Florida Man Calls Cops on Middle Eastern Comedian; Joke About Terrorism Made Him ‘Uncomfortable’

A Florida man called the police on Middle Eastern comedian Ahmed Ahmed after a joke alluding to terrorism made him “uncomfortable,” according to a video released by Off the Hook Comedy Club in Naples.

"Clap if you're from the Middle East," Ahmed says in the video, which was recorded over the weekend. "All right. We got a handful of us in here, nice. But, hey, it only takes one of us ... to tell a joke.”

The comedy club shared audio of the unidentified man’s 911 call after the show.

"He said, `That's great.' He said, `We can organize our own little terrorist organization,' and I don't think that was right. I mean it really bothered me," the man says. "And I yelled out, `And the paddy wagon is going to be outside to get all of you.' "

"My wife and I looked at each other and we felt very uncomfortable,” he said, adding that he only came because he got free tickets.

Ahmed says the cops were very nice:

“They couldn’t have been nicer," Ahmed told NBC News of the deputies that responded to the call. "One of them said, `Don't change anything, keep doing what you're doing.' That was refreshing to hear."

“I've told that joke about 1,000 times around the world," Ahmed explained. "Whatever he heard and what I said are two different things."

Ahmed quipped that he was not mad at the man and instead thanked him.

"He got more publicity for me in that one phone call than ever. You want to talk about a blessing in disguise,” he said.

Club owner Brien Spina said he has already booked Ahmed again for next Wednesday.

"For me it was a great joke. I stand behind him," said Spina. "His show is great."


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