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Starbucks Employees Criticize 'Racial Bias' Training Day

Although many praised the coffee company for its racial bias training, some of Starbucks' employees were not so impressed. 

Evergreen State Cutting Faculty Amidst Dropping Enrollment Rates

A year after the infamous meltdown at Evergreen State University over backlash to the changes to it's "Day of Absence" protest, the school's financial situation is looking dire.  

The Misguided Race To Condemn Jason Bateman

Many of the publications that were so quick to criticize Bateman lauded Arrested Development’s decision to keep Jeffrey Tambor onboard.

Weinstein Released On $1 Million Bail After Court Appearance

A judge released disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on a $1 million bail, requiring him to wear an electronic monitor and revoking his passport. 

On Heels Of 'Roseanne' Success, Fox Revives 'Last Man Standing'

After ABC found success with its Roseanne reboot, Fox is similarly trying to appeal to conservatives with Last Man Standing.

Vice: Don't Meme Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'

Vice recently published an article berating everyone for making memes out of Childish Gambino’s latest music video. The article attempts to rebuke the Internet for making silly, often childish, memes.

Why Trump Is Right About Media Bias, But Wrong About 'Fake News'

The president routinely conflates negative news and fake news. Trump is right that the media has a bias but wrong about how that bias affects the accuracy of their reporting. 

Candace Owens Gets A Shout Out From Donald Trump

The impact Candace’s message is carrying to Americans is undeniable. And when Trump tweets it, people around the world hear it, see it, and investigate it.

Chinese Dress Slammed As Cultural Appropriation, Actual Chinese People Don't Care

A young girl decided to wear a traditional Chinese cheongsam dress to her prom. Because it's 2018, of course, someone had to freak out about it. 

Toronto Police Monitored Black Lives Matter In 2016, But That's Not Unique

Toronto police have long used social media monitoring a tactic that is not without legitimate ethical question. It is wrong to call it a racial practice, however.