Cutting Out Meat This Year? You Might Want to Think Again.

It’s a new year. And, as with all new years, people are coming up with resolutions. Millions around the world have made commitments for 2018. Some want to earn more money. Some plan to travel more (thus losing money). Others want to find love. And for many people, 2018 is the year they finally get into shape.

Losing weight is a respectable goal. Body positivity people might not agree, but anything that improves your health is a plus. Committing to change is hard, but it has considerable benefits. Plus, there are a multitude of books, programs, and exercise plans that you can follow to lose those pounds. For some, it’s about cutting the fat. Others will be getting rid of the carbs. But for a select few, they will be saying goodbye to meat.

I’ve discussed the pitfalls of veganism before. But in truth, it can help people lose weight. When done right, a vegan diet is incredibly low in calories. A bowl of veggies has a fraction of the calories that you’ll get in a steak or cheeseburger. So long as you make up for the deficiency in protein and other vitamins, veganism might be the way to go.

Or maybe not. Aside from the sanctimonious air that most vegans possess, there is a new reason to ditch the tofu for a ham sandwich. According to a new study coming out of England, carnivores are having more sex than vegans.

Vegetarians may like to claim they lead healthier lives, but it seems there is one area where they are missing out – in the bedroom.

A survey suggests that 42 per cent of those who eat meat at least once a day have sex once a week or more.

But the figure drops to only 16 per cent for vegetarians and those who are defined as 'reluctant carnivores' who eat meat only once a fortnight. (Daily Mail)

A fortnight, for my North American friends, is two weeks. That means full vegans and people who eat meat every so often are suffering in the bedrooms. That’s a pretty shocking disparity, if there ever was one. Only 16% of vegans are getting action once a week or more? What’s the problem fellas? Too weak to make a move? Lacking the protein to get in the mood? Or perhaps you’re just tired. It takes a lot of energy to do the deed.

The survey was conducted, as you can expect, by a meat supply service. Duh. Who else is going to do this kind of study? I doubt tofu markets are eager to make this announcement.

Before you drop your tofu and race to the butchers for something juicy, however, it's worth noting that the survey of 2,000 Britons was conducted by, which happens to be an online provider of grass fed, free range, ethically sourced meat. (Daily Mail)

According to their website, Gourmet Meat Club is one of those box services. They’re all the rage these days. There are box services that can send you clothes, vinyl records, and Japanese candy. But a service that sends you meat? That’s a thing of beauty. They even offer a “Lean and Clean Box” for people who want to keep their New Year’s resolutions. How thoughtful.

You might question the validity of their survey, given their obvious commercial intentions. But unless they deliberately altered people’s responses, the data is the data. People who eat meat are having more sex. I think there’s value in asking why? Why would meat-eaters be having more sex?

Perhaps it has to do with the sheer sexiness of meat. A night of passion often begins with a romantic dinner, right? Come on boys, this is dating 101. If you want to woo your lovely, you need to show her a good time. Nothing gets a couple in the mood like wine, soft music, and a romantic dinner over candlelight.

The most popular dish to cook to impress a partner before a night of passion was a steak, with 18 per cent saying they would fry rump or sirloin steak for a romantic dinner.

A total of 17 per cent said they would make a roast dinner, with 9 per cent making a spaghetti bolognese and 8 per cent a curry. (Daily Mail)

I sympathize with my vegan brothers. They probably want some more action. But I doubt you’re getting lucky when your romantic dinners come off the raw menu. Crunching a bowl of cold carrots and lentils doesn’t really get the fires stoked, if you know what I mean.

Of course, the soy boys (and girls) came out to debunk the survey. Although, they didn’t do a good job of it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, vegetarians expressed doubts about the poll. Sandra O'Sullivan, 41, of Hastings, East Sussex, said the research was 'crazy', adding: 'Vegetarians have as much sex as anyone else, although I must admit it's been a while for me now. I'm not tempted to start eating meat – I'll take my chances and stick to tofu.' (Daily Mail)

Lol, good job Sandra. “That survey is total crap! I mean I’m not having sex, but still!” You don’t make a good argument when you literally confirm the results of the study.

In contrast, Gareth Simpson of Edinburgh says he starts the day with a bacon roll and finishes with a steak dinner. He’s getting busy with his gal pal at least twice a week. God bless the Scottish.

I’m left wondering why we don’t have bacon rolls in the U.S.

There might be another reason at least vegan men are having a hard time. Studies are surfacing that suggest a steady diet of soy products lowers testosterone. After all, soy is high in estrogen, the predominant female hormone. So ladies, if you want a virile man who will whisk you off to the bedroom, you might want to avoid the soy boys.

This is all academic, though, for many. They love their meat-free diets. And hey, they might lose some weight and stick to their New Year’s resolutions. If they become eunuchs in the process? I guess that’s just a bonus.

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