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“Mini AOC” Doxxed, Harassed and Shutdown for Tasteless Border Satire

“Mini AOC” Doxxed, Harassed and Shutdown for Tasteless Border Satire

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. We come from a past in which the lives of our children were assaulted and devastated in countless ways. It would be no exaggeration to speak of national abuse of generations by a society which it should have been able to trust.” - Nelson Mandela

Ava Martinez, the 8-year-old amateur actress and face of the Twitter parody account known as “Mini AOC”, mysteriously left the platform earlier this week. The family-run page, which featured Ava in viral memes mocking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), appears to have been subjected to repeated doxing, harassment and death threats from anonymous trolls, according to the family’s FOX News statement.

“The left’s harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. We have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers,” tweeted Ava’s stepfather Salvatore Schachter, offering no regrets for thrusting his child into the culture war spotlight. “For our safety and for our child’s safety, we deleted all Mini AOC accounts.” Schachter offered no evidence of these messages or the specific contents, though assured they were “increasingly personal, dark and dangerous” enough to merit deleting their page with thousands of followers.

When speaking to Fox, Schachter revealed that his step-daughter was “disappointed at not doing Mini AOC going forward” though “explained that this is for the best” and she’s okay with it. “The world has seen Ava’s beauty, talent, and charm, which was the whole reason for Mini AOC to begin with and no amount of hate or anger will change that,” Schachter continues. “Also, like Ava says, ‘try using your words’.” For a man who uses children to speak his politicized words, the irony is delicious.

This intimidating backlash follows a series of images where Martinez and family mocked the progressive politician for crying during a border camp protest in Tornillo, Texas’ “tent city.” The joke frames AOC as having organized a staged “photo op” stunt to exploit media attention from these child concentration camps. Somehow, expressing these emotions makes her a worthy subject of GOP mockery. 

“Every time I plan a visit to the park it’s closed,” the original caption read. “Can everyone see how sad this makes me?”

AOC border fence crying

Mini AOC Border Meme

We’re also supposed to laugh at the irony of a child being used to downplay the severity of DHS’s current child detainment policies. Thus far, these policies have led to over 24 deaths in custody, where several children and adults left in inhumane conditions without necessary medical attention, as well as crowded facilities where hundreds of migrants are lacking even the basic human rights of “safe and sanitary” detainment conditions, as admitted in recent testimony from representing White House lawyers.

Common utilities such as soap, toothbrushes and blankets were among those provisions denied to migrants. By contrast, the actual AOC has argued for mitigating the damage through a “clean humanitarian bill” to grant migrants these products. 

On this particular issue, apologies for holding my tongue in disgust before sharing facetious laughs with Mini AOC and her totalitarian parents. Even still, it should go without saying that propagandized children shouldn’t be punished for the tasteless politics of their parents, nor should anyone be surprised by the response given the current climate.

The entanglement of politics and children remains a curious debate. No side is entirely consistent in its application. Conservative commentators, such as Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk have sung their songs of ignoring “immature and stupid” children who advocate for gun control, such as Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting survivors David Hogg and Emma Gonzales, yet see no irony in freely associating with the likes of Kyle Kashuv, a pro-gun activist and survivor of the exact same shooting who was used to push their counter-agenda. 

In turn, leftist supporters of Hogg and Gonzales are free to clap back at these commentators as “harassers” of traumatized children, yet see no irony in how they’re being treated as adults subject to harsh criticism in the public sphere. These supposed rules don’t matter if they’ve neither been established or enforced. In the case of Mini AOC, the important factors of maturity, independence and the granting of informed consent clearly aren’t capable within an 8-year-old mind, which should raise red flags about her parents who subjected their child to ideology, propaganda and attention in the era of white nationalist and anti-fascist violence.

Although these particular offenders remain anonymous, we can infer their ideology given recent trends. Thanks to stats provided by the Global Terrorism Database, decentralized leftist groups such as ANTIFA account for a rather low 16% of all attacks committed on U.S. soil. This is dwarfed in comparison to the 56% committed by right-wing terrorists under the guise of white nationalism, but these leftists faults aren’t some myth we can simply dismiss. Particularly when the life of a child is at risk, even one threat is worthy of condemnation, let alone thousands of potential attackers. Give me a thousand and one reasons arguing this kind of deplatforming works, I’ll give you a thousand more why your child-targeting soul is morally rotten.