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What Is Good? Why Awards Shows Are Bullshit

  • Ben Hayward
  • Feb 25, 2017 11:28AM

In the past week, I’ve been invited to five separate Oscar viewing parties. Something about me seems to make friends and family think that watching the Oscars in a group would appeal to me. I’ll grant them that my encyclopedic, bordering on discomfiting, knowledge of films and the people that make them might give someone the impression that I would care about an award show like the Oscars. But I don’t. Quite the opposite.

 I find the whole concept of awards shows repugnant, their execution worse, and the whole apparatus around them a swampy mess of bad politics and hedonism. You’ll have to excuse me here, pop journalism is so rarely my thing, but here’s why we should stop watching them.

NOTE: I’m going to use the Oscars and Grammys as my case studies in this article, and have no research for any others. It is worth noting that they all (except for the People’s Choice Awards) operate using the same “Academy” system.