Wonder Woman: Feminist or Sexist?

Wonder Woman: Feminist or Sexist?

For the second week in a row, Wonder Woman has topped the U.S. box office. It has even beaten a Tom Cruise vehicle—something that few people would have expected. It had the biggest box office opening weekend for a female-directed film. So far it has made $205,002,503 domestically, only a shade off of what Man of Steel earned in the same amount of time.

This is even more impressive considering the stinkers the DC Universe has been producing. I can safely say after the train wrecks of Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad, few people were anticipating such a massive hit.

But through all this celebration, there is a vitally important question we must be asking: is Wonder Woman feminist enough?

A reasonable person, with at least half a brain, would say yes. Wonder Woman, a film that features a strong female lead—a superhero that kicks many butts—is definitely feminist. Doesn’t she epitomize feminism? Isn’t featuring a confident, courageous, heroic woman—that in no way is belittled or abused by a man—the very soul of feminism?

Lol, my precious reader. If you believe this, then you are sorely naïve. Feminism is no longer simply about celebrating womanhood; it’s a many-headed monster of social justice causes!

A movie that celebrates a female hero—at the same time not attacking men—is as far away from modern feminism as, I dunno… the Bible! Modern feminism isn’t about protecting and ensuring women’s rights and equality. It’s definitely not about maintaining a healthy relationship between men and women.

Modern feminism is about pushing a toxic, liberal ideology. One that, overall, seeks to denigrate men (especially white “cis” men—men that are actually born men) and elevate just about every sub-group of genders and races imaginable.

You see, once upon a time feminism had a real goal. There was an era where women had fewer options. Worse, they were treated very poorly by men in society. Yet once progress was made, socially and politically, feminists needed more reasons to exist. I mean, once you win the battle, are soldiers still needed? Ask Douglas MacArthur.

So, feminism became a political structure that had to justify itself, much like every other group on the left. With legitimate battles being won, they had to find a new frontier to fight over—even if that frontier only existed in their minds.

It was no longer enough to make sure women had the same opportunity as men in the workplace. It was no longer enough to make sure women weren’t sexually harassed by their employers or coworkers. Now feminists had to fight for causes that could never be properly proven, like a gender pay gap. Or they had to defend lesbians, trans-women, or even smaller subsections of society. Or they had to invent new offenses to protect the already dead hierarchy of men over women.

Ironically feminists need the patriarchy, or at least the lie that such a thing exists, or they have no reason for being.

Modern feminists need to find narrower and narrower self-identifying groups to champion. Gay, transgender, blue-haired, overweight Communists need advocacy too! And when normal people revile at modern feminists’ illogical and obviously hate-driven agenda, they are branded as bigots.

That is why, long before Wonder Woman premiered, feminists were sharpening their claws and getting the pitchforks ready. A movie that celebrates feminine strength—with a straight, white, in-shape, beautiful woman—is of course sexist.

Feminists are upset over the appearance of clean-shaven armpits in the new Wonder Woman trailer…

Around the 1:50 mark, lead character Diana Prince raises what appears to be a car, revealing – just for a brief second – her armpits.

That brief second was enough to trigger feminists, who quickly lashed out at Warner Brothers for daring to allow Wonder Woman to parade around with shaven armpits. (Milo)

If you’re laughing or rolling your eyes at such a story, good. That suggest you’re at least a little bit normal. Yet for the raving lunatics on the regressive left, having an attractive woman that takes care of her appearance—in a movie—is tantamount to oppression.

I mean, sure, if you are a stickler for regional accuracy, European women from ancient times would most likely not have shaven their pits. But seriously, that’s just gross. Most people are turned off by hairy men. It makes sense that a glamorous female in a Hollywood movie would shave those pits—and those legs for that matter.

If we really want to be accurate, then all those Amazons would have cut off a breast. According to Greek mythology, they did this so it would not interfere with drawing a bow.

Let’s see that in a movie.

Obviously, the people that complained about her pits were not concerned with historical details, but the tired and stupid feminist tendency to attack society’s standards of beauty. Women can be just as beautiful with shaggy pits, dammit! How dare they impose such strict and oppressive standards on women, when just the sight of hairy armpits makes the average person gag?

I’m sure you’re gagging right now just thinking about that.

Yet the irrational logic of modern feminists causes them to revile at such standards of beauty. In their tiny minds, a woman cannot be both strong and beautiful. For them, a real woman must not accentuate their femininity, or appear in any way desirable to the opposite sex. To do that would be to relinquish their independence or power, or some shit like that.

Feminists want the world to be filled with women like this:

Madonna's Unshaved Armpits- feminism in a nutshell

I threw up a little in my mouth.