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CATO Study Argues Tax Benefits Of Full Drug Legalization, Doesn't Consider Costs

The argument for full drug legalization seems to make fiscal sense on paper, but it fails to consider where other costs may arise. 

Unite The Right DC: America’s Nazis Triggered By Overwhelming Counter-Protest

The Unite The Right Crowd were outnumbered 10 to 1 by counter-protesters in D.C. this weekend, prompting them to pack up their signs and go home. 

QAnon: The Latest Viral Conspiracy Theory Targeted To Trump Supporters

"Q" who claims to be a high-level government operative with security clearances, echoes Trump's claim that a “deep state” of liberals is in charge of the federal bureaucracy.

Survey: Americans Support The First Amendment, There's Just One Problem...

According to the Freedom Forum Institute, Americans overwhelmingly support the first amendment - they just can't name what it actually protects. 

Trump Hollywood Star Destroyed Again, AMAZINGLY He Is Still President

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. But if people haven't figured out by now that this shit doesn't work, they deserve it. 

Cernovich And The Right-Wing Smear Campaign Against Hollywood/Comedians

Infamous conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich has been making horrendous accusations over Twitter again, and unfortunately, big companies are listening. 

Lawsuit Accuses Harvard Of Discriminatory Enrollment Against Asian-Americans

According to a lawsuit brought by Students for Fair Admissions, Asian Americans have been underrepresented at Harvard due to a process heavily weighing arbitrary traits.

After Weeks Of Virtue-Signaling, Starbucks Takes Jobs From Urban Areas

It's understandable that Starbucks needs to think of its bottom line and save money. But the optics here aren't great. 

Starbucks Employees Criticize 'Racial Bias' Training Day

Although many praised the coffee company for its racial bias training, some of Starbucks' employees were not so impressed. 

Evergreen State Cutting Faculty Amidst Dropping Enrollment Rates

A year after the infamous meltdown at Evergreen State University over backlash to the changes to it's "Day of Absence" protest, the school's financial situation is looking dire.