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Ivy League Prof: Going Vegan Can Help Fight Racism

Ivy League Prof: Going Vegan Can Help Fight Racism

Vegans never fail to amuse me. I can fully accept an individual who refuses to eat meat or animal products. That’s a personal choice that, if they can stick to, is fine. But that’s not enough for vegans. They need to impose their narrow view on the rest of us.

But it’s hard to get Americans—and the rest of the world—to give up the protein and nutrient-rich foods we’ve been eating for centuries. So vegans, like many unhinged advocates, resort to guilt tactics. I’m sure you’ve seen the PETA ads or articles that declare meat-eating cruel and evil. Or the bombastic claims that cutting back on meat will end global warming.

Some vegans have asserted that eating dairy products is sexism. So if you eat cheese, you’re a sexist guilty of rape.

Now there is a new angle vegans have taken to push their dogma. Cross-pollinating everyone’s favorite accusation with veganism, a “social justice advocate” declares that giving up meat will help fight racism. Honestly, I can’t make this stuff up. Worse yet, this genius is an Ivy League professor.

An instructor from an Ivy League institution recently explained how veganism — the refusal to eat animal meat and dairy — can help “resist the violence associated with the subjugation and oppression of nonwhite groups.”

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters, an adjunct lecturer from Columbia University, gave a lecture at an event for Cornell Students for Animal Rights in late February, during which the speaker told attendees about “the ways that animal violence and exploitation manifests itself outside of our food system,” according to The Cornell Daily Sun. (The College Fix)

McJetters goes on to clarify his statement by saying, “What we do to other animals informs how we treat one another on this planet, and it is always — always — someone who doesn’t have institutional power, and they’re usually brown.” Right. Because most of the world consists of white people.

This Columbia University professor does know that most of the world isn’t white, right? And every nation on the earth eats meat in one way or another? So how does killing an animal connect with white people oppressing brown people?

McJetters’ argument hinges on the notion that white people universally attack brown people around the world. Is this the 1600’s? Western countries (where most of the white people live) have done the most to pass and promote anti-discrimination and anti-racism laws. In the United States, there are numerous Civil Rights laws that protect minorities from attacks because of their race. This professor is making a downright weird argument.

But we need to step back and take an honest look at his point—and its repercussions. For years, vegan activists have called for radical changes to the food industry. Namely, the ending of meat production. It’s completely ridiculous. It would also disproportionately hurt the very people it purports to help. There are numerous parts of the world that struggle to find food. According to the World Hunger Education Service, over 815 million people are currently going hungry.

These people aren’t in the privileged position of Professor McJetters to opt for a vegan lifestyle. They are fortunate to get any kind of food to keep their families alive. Organizations like Heifer International have saved countless lives by providing livestock to people around the world.

Any idiot can see that raising livestock for food is a vital step in ending world hunger. Impoverished nations can be turned around with donations of cows, goats, and other animals. These are areas with mostly “brown people,” as McJetters refers to them. Attempts to limit any source of food to people is cruel, ignorant, and costly.

McJetters doesn’t see it like that though. He expects his Ivy League audience to be completely focused on their own world, i.e. America. It’s easy to occupy yourself with non-problems like the metaphorical significance of human cruelty to animals acting as a justification for parallel human hierarchies if all you deal in is theory. But there’s a much bigger world of people out there – people who are understandably far more concerned about where their next meal is going to come from than McJetters’ rather abstract views on racism.  

So what does McJetters want then? To create division of course. McJetters has no problem pitting Americans against each other even rewriting history to advocate his nonsense.

The student newspaper reported that McJetters as arguing that, prior to the 1500s, “we didn’t actually think of humans as superior to or separate from everyone else in the animal kingdom.” (The College Fix)

Uh, what? Is there any documentation that can prove that? People have been eating animals since, well, forever. Every ancient society, from Greece to Egypt to China, have raised animals for slaughter. Can McJetters back his claim with actual evidence?

McJetters did not respond to repeated emails from The College Fix seeking evidence of this claim, as well as any evidence that societies with higher incidences of vegetarianism are more racially equitable than those with higher meat consumption. (The College Fix)

Of course not. Because facts don’t matter when you’re trying to brainwash college students. A leading animal rights activist agreed with McJetters, pushing the same asinine philosophy.

“In each case [of racism, sexism, and speciesism] there is a dominant group that regards outsiders as having a lower moral status and uses this belief to justify exploiting and oppressing them,” [Peter] Singer told The Fix via email. (The College Fix)

That’s right. If you eat animals, you’re a specieist. My God, these people are getting stupider. But it’s all by design. These activists use crisis to “change” our culture more and more, always on the grounds that we haven’t done anything to address the problems they see in society. But because we have come very far in the areas of racism and sexism, their arguments are getting more and more extreme.

The bottom line is McJetters continues the race-baiting tradition of many con artists. He doesn’t care about minorities or even animals. He is simply using whatever dirty trick he can to divide the country, distort our history, and corrupt our way of life.