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U.K. Clothing Chain Angers Body Positive Crowd For Selling Women's Size 0

The U.K. clothing retailer ASOS recently came under fire for selling women's size 0 clothes, something body positivity activists claim is "dangerous and irresponsible." 

Conspiracy Theorist Uses War In Syria To Revive Rapture Fear

Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade is using the escalating conflict in Syria as a new take on an old classic: it's the end of the world, prepare to be raptured. 

The Strange Case Of The Fake Black Lives Matter Facebook Page

The fake Black Lives Matter Facebook page was allowed to stay up and continue to take money from unsuspecting donors, even after one of the real leaders of the movement reported the page. 

Ivy League Prof: Going Vegan Can Help Fight Racism

I think eating all those vegetables has finally turned this man into one. 

Prestigious University Organize Workshop To Combat “Christian Privilege”

According to a new report by The College Fix, George Washington University is investing time and money into workshops to teach students that America is full of “Christian privilege.”

When My Rights Trample Your Rights: A Case Study

Can people truly exercise their God-given rights, without infringing on the rights of others? Two recent cases raise that question. 

Women’s March Lose High-Profile Members Over Louis Farrakhan Problem

High-profile leaders within the Women's March have been criticized for their ties to Louis Farrakhan, and they have reacted defensively to being called out. 

Exploring The Politics Of Far Cry 5

Those looking for controversy in Far Cry 5 would do well to remember that the stories have never been particularly good or controversial. Far Cry has always been more about incredible moments and ideas than delivering a fully cohesive narrative.

If You Hate Faith Goldy's Views, No-Platforming Won't Make Them Go Away

Faith Goldy's talk was derailed at Wilfrid Laurier this week after protesters pulled a fire alarm to get the event canceled. This kind of thing does more harm than good to open debate. 

Weinstein Company Declares Bankruptcy, NDA's Will Be Ended

After the Weinstein Company declared bankruptcy this week after failing to find a buyer, the public also learned that it would be ending its nondisclosure agreements with Weinstein's victims.