What Is Happening To The American Press?


Or dying. Or in decline. Whatever terminology works for you. Basically, I’m saying the mainstream media, the American press as we know it, is a rotting, desiccated corpse that is limping along, falling head-long into its inevitable grave.

Now, I’m obviously biased, for many reasons. I am literally working for the competition. As a writer for new media, I represent the massive movement that is rapidly usurping the traditional media’s place. Plus, I’m an unapologetic conservative that is disgusted by the mainstream media’s wildly liberal bias.

So, I can understand that perhaps you, gentle reader, might not entirely trust my assessment of the media’s decline. My ongoing rants and discussions over how dishonest, corrupt, and generally untrustworthy the media has become might not be entirely convincing, should you be a bit skeptical of my motives.

I get that. That’s why I’m including evidence.

We need evidence to support our claims. At least in the areas of human knowledge. How can we get people to trust what we say or do, without any shred of evidence to support it? That’s not just needed in science, but in most aspects of our society.

So here is some of the most recent evidence to support my claim that the mainstream media is a pathetic, dying beast. And that they’ve done it to themselves.

A big part of the reason the mainstream media is dying is because of how they’ve alienated much of their audience. I don’t just mean conservatives being turned off by obviously liberal content. I’m talking about the doom and gloom approach to reporting the news. I’m talking about their unwillingness, seventeen years ago, to properly embrace the Internet. I’m talking about the general disdain they have for their audience (something that is common throughout entertainment as well).

Here is a first-hand account from writer Nick Bilton when he worked at the New York Times:

[I}n the early 2000s..the newspaper’s Web site was treated like a vagrant, banished to a separate building blocks away from the paper’s newsroom on West 43rd Street. Up-and-coming blogs—Gizmodo, Instapundit, and Daily Kos, which were setting the stage for bigger and more advanced entities, such as Business Insider and BuzzFeed—were simultaneously springing up across the country. Yet they were largely ignored by the Times as well as by editors and publishers at other news outlets. More often than not, tech-related advances—including e-readers and free online blogging platforms, such as WordPress and Tumblr—were laughed at as drivel by the entire industry, just as Napster had been years earlier. (Vanity Fair)

Traditional media’s shocking lack of foresight has led to their massive decline in recent years. They did not acknowledge the importance of emerging platforms like the Internet, and later e-readers, despite up-and-coming contributors telling them to do so. So now they are falling behind websites like Buzzfeed, which made its name with cat memes and listicles. This has made them desperate. Desperate to claw back some kind of relevancy and audience. Desperate for attention.

The election of Donald Trump was a massive shock to the established media. It was chilling proof of what we all knew for years: that the mainstream media no longer has the power over the populace they once had. Donald Trump danced around the media, reaching people through social media, and turning the establishment’s hate into loyalty from voters.

Now the media wants blood. They don’t even care how empty or dishonest their coverage is. The concepts of journalistic integrity or ethics don’t even factor into the equation.

I don’t like the mainstream media, but even I’m shocked at how little they care about the facts anymore.

NBC News has been forced to correct an “EXCLUSIVE” tweet claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin “does not deny having compromising information” on U.S. President Donald Trump…

The outlet apparently thought it’d be a good idea… to claim it suggests he may have information that could compromise President Trump – a claim leftist conspiracy theorists have long been harping about.

Unfortunately for NBC, Putin actually does deny having any such information – a fact the outlet was forced to point out in a subsequent tweet correcting the first. (Milo)

Here we have a major news outlet, blatantly stating the opposite of what happened, of what Putin said. You might consider it just a mistake, but the fact that they Tweeted it as a headline story suggests otherwise.

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