Critical Thinking About Critical Race Theory

It seems that both sides are not being completely honest.

Jon Stewart Jokes About COVID 'Lab Leak' Theory In Front Of Obviously Uncomfortable Colbert

While Colbert has unfortunately traded in his once-scathing criticism for a blandly palatable liberal talk, Stewart proves his continued willingness to call out the obvious contradictions in the accepted public viewpoint.

Right and Left See Through "Woke" CIA Recruitment Videos

The wide criticism of the ‘Humans of CIA’ series says more about the CIA’s image than it does about the “woke” themes it is being mocked for.

Lindsay Ellis Leaves Twitter After Being Targeted By Cancellation Hate Mob

Lindsay Ellis did nothing wrong.

If Free College Is a "Handout," So Is Free Labor in the Form of Unpaid Internships

An internship is work, and workers deserve to be paid. It’s as simple as that.

RE: The Over-the-Top Backlash to Chrissy Teigen's Harmless Tweet About an Expensive Bottle of Wine

Chrissy Teigen isn’t responsible for either my suffering or yours.

Jimmy Dore Praises Boogaloo Boys: The Far-Right Are NOT Your Friends

Despite what the group may claim about their common goals, the Boogaloo boys are no friends of the left.

The Ironic Controversies Plaguing Cyberpunk 2077

In one wildly botched game rollout CD Projekt Red has managed to not only undermine their own espoused values but the central message of Cyberpunk 2077 itself.

In Defense of Christopher Nolan's Rebuke of Warner Bros. Streaming Decision

If streaming becomes the new default format for watching movies, it’ll add yet another layer of "technoference" to our lives that we really don’t need.

Ben Shapiro Wants You to Know He Isn't Happy About 'Happiest Season'

Shapiro’s suggestion that the mere existence of this film is an affront to religious audiences echoes the logic occasionally employed by far-left activists to justify spurious accusations of cultural appropriation.

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