People's SOTU: Tone-Deaf Celebs Show How Out Of Touch They Are

Is there anything more hypocritical than a celebrity who’s telling you what to do? America has a problem. It begins and ends in Hollywood. For years, this industry has thrived thanks to the support of consumers. We’ve spent millions upon millions of dollars funding companies that provide us with entertainment.

Our fervent devotion has transformed ordinary people into virtual gods. The men and women who grace the movie and TV screen become objects of adoration and worship. And they become filthy rich.

But there is a con job going on. One that many people refuse to acknowledge. Hollywood has become fat by pumping immoral garbage into our homes and theaters. They exploit our baser instincts, our lusts for sex, violence, and vice, to get rich. The people who control that industry are some of the worst creatures on the planet. When they’re not in the tabloids for their scandalous behavior, they are being exposed for criminal abuse.

Yet the greatest crime they commit is not the shameless filth they produce, but the arrogance by which they carry themselves. Hollywood elitists think they are the finest people in our society, and when election time comes around, they have the audacity to accuse us of being morally bankrupt—or worse—if we don’t vote their way.

You might remember this pathetic video, when people who dress up like superheroes demanded we make President a hateful woman with a criminal past. Thankfully, there were enough Americans who refused.

Today Hollywood elitist are completely unhinged. They can’t accept the fact America elected Donald Trump to the White House. Not because he’s been a failure—quite the contrary—but because we rejected their arrogant demands.

Even after a huge year of successes, liberal celebrities refuse to admit their failure. They still want to punish Americans for supporting Trump and rejecting Hillary Clinton. In a shocking act of arrogance, they put on the “People’s State of the Union.” It was a night where Hollywood actors, entertainers, millionaires (and a few billionaires) got together to bitch about Trump.

Celebrities and activists gathered in New York City Monday night for the star-studded “People’s State of the Union,” a public rally meant to serve as counter-programming to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday. (Breitbart)

This event tells you everything you need to know about Hollywood liberals. These out-of-touch hacks called their event “People’s.” Yet it showcased—not everyday folks—but elitist idiots who enjoy a quality of life that few of us could imagine. It featured such commoners as Mark Ruffalo, John Leguizamo, Amy Schumer, the rapper Common, and billionaire Tom Steyer. Wow, they’re just like me!

It’s almost like an SNL skit. These elitists can’t even understand how hypocritical an event like this is. Claiming it’s “for the people,” a bunch of celebrities took to a podium to lecture us on politics. Instead of welcoming Americans and seeking our opinion, these con-artists spent the night scolding us for voting our conscience.

Perhaps worst was Mark Ruffalo, the leader of the event. You know Mark, the b-list nobody who got famous for staring in The Avengers. Before he got his big break, he appeared in indie films few people watched. Now, thanks to the millions we put in his wallet, he thinks he has the moral high ground.

Of course, the night wasn’t about uniting the country, but attacking the President. The hypocrites focused on issues that opposed Trump’s plans. All of a sudden, liberals care about illegal immigrants. To a point where they are more important than legal citizens.

Other speakers included immigration activists and other members of the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement, many of whom wore T-shirts with the phrase, “We are all Dreamers.” (Breitbart)

That’s nice. Hey what about the millions of Americans who suffer because of the economic fallout of illegal “Dreamers”? What about the people who died thanks to drug cartels that exploited Obama’s weak stance on illegal immigration? You know, none of you empty-headed liberals cared about immigration until Obama set the bar so low. His attempts at skewing voter demographics suddenly became a cause for you hacks. I guess you only do what your puppet-masters tell you to do.

I love how celebrities suddenly get all high and mighty when they are opposing conservatives. They like to make us out as boogeymen that are ruining the country. When the vast majority of us only want to be left alone, free to live in liberty. These celebrities enjoy a closed-off, opulent lifestyle 95% of the time. But when they are pushing Socialist ideals—we’re suddenly a community.

“We’re going to set our sights to continue that work in the next year, and strengthen our bonds and commitments to each other, for long after the Trump era comes to its rightful end,” said Ruffalo. “We ain’t stopping with Trump, okay?” (Breitbart)

Okay, Mark. So if I get evicted from my apartment because I can’t pay rent—can I stay at your place? You said you want to “strengthen our bonds and commitments” right? If you’re so committed to the United States, why don’t you prove it?

I’m sure he’s got a nice place. With a security gate and everything.

Perhaps the most ridiculous comments came from Michael Moore. Moore has completely lost his mind since Trump won. But I didn’t realize how insane he’d gotten until this night. In no uncertain terms, he called for the removal of the entire Trump administration. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

“The need to remove him — and also any Democrat who is in the way of removing him — that is, at this point, a moral imperative for each and every one of us,” he added. “Removing him, and Pence, and the whole disgusting lot of them… still won’t be enough. We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place.” (Breitbart)

What does replacing the system that “gave us Trump” even mean? Does he want to get rid of democracy? What about free speech and free press? Oh, I see. He wants to remove our existing culture. Meaning, the toxic entertainment industry that plays a huge role in creating it. Including an industry that allows bloated tubs of lard to produce garbage documentaries.

I’m down with that!

In the end, the “People’s State of the Union” was a tremendous waste of time. It was an insult to every American who thinks for him/herself. It was a chance for rich snobs to expose how insultingly, out-of-touch, and tone-deaf they really are. I’ll leave you with this picture to seal my thoughts:

Aw, two super-rich elitists hugging it out. How nice.

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