-old  believes in what he calls a “peaceful cleansing” of both the Latino and Black populations from the U.S. to preserve his praised master-race.

What a sweetheart.

To Daniel’s misfortune, despite arriving outside the White House at 5:30 pm on the dot — when the rally was supposed to begin — he was left standing alone until he was informed by Beauchamp that Jason Kessler, the organizer, ended the event hours earlier.

Jason kessler

There’s no doubt it was their 2017 display in Charlottesville — which ended in literal blood and bodies buried beneath the soil — which further turned the nation against the crumbling alt-right movement.

This year’s thoroughly embarrassing event passed peacefully, thanks in large part to the grassroots opposition. It turns out that average Americans are more than equipped to resist the fascist movement.

Consider a report from Jane Coaston of Vox, detailing the countless ways it’s unprofitable to be an ethno-nationalist. Currently, members of the alt-right are facing countless lawsuits from Charlottesville victims for their role in the violent protests. Patreon and PayPal are outright refusing to fund far-right political organizers, forcing them to the underground of crypto-currency donors. And don’t forget on top of all that is the doxxing, where having your identity revealed can cost you your job and reputation.

The Daily Stormer’s own neo-Nazi editor Andrew Anglin warned his ilk:

“Getting doxed as a neo-Nazi street fighter will ruin your life, forever.”

Is racism defeated in America? Of course not. But this is a symbol of America remaining free of the fascist identity. President Trump’s America remains a deeply divided country, sure. There’s even plenty of research showcasing that racist views persist across both political parties. But if polling hasn’t already shown Americans overwhelmingly reject fascism, I hope this stupid event will.