Delusional: Meryl Streep Imagines Administration Full Of Celebrities

So we're going to have a President Oprah. At least, that's what some in the liberal media have been saying lately. Because of a single speech at an award ceremony, the left have all but christened Oprah the next leader of the Free World. Funny how all it takes to win some people over are a few empty-headed talking points that amount to nothing. What does 'your truth' look like to you? My truth is interested in leaders who can actually... you know, lead.

There is a bigger problem going on than just the rabid attention Oprah is getting. And please understand, she's not interested in running for public office. She has a movie coming out soon - a Disney movie. Any positive attention she gets right now might result in higher box office returns. Considering A Wrinkle In Time hardly has the recognition of Star Wars, Disney is happy to see Oprah's name pop up for any reason.

You'll remember what happened to Ben Affleck, just weeks before the release of his tentpole Justice League film. Yeah, bad press can kill a movie very fast. Just ask Kevin Spacey (if you can find him).

Regardless of whether or not Oprah runs in 2020, this little episode has highlighted Hollywood's complete lack of conscience. The industry has been engulfed in one of the most horrific scandals in modern history. A litany of powerful figures have been exposed for sexual abuse and harassment. The industry's reputation couldn't get any worse.

Don't expect we've seen the end of the revelations. In the coming weeks and months, we'll learn about more men who assaulted women, men, and even children. We'll also learn that everyone else in Hollywood was conveniently unaware of the abuse. Give me a break.

Much like the Democrats after 2016, Hollywood refuses to do the one thing it should. They must own up to its sins, make amends, and take real steps to change. That probably includes lawsuits, firings, perhaps criminal investigations. We're talking about sex abuse here, people. Criminal investigations are only the beginning.

Yet what is Hollywood doing? Trying to sweep the scandals under the rug. After one award ceremony and speech from their hallowed Oprah, Hollywood is back to default. Their leading celebs have returned to stroking their own egos, pretending like nothing bad has happened.

Your drunk mom Meryl Streep even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to gush over an imagined Oprah presidency. While indulging, she went on to list what kind of cabinet Oprah would have. Of course it was all Hollywood actors.

Actress Meryl Streep has made a number of suggestions over potential Cabinet members for an Oprah Winfrey presidency, including fellow actors such as Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Appearing on Monday’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Oscar-winning actress speculated on the growing possibility of Oprah Winfrey becoming president, amid reports that she is “actively thinking” about a run...

“Somebody from the stage [mentioned] Tom Hanks, and he seemed ready to go,” she said. “That would be a pretty good ticket… You could just keep it in Hollywood, you know, you could have The Rock as the Joint Chief of Staff, Harrison Ford running defense.” (Breitbart)

Perhaps Lady Gaga could be Secretary of State! Oh, Ryan Seacrest could head up House and Urban Development. And Roman Polanski can lead the Department of Education. He's great with kids!

It was a silly and pointless segment, but it illustrates how completely delusional our entertainment industry is. Meryl really believes that people from this corrupt business are better suited to run our government. At a time when Hollywood should be doing serious damage control, Meryl blithely fantasizes about her buddies being in public office.

These are the same people who - every election - talk down to you for voting a certain way. People who have no problem condemning millions of Americans for electing a man celebrities don't like. The same people whose answer to serious abuse allegations are to start a hashtag campaign. Yeah, "MeToo" isn't going to end the history of corruption, dishonesty, and vile behavior of your most powerful executives.

Meryl doesn't have a leg to stand on. After her embarrassing display last year, her reputation has only plummeted. In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, people refuse to believe she had no idea what he was up to. The man she once called "God" was abusing women for decades. And... she had no idea? She worked with him and his company. Meryl was entrenched in that community. The extent of Harvey's victims is so wide, it's very hard to believe someone like Meryl didn't at least hear rumors.

Yet she pretends none of that happened. She sits happily on Jimmy's couch - the go-to show for celebrities trying to absolve their guilt. Or at least, create a good enough distraction. It's amazing how this industry will crowd together to protect itself. They can virtue signal all they want on Twitter. But when real results are demanded, they think a speech is enough to solve their problem.

To add insult to injury, Meryl and the soft-brained idiots online fantasize about Hollywood actors in Washington.

When are we going to say enough? When is the American public going to finally reject the shallow, phony, duplicitous fakes from La, La Land? It is a self-serving, self-absorbed, ego-driven industry. An industry so corrupt, they turned a blind eye to decades of sexual abuse. Not only that, but they celebrated the men who did the very worst crimes.

There is evidence the tide is turning. Ridley Scott's much talked-about All the Money in the World had to rush reshoots to replace Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer. A sign that at least one director is smart enough to make an outward change - in light of the scandals. But that doesn't go far enough. The rest of the industry - it's actors, producers, and filmmakers must make a real effort to change.

As Denzel Washington said about the dresses at the Golden Globes:

“Yes, it’s important tonight but it’s important to follow through,” Denzel Washington said to NBC host Al Roker. “It’s important to see what’s going to be happening a year from tonight.” (Washington Post)

Meryl can play make-believe all she wants. But we're not going to forget what we've learned. The glitz and glamor has faded off of the movie industry. It's no longer the magic place they pretend it to be. It might take a very long time before they can repair their reputation.

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