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The Girl Scouts are Suing the Boy Scouts for 'Confusing Parents'

The Girl Scouts are Suing the Boy Scouts for 'Confusing Parents'

There's drama once again in the GSUSA. 

According to a new report from TMZ, the Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts over their "Scout Me In" program which allows girls to join the Boy Scouts.

The suit claims that the Boy Scouts are "confusing the parents of little girls" because parents are accidentally signing their girls up under the boys' program.

The fight is nothing new: In October of 2017, the Boy Scouts announced they would be letting girls join the organization as Cub Scouts and to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, after years of requests (and occasionally lawsuits) from girls and parents. We should also point out that technically, teen girls have been able to join the Boy Scouts' Venturing program since the late-20th century. 

Although the announcement to allow girls in the BSA mainly drew praise and criticism surrounding ideas of evolution in the organization (which had seen gays scouts allowed in 2013, gay leaders in 2015, and transgender scouts in early 2017), the Girl Scouts viewed the move as calculated posturing to feed its dwindling membership rather than some noble commitment to inclusivity. 

The Girl Scouts have been clear about this from the start: They're pissed -- and they consider it a betrayal of their 100-year relationship with the Boy Scouts that they are "covertly trying to recruit girls, and badmouthing the Girl Scouts in order to do so." It's an understandable reaction. Not only are they suffering from the same enrollment problem as the Boy Scouts, but it's hard to ignore the fact that women are being blamed for many of the changes that happened to the Boy Scouts. Changes that they never wanted, and were never invited to give their two cents about before the Boy Scouts made their announcement. 

And so here we are, the Boy Scouts aren't really the Boy Scouts, conservatives and liberals have turned a kid's organization into partisan political theater, and the Girl Scouts are getting mad litigious. Welcome to 2018 folks.