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U.K. Clothing Chain Angers Body Positive Crowd For Selling Women's Size 0

U.K. Clothing Chain Angers Body Positive Crowd For Selling Women's Size 0

An old adage says, “They hate us, cuz they ain’t us.” That seems to be the real underlying motive for people who march under the body positivity banner. It became abundantly clear in a recent campaign against one clothing store.

I’m hardly what you would call tiny. But every day I make choices that help get me in shape and promote a healthy weight. Anyone can do it. Basic knowledge of healthy eating and some exercise can yield impressive results.

Those are the simple facts. No amount of lecturing or propaganda will change that reality. Yet an entire movement has arisen aimed at attacking what they call “fat shaming.” The movement has sadly gained steam among liberal publications and even some politicians. A few low-ranking celebrities and comedians take to Twitter to complain about health ads.

These body positive people claim that it’s wrong to shame someone for being fat. Okay, I get that. I’m not down with attacking someone because they’re obese. But where is the line between cruel ridicule and simply encouraging someone to lose weight?

For this movement, there is no line. Much like the wimps on college campuses that need safe spaces, these body positive people cannot handle even a crumb of criticism. Any attempt to coax someone into losing weight is met with vicious hatred.

Of course, this is all tied up with third-wave feminism. So much garbage is. These people say “society” has promoted an unrealistic image for women. Overweight women feel bad when they see ads with attractive, skinny women of a healthy weight. So, they go to war.

But a recent attack on a clothes retailer exposes their true motives. It’s not about helping fat people feel better about themselves. For some, the body positive movement is about attacking people they simply envy.

What else can you conclude when they went after a store for selling clothes for skinny people?

Asos has come under fire for stocking "dangerous and irresponsible" size 2 clothing with a 22-inch waist - the same as a six-year-old child…

However, the company says it is purely catering for more petite women - adding that "cultural, physical and individual differences are to be celebrated".

While the average woman in the UK is a size 16 with a 34in waist, if a 5ft woman has a 22in waist they would be considered as having a healthy slim BMI.

Yet people have slammed the brand and some are even calling to boycott them altogether over fears that stocking smaller sizes could push people to feel they unnecessarily need to lose weight. (Mirror)

It’s interesting how the article frames a 22-inch waist by saying that’s the same as a six-year-old. Did they measure every six-year-old on the planet? Where did they come up with that age? They even admit that a woman with that waist can have a healthy BMI.

It’s a subtle attempt by the writer to side with the body positive people. “A grown woman shouldn’t have the same waist as a child,” is what they’re saying.

But hold on, isn’t body positive about not judging a person’s shape? Aren’t there petite people in the world? Believe it or not, some people are naturally small and thin. They can’t help it. For some, eating more to gain weight is a challenge. I know, you hate those kinds of people. But they do exist.

Shouldn’t Asos, or any store for that matter, be allowed to sell clothing to petite ladies? How is that “pushing people” to lose unnecessary weight? Here’s the low down: most people need to lose weight. It’s not unnecessary. Obesity is linked to numerous health problems. Simply losing weight will reduce a person’s risk of heart disease, some kinds of cancer, diabetes, and more.

We should be encouraging people to lose excess weight. All that fat’s unnecessary.

I guess that’s obvious to most people. Asos wasn’t doing anything wrong by selling small sizes to people. So why the uproar?

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb, a former minister for mental health, said stocking clothes in such small sizes was "dangerous."

He told the Daily Mail :" This is totally irresponsible behaviour from Asos.

"It runs the risk of normalising sizes which are extreme for adults. It sends out a very dangerous signal to teenagers and young women.’ (Mirror)

Really? Let me guess what Lamb’s solution is: government regulation of what sizes stores are allowed to sell? That’s the solution for most liberals, be they in the U.S. or the U.K.

How is selling clothes to petite women sending “out a very dangerous signal”? Does Asos post giant banners that say “YOU SHOULD BE THIS SIZE”? Of course not. The body positive people, like so many other tyrants, don’t like anyone different than them. They’ve spent lots of time building a bogus movement. It’s focused on “accepting” the fact that they’re overweight.

Seeing skinny people, or people of a healthy weight, reminds the body positive folks that they’re wrong. Instead of copping to that, they attack a store like the Bolsheviks attacked the Romanov family.

Another liberal hack—I mean politician—was willing to admit there are petite people in the world. We just need to pretend they don’t exist. So that the fatties don’t feel bad.

And Lib Dem MP Christine Jardine said while she agreed that there are plenty of women who are naturally this size she believed we need to be "responsible about how this is portrayed and not promote it as an ideal." (Mirror)

Um, it should be the ideal, Jardine. Obesity is bad. It leads to numerous health problems and death. Not to mention being fat makes you feel miserable. We should encourage people to improve their lives to lose weight. Do these people really think the ideal is someone who sits on their couch all day, covered in Doritos crumbs, too exhausted to even walk over to the fridge?

The reality is, the body positive people aren’t interested in making anyone’s life better. They are simply upset and embarrassed. Slim people are a reminder that they have to do something about their health. Waging war against healthy ideals is their way of ignoring the problem. A way that will cause many more people to lose their lives.

That, my friends, is what’s really irresponsible.

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