Top NFL Draft Prospect Nick Bosa Rushes to Delete Pro-Trump, Anti-Kaepernick Tweets

Nick Bosa, the Ohio State linebacker widely expected to be the No. 1 pick in this month’s NFL Draft, told ESPN he deleted his pro-Donald Trump and anti-Colin Kaepernick tweets in case he “might end up in San Francisco.”

In a profile of the consensus top prospect, ESPN’s Keith Van Valkenburg pointed out that Bosa “seemed to delight” in “posting political takes, including his support for President Trump, on Twitter and needling dissenters.”

“He also caused a minor social media stir by criticizing Beyonce, Black Panther and Colin Kaepernick, all eventually deleted,” he added.

Bosa told him, “I had to.”

"There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco,” he explained.

The San Francisco 49ers have the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft.

Bosa praised Trump, slammed Beyonce:

Bosa, 21, frequently commented on politics on his Twitter feed during the 2016 presidential campaign and after Trump took office.

“Love this man,” Bosa wrote of Trump in a July 2017 tweet.

“Goats,” Bosa wrote, using the acronym for “greatest of all time,” on a photo of Trump and former President Ronald Reagan.

“Two of the most pressing issues in our country according to Hillary Clinton: climate change and transgender bathrooms,” he tweeted in May of 2016.

In other tweets he criticized Beyonce’s music as “complete trash,” called Kaepernick a “clown,” and said Black Panther was the “worst Marvel movie of all time.”

‘Stick to sports’ only applies to black players, critics say:

“When NFL owners, conservative pundits and generic, store-brand white people denigrate NFL protesters for using their sportsball platform to highlight social issues, what they really mean is they don’t like it when black people do it,” Michael Harriot wrote at The Root. "

"Take top NFL draft prospect Nick Bosa, for example," he wrote. "For years, Ohio State’s heralded defensive end has been an outspoken social media activist, offering his opinion on politics and social issues whenever he got the chance. But Bosa recently decided to tone down his political activism, even though most experts don’t think it will hurt him as much as it has hurt other players. This may very well be due to the fact that there is one big difference between Bosa and players like Colin Kaepernick or Eric Reid: Nick Bosa is white.”

"I’m sure the owners won’t tell him to 'toe the line,' as Dallas Cowboys plantation master Jerry Jones told his players. He probably won’t be tested 2,038,439 in 16 weeks like Eric Reid. I’m sure Bosa won’t be called an 'inmate,' like Houston Texans owner Bob McNair called black protesters," he added. "Because Nick Bosa is white."


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