2017: The Year Social Justice Devoured Itself

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about politics is that most people agree there are problems. What divides us is our opinions on the solutions. Few people will say there are no racial tensions in America. Most people agree health care needs to be more affordable. People want good jobs and food on the table. But how we achieve those things… ah, there’s the rub.

But for some, the problems have been distorted to push a dangerous agenda. Social justice is not about fixing real or perceived problems in our country. It’s about punishing people SJW’s believe are the enemies. It is a modern-day scapegoating. A way for soft-brained college students to spread hate, fear, and violence.

This year we’ve seen social justice warriors descend to new lows. They have made a mockery of our freedoms, traditions, and ways of life. More often than not, they have endangered Americans. Let’s look at some of the most shocking examples of social justice tyranny that rocked American this year.

Antifa Riots

Antifa, or Anti-fascism, is a broad umbrella that covers various fringe groups. These extremists have declared the Trump administration radical villains. Claiming the President is wrongfully in office they have declared any means necessary to “restore order.”

Early in the year, they were wreaking havoc throughout the country. Unable to strike at Trump directly, they settled for his supporters. The worst perhaps, was on February 1, when a masked group of Antifa members rioted outside UC Berkeley. Because Milo Yiannopoulos, outspoken gay Trump supporter, was speaking, this group of students and activists burned the school, attacked civilians, and vandalized the city.

Antifa continued their reign of terror throughout the year. Berkeley was ground zero. There were so many riots, Wikipedia had to create an entire page to keep track. Antifa violently opposed peaceful gatherings of free speech and Trump supporters. It took an undercover video by comedian Steven Crowder before authorities took action at a Ben Shapiro event, where Antifa was planning to use firearms.

Antifa is a disgrace to American values. They are using violence to oppose political rivals. That is the definition of fascism.

Charlottesville Violence

The Charlottesville riot was one of the worst moments in modern American history. The left put all the blame on “Unite the Right,” a white nationalist group that gathered to protest the removal of Confederate statues.

But the appearance of Antifa-affiliated groups, along with Black Lives Matter, led to a shocking sequence of violent clashes. Local police moved the alt-right group from their designated location. This allowed the far-left agitators to engage. It’s no surprise that violence ensued.

But the real crime was the media’s response. When President Trump simply stated “both sides” were to blame, they erupted in outrage. Since when should the media defend any side in a violent riot? Everyone involved was to blame. Hate groups were lashing out at each other, leading to the death of Heather Heyer.

This violence was the culmination of months of hate spewed by leftists and the media. White nationalists make up a small, largely insignificant group. But the media has painted most conservatives as members. This only empowered the alt-right to strike back, leading to the terrible events of Charlottesville.

Steve Scalise Shooting

On June 14, James Hodgkinson opened fire on a group of Republican Congressmen during baseball practice. The gunman injured four people and seriously wounded Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise.  Scalise was in critical condition and had to endure months of recovery. If not for the quick response of law enforcement, many would have died.

Reports indicate that Hodgkinson specifically targeted the Republican lawmakers. Spurred on by his hatred for Trump and conservatives, he posted “It’s time to destroy Trump & co.” to his Facebook page before the shooting. According to some articles, he was a Sanders supporter.

It’s clear this man was motivated by his radical, liberal views. You can say he was unhinged or mentally ill. I’d agree. But he was inspired to attack, thanks to the example set by social justice warriors. What else can you expect, when they use terms like “by any means necessary?”

NFL Anthem Protests

Although begun by Colin Kaepernick in the previous season, this problem persisted in 2017. The continued protests of the National Anthem by the entitled, well-paid football players was a black mark on the sport. The non-response by the NFL commissioner only made matters worse. Fans across the country were sickened to see players disrespect the flag, viewing the protests as an insult to our country.

Things only got worse when the NFL tried to bribe the players union. They are set to give $100 million to social justice causes, in the hopes players stop kneeling. That only made fans more shocked and disgusted.

You can argue over the causes of the decreased viewership and emptying stadiums. But you cannot erase the fact that social justice baloney has ruined a once-cherished national pastime.

Hollywood Sex Scandals.

Sure, social justice warriors didn’t contribute to the growing number of liberal elitists exposed as predators. But these men were able to hide behind feminism and liberal politics for years. All the while, people like Harvey Weinstein were raping unsuspecting actresses.

The depths of these scandals baffles belief. At this point, I’m convinced every woman in Hollywood was assaulted at some point. And most major producers and executives have engaged in some form of sexual misconduct.

Yet they were given a pass for years, because they had the “right” politics. Liberal men in movies, news, and politics were protected. People knew what they were doing, but looked the other way. The very “values” liberals and social justice warriors espouse were trampled on. Hypocrisy isn’t strong enough a word.

Where can we go from here? Liberals who hate Trump are entitled to their opinions. They can speak out over issues they disagree with. But is violence justified? Is all the lying, manipulation, and degradation acceptable? When will social justice warriors wake up to their own corruption?

Maybe 2018 will be a better year for all of us. But I won’t hold my breath.

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