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Wiretap: Obama's Legacy Just Got Dealt Its Final Blow

  • Adam Casalino
  • Mar 6, 2017 12:07PM

Anybody paying attention to the news this past weekend is understandably exhausted. Normally the weekends are a welcome break for most people; the big issues are carried on the shoulders of Monday through Friday, giving us a respite for two short days.

But not these days.

It seems news from Washington flies out at a breakneck pace, with new revelations and stories coming too fast for the average, mortal viewer to keep track of. Even as someone who actually tries to keep informed, I have a hard time staying ahead of the curve.

Last week President Donald Trump addressed the Joint Session of Congress in a speech that was widely considered a success. Even his critics had positive things to say about it. In fact, anything negative that came out of that night had nothing to do with the POTUS, but a former campaign aide by the name of Dan Grilo. His career, of course, is over, but Trump came out looking great.

The best the liberals could do to combat the speech (aside from giving a bizarre rebuttal) was release a bogus story about Jeff Sessions speaking with a Russian ambassador, but even that 24-hour story was co-opted by the bombshell statement by President Trump that Obama was wiretapping his tower during the election.

News came fast and hard that suggested President Obama had ordered the wiretapping of Trump's communications during and after the election in order to discover possible Russian connections.

We know, of course, that Trump had no connections with Russia. How do we know? Because if there were anything legitimate to be found, Obama would have revealed long before he left office. If Trump were colluding with Russia to undermine our democracy, surely the sitting President of the United States would have had to act on it, right? That wouldn't have meant Hillary would then get the office, but at least Trump would have been brought to justice.

The fact that nothing credible has come out from the former White House or intelligence agencies strongly indicates that nothing happened between Russia or Trump's campaign, or that Russia was even involved in the Wikileaks email dump.

But, hang on, maybe Obama didn't violate the Fourth Amendment and tap Trump's phone calls. Maybe that is just a wild accusation on the part of President Trump.

Then where is all this evidence of Trump's connection with Russia coming from?