Pop-Up Restaurant Charging White People More As "Social Experiment"

How much are you willing to pay to prove you’re not a disgusting, awful white person? How about twice the amount for a meal than you should? Would you be happy to see that extra money go to another customer—perhaps a black one? After all, that money wasn’t yours to begin with.

What? You say that is ridiculous, insulting, and stupid? You racist! Don’t you know that white people are more rich than black people? White people regularly get paid more, enjoy inheriting things from their folks, and generally do better in their chosen field. Naturally, white people don’t deserve any of that. Because they have white skin.

That’s what Tunde Wey believes. This restaurant owner has set up show in New Orleans. His pop-up store offers cuisine to the many visitors of the Big Easy. But there’s just one catch. If you’re white, you’re going to be lectured because of your skin color - then guilted into giving your hard-earned cash to another customer.

Sound crazy? Welcome to 2018 in liberal America.

As part of a month-long "social experiment," a pop-up restaurant in New Orleans is asking white customers to pay extra for their meal in the name of wealth redistribution.

According to Civil Eats, the pop-up called Saartj gives white customers — and only white customers — the option to pay "$12 for lunch or the suggested price of $30" while black customers are "charged $12 and also given the option to collect the $18 paid by a white patron as a way to redistribute wealth." (Daily Wire)

Before a white customer can pay for his food, Wey bombards him with loaded questions. He aims at making them feel guilty about being white, in order to extort extra cash from them. What a beautiful picture of equality and racial harmony.

Oh wait, no. Just the opposite.

Wey justifies this shockingly insulting policy by claiming black people are disadvantaged when it comes to earning wealth. He calls it the “nation’s racial wealth gap,” which sounds awfully like the “gender wage gap,” which was debunked as fraudulent.

According to Census.gov, 76.9% of the population is white, compared to 13.3% black. Trying to compare such drastically different sized groups will result in skewed statistics. Of course, it’s going to look like white people are wealthier, simply because there are more of us. That’s not good or bad; those are the facts.

That doesn’t erase the reality that many black Americans struggle. Thanks to toxic liberal programs like Welfare and food stamps, the government has made sure many of them stay below the poverty line. Instead of blaming those factors on the poverty of black folks, Wey blames white people.

In doing so, he reinforces ridiculous stereotypes about white people. Newsflash Wey: we’re not all super rich elitists, sitting on the backs of poor people. Some of us—most of us—work very hard for a living.

Wey also asks his white customers personal questions like "have you ever inherited money or received gifts from family like a car, college tuition payments or other high value gifts?"

Once the conversation finishes, Wey then asks his white customers how much they will pay. The "white guilt" definitely pays off, with close to 78% of his white customers paying more than double the required price, according to Wey. This guilt, which Wey calls "positive social pressure," is entirely intentional and designed to elicit payment. (Daily Wire)

I can honestly say as a white person, I never benefitted from such circumstances. My first car (and the one I still drive) I purchased, from my father. He didn’t give it to me, or even give me a discount! I worked my way through college, holding down three jobs at various times. And I was never the recipient of “high value gifts,” which I’m assuming means a house, business, or land.

Wey is assuming white Americans are from the cast of Downton Abbey, apparently.

His policy is not only discriminatory, but illegal. A business cannot charge someone more because they are white. He tries to skirt the law by making it “voluntary.” But he creates a situation where, if a white person does not pay more, they are viewed as cruel, racist, and greedy.

Just listen to the convoluted garbage flowing from this guy’s mouth:

"The ownership of wealth has been contingent on taking from someone else," Wey tells customers, relying on the "zero-sum" economics fallacy, "and money doesn’t distill virtue on you. You cannot transfer money without transferring the agency that comes with it." (Daily Wire)

If you can untangle the deliberately confusing jargon, you’ll find Wey operating under false pretenses. Ownership of wealth has been contingent on taking from someone else? He’s suggesting that rich people get that way only by robbing others. This isn’t the Middle Ages, Wey. Our country is built on capitalism, a system the generates competition in order to earn wealth.

People get rich because customers, voluntarily support them. Like the idiots who come to your restaurant. We are not forced to buy food from a single store, or pay to watch movies we don’t like, or buy electronics we think are bad. In fact, capitalism creates wealth for all people. The rich create businesses that employ a host of skilled folks. No other system is as effective.

Wey wants you to believe we live in medieval Europe, where nobles exploit peasants to stay rich and powerful. Not in America, where even race-baiting con artists can set up a restaurant in New Orleans.

What’s really interesting is the response. Once again, reality proves that social justice warriors are wrong all the time. The truth is most people—including black people—don’t live with a chip on their shoulder. How do I know this? Well, I do interact with black people. Plus, the ones who go to Saartj refuse to take the white customers’ money. By a large margin.

So, is his social justice social experiment working? Does the wealth redistribute? Actually, no. A vast majority of the black diners refuse to take money from other people guilted into paying more.

"After looking at the preliminary data collected from the survey, one of the most interesting results is that of 70 or so diners, 76 percent of the Black diners refused to take the $18 that they were offered," reports Civil Eats. (Daily Wire)

Much like the Joker at the end of The Dark Knight, Wey is wrong about people. He is largely alone in his maniacal plans to tear our communities apart.

My recommendation is, black or white, go eat somewhere else.

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