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The Clever Little Things That Draw You to Bad News

There's a sneaky way that news outlets pull you into the story they want you to hear, and it's been known to mislead readers no matter how informed you are.    

Videos Surface of Proud Boys Attacking Antifa Protesters in NYC

Footage of the riot shows that members of the right-wing group assaulted and shouted homophobic slurs at protesters after the event.

Warren "Proves" Her Native Lineage Before Possible Run at the 2020 Presidency

President Trump called Sen. Elizabeth Warren, "Pocahontas" for claiming Native ancestry. Warren has proof of her lineage, which may help her run for Presidency in 2020.  

The World is in Chaos, but There are Good (Policy) Reasons to Stay Positive

The world is changing for the better, but media outlets still turn a blind eye to the global community's progress in favor of stories that make money and bring good ratings.

STAR POWER: Taylor Swift Endorsement Leads Thousands to Register Democrat

Taylor Swift, the famously apolitical pop-star, has thrown her support behind two Democratic candidates in Tennessee with a new Instagram post urging her 112 million followers to vote in the 2018 mid-term elections.

A Mother's 'This Is My Son' Tweet Goes Viral, Gets Mocked Relentlessly

The tweet inspired keyboard warriors and meme-makers everywhere to show the woman exactly what they thought of #HimToo. 

Dumb Cuts: Four-Day School Week is Cop Out

The answer to bettering subpar test scores, correcting disciplinary issues, and financial strain, they now tell you: less school!

Feminist Journal Accepts Hoax 'Intersectional Rewrite' Of Hitler’s 'Mein Kampf'

Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian drafted 20 deliberately absurd non-research papers wondering if feminist publications releasing so-called ‘academic journals’ would take their bait. They did. 

Abortion Services to be Cost-Free in Ireland Starting in 2019

While the United States moves backward on abortion legislation, the cultural tide is shifting in countries like Ireland. 

Free Speech Hero Jordan Peterson Threatens Numerous Lawsuits Against Critics

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, the controversial university professor and free speech advocate has filed multiple defamation lawsuits against his critics for their very questionable descriptions of his beliefs.