2018 Grammys Get Political, Ratings Slip More Than 20%

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards held on Sunday night managed to cause quite the media outrage. The awards ceremony, held at the Madison Square Garden for the first time since 1959, saw 19.81 million people tune in to watch what is often deemed the biggest night in music.

Sunday’s viewership, however, is down 24% from last year’s Grammys, by far the worst the ceremony has done since 2009.

Is the three and a half hour air time what made almost five million people turn the channel? Highly unlikely.

The drastically reduced viewership the event has seen this year is a result of many different factors, the most notable of which might be the saturation with anti-Trump propaganda served by the left-leaning celebrity crowd. In their search to achieve “gender equity,” America’s entertainment elite turned a blind eye to some of the more real and fixable problems and instead chose to dive head first in a very rotten game of identity politics.

In a pause between performances, the former first lady, secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, managed to embody everything that is wrong with the left’s emotional investment in politics during a 14-second cameo in a cheap gag.

The skit, hosted by Grammys host James Corden, showed outspoken anti-Trump stars auditioning to be the narrator for Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury.” John Legend, Cher, Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled and Cardi B were among those reading excerpts from the book. Following the slew of stars was Hillary Clinton, who read a bit about President Trump’s love of junk food.

Apart from being a clear sign that the left has no intention of divorcing the now twice failed presidential candidate, Clinton’s throwaway gag shows just how little the celebrity elite and their cult following actually care about the causes they speak so loudly about.

The stifling groupthink that has infested the Grammys seems to hold different sets of rules for members of opposing political parties, despite being very vocal about seeking equality for all. The amount of public indignity a political figure like Hillary Clinton can show without any significant consequences is absolutely mind-boggling. Despite the very dirty race that America saw in 2016, the game is over and the rules were clear. Losers taunting winners is something that shouldn’t go past third-grade, let alone become a thought one of the most recognizable political figures in the country would want to enact.

Staying humble in your loss isn’t a matter of sportsmanship - one couldn’t say that American politics were abundant with integrity and righteousness. It is, however, a matter of dignity.

Clinton’s general lack of shame and political skill is something she desperately tries to counter with appealing to the left-leaning masses. By embedding herself in pop culture, she becomes a figure much closer to young people. A figure whose views on policies are overshadowed by the hundreds of likable, glamorous celebrities she frequently rubs shoulders with.

The purpose of Clinton’s Grammy stint, besides trying to raise her abysmal 36 percent approval rating, was to provoke President Trump into setting off a few tweet-bombs. Apart from saturating the news for a few days, Trump’s response would then add another inch or two to the moral high ground the left believes it is standing on.

With another #MeToo controversy surrounding her in the press, Clinton’s Grammys gimmick isn’t only a disgrace; it’s also very, very bad timing. As thousands of women have come forward describing their harrowing sexual abuse stories and the silence they were forced to endure, you can easily add insensitive and oblivious to the string of epithets describing this whole ordeal.

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