Candace Owens Gets A Shout Out From Donald Trump

Many of you never heard of Candace Owens until Kayne West said, “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.” That simple message sparked something that is poised to change our culture forever. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Candace Owens is communications director for Turning Point USA. People like me, conservative junkies who spend lots of time online, are familiar with Turning Point USA. This non-profit spreads conservative concepts—like free market principles, limited government, and free speech—across college campuses. It’s founder, Charlie Kirk, is a Trump support and strong conservative advocate.

From their site:

Since the founding, Turning Point USA has embarked on a mission to build the most organized, active, and powerful conservative grassroots activist network on college campuses across the country. With a presence on over 1,000 college campuses and high schools across the country, Turning Point USA is the largest and fastest growing youth organization in America.

Candace has been a vocal opponent of what she calls the victim mentality that is common among black Americans. As a black, conservative Trump supporter, you can believe she gets plenty of flack. That’s especially true when she speaks on college campuses.

The left is terrified of a black woman standing up to their tired messaging. For generations, black Americans have been told they are eternal victims. They claim that America will forever be racist. A black person cannot achieve real success or equality because our system—built and controlled by white supremacists—is designed to keep them down.

Democrats will point to slavery, obviously, as proof. Not to mention the Jim Crow laws that kept black Americans oppressed. Funny how they never mention their party was the one that endorsed these systems of oppression. (Or that the Republican Party was founded on freeing the slaves). Democrats point to the past as “evidence” that white Americans will always seek to keep black people down. If that’s not enough, they point to the few-and-far-between episodes of modern police brutality against black people.

Like most of the left’s arguments, they oversimply the problems black people face. And, of course, claim their only salvation is to vote for Democrats.

Candace Owens preaches a powerful message built around overcoming this victim mentality.

Enter Kayne West. I don’t pretend to know what’s going on in Kanye’s head. But I do believe he cares passionately for the black community. After years of black entertainers, singers, and rappers embracing the left—what have we achieved? Maybe a change of thought is in order.

I’m not surprised Kanye gravitated to Candace’s message. She is empowering young black Americans to forget the past, reject the victim mentality, and embrace all the opportunity they have today.

Kanye’s tweet and subsequent support for Donald Trump sent the political left and the media into a meltdown. Even though in the past he said he would have voted for Trump and appeared with him at Trump Tower—they still couldn’t handle a picture of Kanye wearing a MAGA hat.

The backlash was—and is—intense. Black artists personally confronted Kanye over the issue. Then you have men like the one at TMZ, who unleashed his anger and hate like a broken damn.

The man who confronted Kanye was expressing the same tired talking points Democrats shove down black people’s throats. He even claimed Trump was trying to kill black people. When someone is that indoctrinated, discussion just isn’t possible. That’s why Kanye did what he did. He was smart enough to know this man was extremely emotional and tried to cut through that with love.

It’s a sign that the battle for black Americans’ minds is incredibly intense. Even when Kanye and Candace encourage free thought, so many fight back. Free thought is fine, as long as you agree with what the left says about black people. Where have I heard that before?

Despite the left’s constant attacks (even calling Candace “far right”), they could not put the genie back into the bottle. Many people have learned of her message. And it’s having an impact. Don’t believe me? Check it:

President Trump on Wednesday praised conservative activist Candace Owens, who he said “is having a big impact” on American politics.

“Candace Owens of Turning Point USA is having a big impact on politics in our Country,” the president wrote on Twitter.

“She represents an ever expanding group of very smart “thinkers,” and it is wonderful to watch and hear the dialogue going good for our Country!” (The Hill)

The impact Candace’s message is carrying to Americans is undeniable. And when Trump tweets it, people around the world hear it, see it, and investigate it.

But will Candace’s message penetrate the minds and hearts of black America? Will many of them reject the monopoly on messaging the left has on their community? The only thing I know for sure is, the battle will continue for a long time.

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