What's Environmentalism Really About?


Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I say that liberals are often more guilty of the things they accuse other of. But it's true.

While I have respect for individual people who, after careful consideration, choose to support a liberal view or cause, the fact remains that the vast majority of people who consider themselves "on the left" are idiots.

Why do I say this? To trigger the hell out of you, of course. But seriously, time and again we see liberal causes being used by forces to push an entirely different agenda, or to be a front for a rich, public figure to look caring or sympathetic.

You could say that many conservatives are idiots too. And while the liberal media try to portray all of us as beer-swilling, truck driving, gun toting rednecks, the fact remains that to be a conservative in modern America takes more backbone and rebellion than it does to be a liberal.

Don't agree? Because of all the pressure to be liberal, a person- especially a young person going through college- actually has to think about why they support conservative views. They will have a thoughtful answer as to why they support small government, the Second Amendment, or pro-life.

It seems that most liberals (especially young ones) are going along with the trend because it's what they're told to do. Their college professors have dictated it. Their favorite pop stars and celebrities embrace it. Most of the media and entertainment industries support it. So why not go with the flow?

This, of course, produces some contradictory behavior among many so-called liberals. This includes holding to opinions so shallow that they cannot be properly defended. We've seen this on college campuses, where students claimed Trump was a bigger threat to the world than ISIS. We've seen this even more recently when college students claimed Trump's achievements during the first 100 days were terrible- until they learned they were Obama's achievements.

We also see this wherever the allegedly green flag of environmentalism flies. Thousands, if not millions, of Americans call themselves environmentalists. They claim that they care so much about our clean air, clean water, and clean ground. They believe in recycling, protecting wildlife, and aggressive government regulation. All in the name of preserving the world for our future offspring.

Except they tend to leave our cities worse than when they arrived.

On Saturday, environmentalists from across the country converged on Washington, DC for the “People’s Climate March,” to urge the Trump Administration to invest in policies that fight climate change. As protesters packed up… the Washington Mall was left littered with garbage, including paper signs, food containers and plastic bags...

A DC resident living near the march site told Heat Street that he was extremely dismayed by the “giant piles of signs and trash” left strewn across the park. (via Heat Street)

Really, you guys? You travelled all the way to D.C. and other places to virtue signal about how bad Trump will be on the environment (considering he's done nothing tangible to damage it yet) and you can't even pick up your fucking trash!?

You know, nothing hurts your cause of protecting the earth like leaving behind massive piles of trash. Maybe they did it deliberately, to give city workers a chance to earn a living. But considering that trash could have ended up in sewer drains, been swept into waterways, and been ingested by animals- I doubt it.

Perhaps you're saying: those weren't real environmental activists! True believers are conscientious. They pick up their trash. In fact, they don't even produce trash in the first place! Everything they use is biodegradable.

That might be true, but what does it say about a movement that recruits such litterbugs? Or one that can't even convince them to pick up after themselves?


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